Tuesday, July 30, 2013

not as exciting as you'd think

I am so tired.

My brain is 100% empty and devoid of any interesting thoughts. I think two nights of terrible sleep + last night's 'MOST DRAMATIC EVER' Bachelorette episode, which actually was extremely dramatic and emotionally draining, are taking their toll. I apologize if I'm not up to my normal extremely high level of entertainment (ha) today.

Yesterday my friend Diana emailed me this screenshot of an ad she noticed on my blog:

Feel free to notice the time of this screenshot and comment about how strange Diana is that she CHOOSES to wake up at like 4 a.m. to go running, be productive, and read blogs before work.
Her email simply said "Your blog was advertising this. Thoughts?"

Yes, I have thoughts. All The Thoughts. Of course.

What the heck is wrong with the internet ad robots? They have really been off their game lately!

I spent some time pondering the meaning of this ad. This is what sleep-deprived and delirious people do, apparently. Bodies? Transferable? Space?

This obviously is some sort of alien body-transferring thing. They take your bodies back to their own planets? How did aliens manage to get a Google ad? Do they have human advertising executives that they work with? Why don't they speak better English? Why did they start their body transfers in 1972? Did it coincide with the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich? So many questions.

At any rate, I eventually decided it was worth checking out the webpage. If these body-transferring shenanigans are being advertised right under my own nose, I better at least know what's up.

Turns out it's super boring.

Something to do with pickup truck camper top things ("service bodies"). Boring boring boring. What a letdown. No aliens. No bodies being transferred. Ridiculous.

And thus concludes the most anticlimactic story ever. Another alien story that didn't pan out. One of these days it will, though. And on that day, I will shout in my husband's face "BOOYAH!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!"...because if there's anything we disagree about, it's the existence of body-transferring aliens. I can't wait to win that argument.

Oh look, I'm reaching new lows here. Help. Send Starbucks!!


  1. I wish your friend could teach me her ways. I give myself like 20 minutes to get ready every morning.

  2. Ugh...I totally thought this was going to be a way to live into eternity. I was going to do it to my dog :)

  3. This post was funny! And Starbucks is on the way :)

  4. I would comment with something relevant on this post, but I'm too busy OBSESSING over last night's episodes and desperately searching for updated spoilers to sustain me until the finale!!!

  5. I wasn't aware that the finale was last night. I made it through the first episode but none after that...boo! Aliens are such a better story...stick with those!

    126 ynthats (this was the Captcha) but I'm not running on all cylinders today and typed it here. Ha!

    Hmmm...I wonder what ynthats are??

  6. I watched the Bachelorette last night (I have watched like one other time in my life. . . I know.) and oh my gosh the DRAMA!!! Brandon seriously couldn't handle it and finally went to the back to watch Pawn Stars, which is such a better option (sarcasm).

  7. UGH, that IS lame. Almost disappointing, even. Lemme know when you need Starbucks runs. Or fro-yo. I hear both are excellent for afternoon pick-me-ups. Or maybe it's just the 15 minute cruise through DT.


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