Tuesday, December 11, 2012

don't hate, michigan.

I saw this headline on Yahoo a few minutes ago. 

Except I didn't see "unions." I saw "unicorns."

And then I spent about 3 minutes wondering why Michigan is so full of unicorn-haters...why would they do such a thing?

And then I reread it and it all became clear. Unions. Oh. Boring.

On my last day of 29-hood, my eyes started failing. And apparently my mind, too, because who seriously takes that long to realize that "Michigan passes law limiting unicorns" doesn't even kinda make sense? 

Oy vey.


  1. It doesn't get any better either. Today I was considering whether or not to click on a link from a linky party. It took me a few minutes to figure out that the blog was "Loved and Lovely" and NOT "Loved and Lonely" and therefor suspect. sigh.

    And I agree with you, who would want to limit unicorns?!?!?!

  2. And obviously my mind is going because I was going to wish you a "Happy Last Day In Your 20s" and then I thought, "Wait that isn't until Thursday." For some reason in my head the 12th is on Friday instead of tomorrow. So...

    Happy Last Day Of Your 20s!!!

  3. Hahaha! It would have been a much more interesting article if it actually said "unicorns." I've been having moments like that lately, too...Oh, the joys of aging :) To be srious, though...more than one woman I know has said that their 30s are SO much better than their 20s were! Hoping that the new decade brings you you much happiness, excitement, and of course a little Baby B:) Happy early birthday!

  4. The ingeniousness of your 20's makes me think your 30's are going to be flipping awesome! And in your defense, there was a recent news article about the existence of unicorns...
    Makes me want to get you a Lisa Frank binder to celebrate your Birthday tomorrow :)

  5. Someone posted something on FB earlier about unions, and I to thought they were posting about unicorns! Ha!

  6. I actually thought it said unicorns, too! Swear! And I've still got 5.5 months before 30 :)

  7. Phew, close call- you almost had to call PETA!

    PS- Having just finished my HR certification test, I am all about limiting unions. Is it dorky that I am talking about that?

  8. Hilarious. I have 7 more months before I suffer the same fate.

  9. I had to read the Yahoo post twice and your post twice just to "get" it! 41 and fabulous...yup that's me!

    Happy 30th, girl! Celebrate and enjoy!!!


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