Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decor 2012

Hooray-- it's Christmas Home Tour time again! If you're visiting from Kelly's Korner-- welcome! 

I love Christmas, I love decorating, I love I'm gonna try to not majorly overkill with the pictures and commentary here, but no promises.

I feel like I say this every time I do some sort of 'home tour,' but my living room is kind of long and narrow and awkward to photograph. And there's no good "Christmas Tree Spot," which I am definitely going to remedy if we ever move. So the tree just kind of...chills out and blocks the path. Whatever. It's fine...I just wanted to warn you first.

So just inside the front door, behind the couch, we have the piano area under invasion by the tree. 

I didn't put quite as much Christmas decor on the piano this year as I did last year...a lot of the decorations that are normally on the mantel (portrait of Lola, "it is well" sign) got relocated here for the season. It's fun seeing your 'old' stuff in new places!

Backing up from the couch a bit, you can see the tree, door/wreath, and bookcase with my nativity on top.

Greetings, wise men and cow.

One of my ten thousand yarn wreaths. But I like this one rather a lot.

And if you happened to be 3 inches tall and sitting on the coffee table, this would be your view towards the front of the house...

The view from the kitchen archway:

I did a post last week all about my Christmas mantel, so I'll spare you from repeat pictures and details here! 

This is the view from the front door.

We have our photo cards pinned to ribbon on the door to our bedroom. I love seeing all the pretty pictures every time I walk by!

What, you don't fancy up your favorite stack of young adult novels on an end table and call it decor?? Don't judge...

And finally, a little sample of the ornaments on the tree. My tree is a mish-mash-- no theme, other than "stuff I like." There are store-bought ornaments, crafted-by-me ornaments, crafted-by-other-crafty-people ornaments, saved-from-when-I-was-a-baby discrimination here! As long as everything's evenly dispersed, we're good. Here are a few of my favorites:
Look, it's the angel version of me! Look, it's Baby Erika!! Look, my sister-in-law made me a Scrabble ornament for my birthday!!

Well that's all the decor I'll torture you with today. If you're jonesing for more, feel free to check out my home tour from last Christmas!

And if you're a regular around here, then you may recall that Matt's surgery is today (Friday). It's scheduled to start at 12:30 and we'd appreciate your prayers! If all goes well, we should head into 2013 with renewed hope and excitement for good things and, no pressure, doctors, but today's sorta a big day for us. Don't screw this up!

PS. Thanks for all the birthday love Wednesday!! It was a fabulous day-- we offset the bummer-ness of pre-op by hitting up TWO high-quality Atlanta malls, a Nordstrom Rack (twice), and some delicious Indian food. And I bought an obscene amount of Urban Decay makeup. And I have no regrets. Anyway, 30 is off to a great start!

PPS. During pre-op the nurse wrote/spoke the phrase "scrotal exploration" a few times and I DIED laughing. And also maybe snorted. I'm sorry. I might be 30, but I will never be old or mature or boring enough to not crack up at that phrase. Holy crap.


  1. You are so going to get sketchy people visiting your blog because of the PPS.

    Sending up prayers for tomorrow. Go doctors go!!!

  2. Love the archway (is that what's its called???) that leads from your living room to your kitchen!

    Praying today goes well for Matt!

  3. Praying for Matt AND you today! Love the house- the yarn wreath is my favorite :) Also, I'm glad you shared the perspective of someone 3 inches tall... I think they are a vastly underrepresented population these days- ha!

  4. I can't wait until someone googles "scrotal exploration" and ends up on your blog ;) Praying for you guys today!

    P.S. The yarn wreath is also my favorite... shocking that I am copying Amanda with this comment, right?

  5. Your fireplace is lovely.

  6. I love your decorations and your fat tree! :) I bet it smells good!

  7. I just thought the same thing as Natasha! I can't wait to hear how many google searches lead to your blog because of that lovely phrase! Praying for Matt today!

  8. Saying a prayer as we speak for you and Matt!!

    (And, did you find the Urbay Decay at the Rack? They always have great beauty finds! If you were at the one by Phipps, then you were 3 miles from my house and I'm not even going to pretend I'm not hurt....) :)

  9. I love Christmas decorations. We do the same thing with our photo cards.

    Prayers for you and Matt, hope all goes well.

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  11. I just LOVE your ornaments... I think I see a scrabble name ornament in my (or in my husband's) future :)
    Also, many prayers for Matt (and for you, too, of course!!) today! xo

  12. I want to visit your house and experience all of the Christmas joy in person...looks so beautiful and welcoming!

    Praying for Matt and you, too! It is currently 2:13pm where you are (1:13pm here) so he may be out of surgery already! Hoping that everything went well and that recovery and all news reported to you post-surgery is GREAT!

  13. Hoping and praying that surgery went well. :)

    If I ever lose your blog address I'm going to google, scrotal exploration and blog and see if you come up. LOL

  14. Loved visiting your blog and I pray all has gone well with your hubby's surgery.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. And "air lock" is like a foyer with doors on both sides - it helps keep the really cold air back from flooding into the whole house when people come and go - good for our Minnesota winters! Praying for your journey to become parents. As a grandma, two of my 3 daughter-in-laws dealt with that. One adopted 3 children . then, yes, birthed two. The other, after many years, also gave birth,now a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old. I remember praying for grandchildren and their struggles to conceive and then in 9 years I had 12. I even felt I heard, 9 years ago, God's small voice saying "just you watch what I am going to do".... May it happen for you too.

  16. I love your photos where you focus on one thing close up and leave the background blurry. You are WORKIN' that camera! And I would totally copy your adorable ribbon card-holder idea if I didn't already have a good place to hang my Christmas cards. (My own crafting adventure last year where I copied something I saw in a Pottery Barn Catalog- you know, for like 25% the cost.) Hope Matt's surgery went well!


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