Friday, December 7, 2012

four things

Today E's encouraging us to embrace the "Four Things" gift philosophy and share what we want. Now let's be honest-- I want way more than four things for Christmas/birthday. I want more like...40. Or possibly 400. But for kicks and giggles I picked four to share. Prepare thyself for awesomeness...

1. NEED: A ceiling fan duster. I know. Have you ever met anyone wanting something that boring before? Well, now you have. But I'm serious. I need this. If you've ever been in my house and witnessed the atrocity on my non-spinning-fans, you would agree with me.

2. WANT: This Fossil Crossbody Purse. For some reason I'm totally lusting after these bags, and I'm not normally such a "purse" girl. Or such a "patterns" person. But some deep part of my soul really wants this purse anyway.

3. WEAR: The Urban Decay Naked Palette. Have I moaned about wanting this often enough? Here's one more whiney beg, for good measure. My eyes need to wear this!!!

4. READ: Kristen Heitzmann's Rush of Wings trilogy. It's the last of her books that I haven't read yet (and when I'm done, I don't know what I'll have left to look forward to in life. Seriously). And since it's a trilogy, I think it still counts as one thing, right? Right. On Kindle OR paper book...either way, people, I just need it!!

So there you have it. If you feel like you still need to know more about my needs/wants/etc., feel free to peruse (and purchase things off) my Amazon wish list and Pinterest "wish list" board

Have a happy weekend! And thanks for all your supportive and hilarious comments about my super lame videos from yesterday-- glad that we can entertain more than just ourselves!! Don't worry, the JAV tutorial will be coming shortly! As well as a post-JAV interview with the loser, who...suffice it to say, wasn't really in the mood to be interviewed. Again. Hint, hint.

PS. Grab the graphic from E's blog and link up with your own "four things" list!


  1. YAY you did it!! BUT, you didn't actually link-up!!

    I love you even more because of your NEED. I think I legitimately need one of those too!

  2. We do the four things with our kiddos. Well technially 5. ONE gift from Santa. ;)

  3. Pretty sure I have the Rush of Winds Trilogy… I'd be happy to pass them along to you if I can dig them up.

  4. I linked up too, which you probably know already. I think you should really get your "wear" because I know you've talked about it before and I've heard it's awesome. And not just from you. And I don't even wear makeup :)

  5. Linking up now! I found lately that I have a sudden lusting for expensive purses. It was like the day I turned 32, I just WANTED one.

    It's weird and my husband finds it bizarre.

  6. I wonder how many weird blog creepers you'll get from using the word "naked" in your post? Ha, I am so mature, I know!

    Did you get anything in the mail for your birthday from Richmond, Texas yet? If so, you better not have cheated and opened it early!


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