Wednesday, December 19, 2012

good things

Hey, long lost people. Sorry for disappearing. It's the week before Christmas, did you know that? Right,'s busy. But one should never be too busy to update the world about their super exciting life, right? Right! So!

Remember way back last Wednesday when it was my birthday? Wanna see some of my rad presents?

LOOK WHO GOT A CEILING FAN DUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Relatedly-- who knew it would come in such a tiny box?? Rest assured, though, the poles are all there and fit together just right to reach my high high fans. Miraculous, I tell you.

Can you tell how excited I was? Do you like my amazing fashion sense? Don't answer that second one.

So you can only imagine how SUPEREXCITEDWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I was when I got...
A SECOND ONE!! Haha, that's right. You make enough drama and noise, people start giving you want you're whining for. (Note: Hopefully this same principle applies with babies.) (In which case we'll be having hundred-tuplets. Sweet.) 

Sadly, I couldn't justify keeping TWO of those puppies, so I returned one. But just having two around the house for a few days filled my heart with joy, believe me. Also, so has the subsequent actual cleaning of the fans.

I also got (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the long-coveted Naked Palette!!

True story: I hit snooze approximately half as many times now because I'm excited to get up and play with my makeup. Let's call that one giant leap for mankind.

Speaking of going ga-ga for makeup...anyone else get that email from Sephora today informing them about free 2-day shipping on ALL orders (no minimum purchase) today only? And then rush to the site, fill a shopping cart, and try to check out...only to find the site crashing because of all the other people just like yourself doing the same thing all at once? No, just me? Well obviously it wasn't just me because if it was just me the server wouldn't be crashing. At any rate, after waiting diligently, I was able to make my purchase. Good things come to those who wait. Good things like makeup. And ceiling fan dusters. And...well, hopefully.

Anyway. I actually do have about a million things to go do, so I'm gonna have to cut this party short. Night!


  1. Maybe I'm imagining this, but I think you look like me/Amanda in the make-up pic!

  2. Ha I agree with Allison- you really are our triplet!

    And, um, PS - I know ceiling fan dusters are awesome but those AMAZING earrings you got didn't even make the post?! Next year I am totally sending you cleaning supplies.

  3. Yeah, I think I'll give you cleaning supplies next year too. :)

    Can you help me understand why this makeup is so awesome? I've heard people talking about it, but don't really get what's special.

  4. Oooh, so jealous you got the Naked Palette. I'm really hoping my sister picked up on my not-so-subtle hint that I wanted it. I mean, she should considering I told her, I WANT IT. BUY IT FOR ME.

  5. So what else did you buy from Sephora?!

    I still haven't made it to ours. The smaller palette IS calling my name though. Maybe I'll reward myself for yet another night of HOUSE HELL!

  6. Yay birthdays, clean fans, and new makeup!

    Side note: my "infertility-aversary" is also my b-day. What's with us all coordinating with other fun things in our lives? Praying that this is the last year you'll have a :)/:( faced birthday.

  7. I think it's awesome that you got not one, but two (!!!) ceiling fan dusters. And I'm not commenting on your fashion sense because then it would be open season on me :)

    And I'm with Mollyanne -- can you give us a detailed list (with sub-headings and numerous bullet points) about WHY this make-up is so awesome??? Yay future blog posts :)


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