Thursday, December 6, 2012

sneak preview

Less than a week 'til I'm 30, yall. That means I'm knocking out The List with a vengeance. Yesterday afternoon we pulled a double and managed to combine "Make a Vlog" and "Beat Matt at JAV" into ONE THING!!!-- A video (vlog) about JAV!!

I know. Try to contain your excitement.

Cause you're gonna have to. I'm not posting that video just yet.

In the car on the way home from work/to the park, I did a little pre-videoing. You know, to get us used to the camera. And as it turns out, these two little 30-second videos are pretty much my favorite part of the whole thing. Welcome into our world, or at least the part where we spend hours a day in the car together. 

Meet Matt, who is not at all impressed or amused by my newfound love of interviewing and videoing him while driving.

The One Where He Reveals He Feels Like A Slave to my Blog: 
PS- This screenshot looks sideways, but I am 99% sure the video will play right side up...??

The One Where We Make Fun of Each Other's Teeth (aka how we spend 90% of our time):

And finally, one of our "test runs" once we got to the park. Evidently I need LOTS of practice in front of a camera, since I apparently turn into an overly dramatic slapstick comedienne with bizarre facial expressions as soon as I hear "ACTION!!" Yiiiikes.

Anyways. Depending on how deeply scarred you are from these videos, I may or may not get around to actually posting the JAV tutorial any time soon. Just let me know.

PS. Yes, there are even more ridiculous outtakes. We find our own selves to be ENTIRELY too amusing, I guess.


  1. Ha, these are great! You are clearly born to be an actress, by the way... and Matt was clearly born to be your slave :)

  2. Hahaha :) These are so fun! You both cracked me up! Thank you for a great start to my Thursday!

  3. Haha! Y'all are hilarious! Matt's a good sport! Thanks for starting Thursday off right.

  4. Haha! Y'all are hilarious! Matt's a good sport! Thanks for starting Thursday off right.

  5. Hilarious!
    My husband and I often commute to work together, it is such a great way to connect and spend time with one another.
    Can't wait for the Jav tutorial.

  6. Drew and I make fun of each other's teeth constantly. We both have pretty big teeth (Drew has had to have his filed down before) but I have nice, pointy K-9's. I had no idea making fun of each other's teeth was such a common marriage theme. Loved the videos!

  7. My husband and I commute to work together too! Now I'm thinking that making videos will make our long, traffic-filled, rides so much more fun!!

  8. I love Matt's teeth so you can pass that on. And I can't wait for the vlog on JAV.

    Rachel also really like Matt saying "I am you slave" over and over. She laughed hysterically :)

  9. Isaiah was a fan of the laughter. He laughed hysterically at the two of you.

    I have a ridiculous smirk on my face. I think laughter makes everything better (including marriage!)

  10. I think the vlog should be a new regular occurrence like "Theatrical Thursday" or "Talk about your teeth Tuesday." I'm on the edge of my seat to learn what jav is and to see if you really did in fact beat Matt at it.

  11. Haha, these are great! I can't wait to hear what jav is!

  12. So nice to hear your voices! Seriously're hysterical and I love, love, love how you crack yourself up!!!! More vlogs please :-)

  13. BTW...I know your name is spelled Erika...but my autocorrect doesn't!!! :)


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