Sunday, December 16, 2012

30/30: the final review

Well, I've been 30 for a good half-a-week now, so I guess it's about time to give the ol' 30 (Days) Before 30 bucket list one final review. 

In general, though, despite the fact that I did not complete everything on the list, I'd like to call the idea of the list a huge success. It was a good opportunity to focus on positive (however meaningless or silly) goals and things to do instead of counting down the weeks and days until the other anniversary that my birthday represents: number of years trying to conceive. This marked the completion of our fourth year, by the way. In case you'd lost track. We're now on YEAR FIVE of operation: get a freakin baby. But having a stupid list of goals seriously kept me distracted, and for that I am super thankful. Plus it gave me reasons to do some really silly stuff!

So I did a check-in post a few weeks ago with details about what I'd completed up to that point. I'm not going to re-post all those same pictures/stories here, so if you're just dying to hear/see how a particular thing that I claim to have completed went, you'll just have to click back to this post.

Like last time-- if it's in bold, that means I did it. If not...well, I'll try to give you some sorry excuses or something about why I couldn't/didn't do it in italics. Wah wah, I know.

1. Play video poker at the local gas station. [This is all Matt. He is begging me to list this. Evidently he really wants to do this, so that's why he's forcing me to put it on my list. Don't worry, I'll make him fund it!] So I never did this. Probably because it wasn't my idea in the first place and I didn't really care about it at all. Sorry Matt!

2. Eat a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on it.

3. Cook/bake a new recipe.

4. Obtain clean fan blades in the master bedroom and living room. [Note that I said "obtain." This means I don't necessarily have to be the one doing this dreadful, most terrible chore. I can beg/bribe someone else and it totally counts!]

5. Eat at (from?) a food truck.

6. Shoot Matt's bow and arrow in the backyard. Oh yes I did!! This was a fun one to check off, and my roomie Cat did not miss the opportunity for a photo shoot:

I think it is safe to say that Katniss Everdeen won't find much competition in me, and I also don't think I'll be looking to live off the spoils of my hunting anytime soon, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon! Plus, I'm pretty sure our neighbors were majorly intimidated (or at least entertained), so...bonus.

7. De-lurk myself on at least 3 blogs.

8. Choose and decorate an amazing Christmas tree.

9. Roast marshmallows in the backyard. Somehow, I failed to do this. Terrible.

10. Not sign this petition, so thoughtfully brought to my attention by one of my most ...umm... special... Facebook "friends." It's going to be really tough, since the thought of Georgia withdrawing from the United States to create its own new government is SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA, but I'm sure I can manage...

11. Brinner.

12. Get a haircut.

13. Take my vitamins every day. Major fail. I used to to do this so religiously, but four years of pointlessly taking prenatal vitamins every day later, I sorta lost my passion for it. Meh.

14. Actually take the bag of "give to Goodwill" clothes to Goodwill. Haha, NOPE. Still hanging on the back of the bedroom door!

15. Get to 150 followers. Come on, yall...surely 12 of you lurkers can tolerate me enough to jump on board, right? I believe that on 12/12/12 I was up to 147. Close, but no cigar!

16. Finish watching seasons 1 & 2 of Modern Family. Not even kinda. We just never had enough free time to even attempt this!

17. Make a vlog. [Suggested by Amanda. Now I will need further suggestions as to what this vlog should be about. Go!] Done and DONE. Vlog 1 and Vlog 2 were at least amusing to me, if not the rest of the world!

18. Rate 150 books on Goodreads. [I've currently rated 125.] Nope. As of 12/12/12 I was at 139. Close again, but...not quite.

19. Take pictures with my mom and dad.

20. Take a ridiculously long bubble bath.

21. Walk on the highest incline on the treadmill at a 3.5 pace for 5 minutes.

22. Memorize Psalm 30:1-5. Totally waited too long to start this one. I did memorize verse 1, though, so that counts as 20%, right?

23. Make a secret Pinterest board. [I'm totally intrigued by this new capability, although I have no idea what to make a secret board about. Suggestions are welcome! ]

24. Diagram a sentence. [Random, yes. But I feel like it's a lost art. At least it's lost to me. And I'm concerned I've maybe forgotten how. So I should re-learn before I'm too old, right?] How did I not do this??! Someone should have been assigned to GIVE me the sentence to diagram, as well as "grade" it when I finished. This is the sort of goal that requires accountability, I suppose...

25. Have 9 consecutive no-work days. [Hahaha, thank you Thanksgiving Break!! Done and DONE!]

26. Make a new Christmas craft.

27. Play piano for 30 minutes. I think I played piano for 0 minutes, actually.

28. Make out with a tall, dark, and handsome bearded man. [My husband-whaaaat??!] [PS. Guess who suggested this one?]

29. Learn a new way to tie a scarf.

30. Beat Matt at a game of Jav. [If I've never described Jav before here, I'll be sure to do so at some point. Possibly.] Absolutely did it AND vlogged it. Consider Goal #30 to be DOMINATED.

So I ended up completing 20 of the 30 goals. 66%? That's like a failing grade, but for some reason I still want to call this project a success. I mean, that's 20 more things than I would have done without a list, right? 

Off to enjoy the rest of this lazy, rainy Sunday...happy last-week-before-Christmas!


  1. Totally rocking the Katniss Everdeen look! Just needed a trusty braid! Impressive stuff! I think in this situation, 66% is totally passing. Hope you had a fun week celebrating!

  2. I, for one, am very impressed, especially given the fact that I've been too lazy to even make a 30 before 30 list. I am still cheering you on in your primary 1 before 31 goal: get a freakin baby! Hopefully Matt's procedure will help with this one!

  3. My primary concern/interest here is WHY does Matt own a bow and arrow?!

  4. I'll give you a pat on the back for that - well done!

  5. Although it wasn't 100% complete, I am still super impressed! Nice work!

  6. A for effort!

    I have 7 months and ZERO motivation to make a list and complete it. LOL

    "Maybe tomorrow..." is my favorite line.

  7. I just had to become a follower since you're so close!!! One to go ;)

  8. Considering I never made a # before # list, I am very impressed that you made a list and had such a short time to complete it. Maybe I should make a 50 before 50 list since I'd have over 9 years to get it done.

    You look a lot like your mom in that picture.

  9. So many thoughts on this. First, I pray that we both get our babies this year in whatever way God sees fit. Second, you are gorgeous in that picture with your parents. You might be the most stylin' blogger I follow. Third, what's up KATNISS????

    I think you should make Matt wear a Tribute outfit for #31.


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