Monday, December 10, 2012

two birds, one stone

Well it's Monday again, isn't it. The last Monday of my twenties, to be exact. Not that I'm counting or anything. What I am counting is the number of items on my 30/30 list that still remain to be done. Time is running out! Desire to play video poker and the piano is running low! How will I ever get it all done??!

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, Matt and I killed two birds with one stone by making a vlog about JAV, the game we invented a few months ago. (Side note: You have no idea how much I love the expression "killed two birds with one stone." For multiple reasons. 1) I hate birds. 2) My maiden name is Stone. 3) The phrase implies efficiency, something I'm rather fond of. See how awesome that phrase is now?) So since most of you seemed to be appropriately amused by our car interview videos and the outtakes of me figuring out how to act in front of a camera (I never really did figure it out), I suppose I can share the "real" video with you now.

So today shall henceforth and forevermore be known as The Day You Learned How To Play JAV. Consider yourself lucky.

The video's about 2 and a half minutes long. I dunno...sometimes I just like to know what kind of time commitment I'm looking at before I watch a video. So just in case you're that way, you know.

Now, wasn't that educational??



Then we played our game of JAV. As you recall, my actual 30/30 goal was "Beat Matt at a game of JAV." If you're wondering whether I accomplished that goal, you may want to take a peak at this riveting post-JAV interview (25 seconds).

And thus concludes the vlog sharing for the day. And most likely the near future. I think we can all agree I should stick with writing and not so much things that involve being in front of or behind a camera. So sad, though. All those aspirations of Real Housewives fame....dashed. What a bummer. 


  1. I think my favorite part about these videos is how dressed up you guys are to play a game in the woods :)

    Happy last Monday of your twenties!

  2. I hope a million people watch your You Tube video, JAV takes off as the new game of the century and you make loads of money!!! Just think of what you can buy?! Oh, and you do look adorable!

  3. I cannot wait to get out and play JAV with Dave. It looks like a lot of fun :)

    Also Rachel is loving all these videos of Matt. She laughs and wants to watch them over and over. I can tell this because she shrieks at the top of her lungs when they end, unless I bribe her with Cheerios. I'm sorry to say she does not seem to have the same appreciation for you!

    And you will totally finish your 30|30 list. Go Erika!!!!!

  4. DeLainey says that you should be wearing camo in the woods to play JAV. She says you were "too fancy."

    Thanks for our noon entertainment during our homeschooling day today. :)

  5. I am finally glad to know what JAV is. the suspense was killing me. looks fun!

    I totally believe in you Erika. you can do your 30/30 list. just go beat the heck out of that video poker! and matt! haha.

  6. Ha I seriously think you should conduct instructional videos for a living- you are so entertaining!!

  7. I now know what Jav is. My life is complete. And you should probably look into copyrighting it before someone nabs it and steals all your millions!

  8. I have died. Laughing, of course.


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