Friday, December 28, 2012

The Official Les Mis (& Christmas) Review

So apparently Christmas Week is a slow time for the entire blogosphere. I mean, what is wrong with people? What're you doing, spending time with your families instead of trolling blogs and social media all day long? Disgraceful. Let's all get better at that starting today, k?

Anyways. So the balance of Christmas was fantastic. As anticipated, we saw Les Mis at 11:30 Christmas morning.

Amazing. Unbelievable. So beautiful. So worth the wait. Truly hard for me to process my thoughts and emotions about the whole thing, but I'll try.

It was very true to the musical (as opposed to the book), which was exactly what I'd expected. I think some people were surprised (???) that the entire thing was in song. Ummm...this is not surprising. Please do your research, thanks. I was blown away by the talent of the actors/actresses. That all of the musical numbers were live takes with no dubbing over-- unbelievable. The costumes and makeup were insane. I love that they didn't try to 'pretty' it up-- it wasn't pretty, yall. Thanks for not trying to make it so.

What I found most personally surprising was the depth they were able to give the Students of the ABC (which is what they're referred to in the book-- if you're only fluent in the stage play/movie, that would be Marius & Company). I was awed by the depth of emotion, loyalty,  passion, and youthful naivety in Red and Black. It really made the action in Act II more engaging since you felt like you knew the boys. Great stuff there.

My only complaint-- and this is true of both the stage play and the new movie-- is they make it seem like Cosette and Marius fall madly in love at literal first glance. It's a bit much to buy, really-- all that from one glance in the street? Srsly? The writers/directors leave out about 500 pages of back story, which is really a tragedy, although I guess if they didn't we'd still be in the theater (which would be totally fine by me, actually). Anyway. I understand how some people are like "not buying the Marious/Cosette love story." To that I say: read the book. But being Team Eponine is still a totally valid point.

Anyway. In conclusion, the new movie is totally amazing and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth if they don't win every single Oscar this year.

After the Les Mis experience, we enjoyed a relaxing Christmas with my family and I actually got to spend time with my WHOLE FAMILY including siblings and siblings-in-law! Miraculous and fun, I tell ya. There were presents and food and laughter and basically a two-hour support group session about surviving door-to-door vacuum salespeople-- do you know that of the three siblings, I am the only one to NOT give in to high pressure vacuum sales? The only one not making payments on an overhyped vacuum??!! I tell you, I blame my parents (also owners of said million-dollar vacuum) for this genetic weakness. Thank God for Matt and his ability to say NO, NO, A MILLION TIMES HELL NO or there would be three siblings making vacuum payments. Good God.

On our last day in Augusta, we managed to squeeze in a few hours with our favorite resident Floridians, James and Kristina (and Adoration and Asa).

Asa is the sweetest, happiest little chunk!! Matt and I enjoyed hogging him the entire afternoon.

My bestie and I. One day we are going to be neighbors again (and most likely, in the very far off future, nursing home roommates. Let's just be honest.) and our lives will be complete. I am very thankful that they are moving north to Jacksonville so that they are merely 6 hours away from us instead of twelve billion.

Then we came back home and it's been a whirlwind of unpacking, finding new homes for new things, and training at the New Job. I am still technically employed by the Old Job as well, but since we're out for Christmas Break I'm kind of doubling up. I'll have to go back for the first week of school, which will definitely be hard and sad, but I am already loving my New Job. Today I have a day there to clean out, organize, and personalize my new office and I am super excited about that!! Just wait until you see one of the amazing pieces of technology I will be inheriting (sure to blow up your Instagram/Twitter later this morning, so be on the lookout)...

Anyway. Speaking of New Job, I suppose I should go get dressed. Probably don't want to scare them away by showing up in my pajamas just yet, right? So...yes. Bye!


  1. Glad Les Mes didn't let you down and that you are loving the new J-O-B!

  2. I've never actually heard your voice, but I can totally hear you saying this as I read your post... does that make sense? Anyway, glad you had a great Christmas, glad the new job is going well and thank you for making me smile this morning, as you do most mornings when I read your posts!

  3. Yay for the new job! That's an amazing feeling...enjoy!

  4. I totally agree with you about the reading material. Thankfully I posted TWO posts over Christmas! What the heck? Don't people understand that Christmas is the perfect time where you need reading material? Sheesh! I cannot wait to see Les Mis, but sadly, since I'm sure no one in the theatre would appreciate me nursing my baby, I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD !

  5. We went to see Les Mis on the 26th with my ENTIRE extended family. It was so special being there with both of brothers, my parents, my aunts, grandpa and cousins. I completely agree with your review... we loved it! Congrats on the new job!

  6. I don't even really know the story of Les Mis...should I read the novel first? All I know is that it takes place in France in the 1800s!

    So wonderful to hear that the new job is going well! I just looked at your that a rolodex? My Mom LOVES her rolodex! Very high tech.

  7. Sounds like a fab Christmas break to me.

    Bran doesn't "get" Les Mis, so I'm a little jealous that you went with Matt.

    I think I have to wait until Redbox. Boo hoo.

  8. I think you could have done more instagramming blowing up on clean-up your office day. Your work inspired me to clean out my office more, and I threw away a ton of blank rolodex sheets because in almost 2 years I've only made ONE new entry.

    Do NOT like that you'll have to be gone for a week, boo!

  9. Hooray for your movie experience AND your new job- so much excitement, how do you handle it?!?

  10. I want to hear more about your new job and the other cool things you get to work with!!!


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