Thursday, March 13, 2014

public encounters, treating myself, and misspelling my name

I feel like I should tell you that it isn't a lovely spring day today. I don't want to put forth the perception that Georgia is some kind of weather utopia, and lately it kind of has been, so...just so you know. It's 30something right now and it'll probably only get into the low 50s today. Womp womp.

I have a slightly better attitude than normal about the (hopefully brief) returning cold weather. I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity to get one last wear out of my favorite cold weather clothing/shoes/accessories. Today's outfit has been one of my favorites this winter, which is why you've probably already seen it twelve times. Let's make it thirteen.

I will miss you this summer, not-remotely-breathable polyester triangle shirt and comfier-than-I-ever-expected Toms wedges!

Also, I'm having a good hair day today. Please take note.

Despite not blogging yesterday, I really don't have anything to talk about today. My life hasn't been super exciting this week. I did make a triumphant (haha) return to Zumba yesterday. I've missed it the last few weeks. And afterwards my friend Tiffany dragged introduced me to the sauna. We sat in a tiny, log-cabin-like wooden room and sweated to death as we chatted. It was basically like summer camp in Georgia. Only there were no mosquitoes,

 I think we should tackle some of the more serious and important Q&As today. PS- I am eternally grateful for all of these questions. When I run out and have to start thinking of my own blog topics again, it's going to be a sad day for us all.

Anonymous wants to know:

Have you ever been recognized in public from your blog which resulted in an awkward encounter?

Um, yes. More than once.

(I thought about not elaborating, but that would just be wrong.)

Several times I've received emails saying "hi, I know you don't know me, but I read your blog and I just saw you at Target/the mall/wherever! I thought it would be weird to say hey, but...hey!" or something along those lines. 

Sometimes I get 'seen' and the person won't tell me, but they'll tell someone they know that knows me that tells this:

I seriously laughed about this one for about a week.

But sometimes people do get bold enough to just come up and introduce themselves. Most recently (and Laura commented about this on the original post underneath this question!) it was at the gym. Obviously I'm not above the occasional gym selfie, but I swear that I do not normally POSE for pictures at the gym. However, I had been going on and on about the gym stretching machines at work and was hugely failing at describing them adequately. "Take a picture of it," a coworker suggested. So that's what I was doing that day-- fake-using the stretching machine while Matt took a picture. It was for educational purposes!! I never blogged or IGd those pictures!! But wouldn't you know, a stranger (to me!) saw someone doing a photo shoot in the gym and then realized that she 'knew' me from my blog. Ha!! So we chatted for a few minutes and I felt like the lamest person on earth because she busted me POSING ON A GYM MACHINE. So...that's how awesome I really am in real life, in case you were wondering.

Other public encounters have been much less embarrassing, but I think Matt gets weirded out every time.


Diana asks:

Do you get annoyed when people write letters to "Erica"?

To be honest, it really doesn't bother me much anymore. Sometimes I go through phases, but as of now, it's pretty low on the list of things that annoy me. I know my name isn't spelled the most common way. Now, if this is coming from someone who's known me a long time, it's a little more hurtful...but if you're a relatively new acquaintance, I won't hold it against you. I will say that a couple of years ago my, the guy who had probably a 50% say in naming me and choosing the spelling of my name...went through a phase where he spelled it that way in text messages. This infuriated me on many levels. For one, why does he even need to say my name in a text? I presume that if you're TEXTING me, you know who the memo is going to and who's reading it? I don't really think using my name is necessary at all...but ESPECIALLY the misspelled version of my name?!?!? I let him feel the fullness of my wrath.

As it turns out, my dad basically doesn't write any of his own texts. He uses the voice-to-text (like Siri, only whatever it is on an Android) thing. And so the phone robots were actually misspelling my name, and he didn't feel that it was important enough to go back and fix it.

Now he understands that it is.

But as for the rest of humanity, you get a pass. When I was in high school and college and did a lot of babysitting, people misspelled my name on checks so often that I even developed a signature with the 'c' version of my name. I'm adaptable like that.


Casey asked a question that required days of thought:

I am planning on taking a "treat yo'self day" (ala Parks and Rec) now that my mom's estate is closed. What would you do on a treat yo self day?

Casey, I can't commend your decision to treat yo'self enough. I think that was one of the most inspirational episodes of Parks & Rec ever; I'm glad it changed your life, too. My first rule for my day is that someone else needs to fund it. Otherwise it won't be nearly as much fun to blow a lot of money. SO. Assuming someone else (rich, of course) is footing the bills, here are some things I'd definitely include:

-Amazing food. In restaurants, of course. Cooking at home is not a treat. 
-A two-hour massage. I've never had more than one hour, so I'm guessing this would be the greatest thing ever.
-A helicopter to take me to Atlanta malls. I hate sitting in traffic and wasting time; this would solve both of those problems. 
-A few hours of shopping (and buying!) at all the good stores we don't have in Athens, like Sephora and Nordstrom. And also mall pretzels.
-A mani-pedi after I'm tired of shopping.
-A play at the Fox...since it's my day, I'm picking Wicked. I haven't seen it and I'd like to. So it'll need to be touring then, thanks! After the play, I would like the opportunity to go put on any costumes I want (which will magically fit) and reenact my favorite songs and scenes with the other actors and orchestra.
-After the play, I'd like to go somewhere and have creme brulee for dessert. And some kind of amazing coffee drink.
-Then the helicopter can take me back home. While I was out, a team of maids would have cleaned my entire house from top to bottom. Oh, and professionals would have come and replaced all the flooring in the house, too. And they would be gone already and everything would be back in its place. And someone would have given Lola a bath and trimmed her toenails.

BEST DAY EVER. Maybe I should start a GoFundMe or something to make it happen?? Anyone want to sponsor my helicopter ride? Or one dog toenail clipping? Hahahaha.


  1. Out of all of that, this is my take away: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN WICKED?!?!?! (please note the excessive use of all caps... it's THAT big of a deal) Next time it comes to the Fox, we're going. It will be my fourth time, but I will find it within myself to go just for you. Please have $60+ dollars available at any moment.

  2. My phone always puts Janie's name as Jamie. I've just left it before thinking that my husband knows who I'm talking about. I guess your dad and I are lazy texters. Let me know if you have a treat a cyber friend day, I'm in!

  3. I agree with Amanda, you haven't seen Wicked?! I've seen it once, and we were way high up in the balcony, but it was amazing. I'd love to go see it again, but Keegan isn't as fond of musicals as I am.

    Also, Atlanta has the best shopping ever. We drove over there last weekend and went to Ikea for the first time. It was an experience, let me tell you.

  4. Oh my gosh you are famous!! I've definitely never been "seen" because my blog is pretty private. That's kind of exciting though!!

  5. Haha I love planning out a day where I could do whatever I wanted with unlimited means and funds! It may happen a lot...what do you think gets me through all those miles?!

    I can't even imagine a day where someone would recognize me from my blog! I would definitely say hi to you if I ever saw you in person! Though hopefully if that happens it's because we're actually hanging out!

  6. So basically you're famous and a fraudulent check signer?! Obviously then you wouldn't be harshly reprimanded if you wrote a check for 'Erica' to go do all those fun things! Better hurry up before someone catches you plotting.

  7. For what it's worth, I think your name is prettier spelled with a 'k'. Sorry, Ericas of the world.

    Also, your treat yourself day sounds amazing. I love that you included mall pretzels in your list--that's an underrated treat! My fantasies of treat yourself usually revolve around uninterrupted shopping at Target, so clearly I need to up my game :)

  8. I totally understand and agree about the misspelling of my name being infuriating depending on the source, and how I am (and hormones/sleepiness level) are feeling that day. New folks, no big deal. When my father would call me Diane...rage. When people I email daily who type in "diana" and write to Diane...annoyance.
    Woah. Your treat yo'self day. LOVE it. I think I may go write my own...

  9. I have to get those Toms! They will be my inaugural pair! Also, seems like I read somewhere a long long time ago that the hot air from the sauna can kill bacteria in your lungs, and keep you healthier in the winter. Obviously, I am no doctor and it sounds a little voo-doo ish, but I am not above citing "medical advice", as unfounded as it may be, for an excuse to relax in a spa like atmosphere.

  10. you are famous! and that sounds like a great day! definitely start a fund for that!

  11. Oh, your day sounds like a lot of fun. I'm with Amanda above that my treat yo'self day would mostly revolve around uninterrupted shopping at Target and getting a pedicure. However I'm sick so I might be able to come up with a better day if all my brain cells were functioning.

    Also if I ever ran into you I would totally say Hi, however the odds of us "just running into each other" are pretty low.

  12. Treat yo'self is amazing. I feel like getting a latte is a treat...but that is because I always have to use my own money. Congratulations on being famous and recognized out there on the streets! Maybe you can do a "Stars Are Just Like Us" ( like in US Magazine about yourself. Erika is just like us. She wears jeans. She shops for shampoo. She watches The Bachelor.

  13. If I saw you in "real" life it would totally be like a celebrity sighting.

  14. Hi Erica :). People spelling your name wrong is sort of funny- especially when it CHANGES your entire name! Love, AuDRey :). Like you, for some reason this really doesn't bother me all that much anymore!

  15. I'm with you on the name. I've gotten used to it, although you'd expect my name would be easy (Rachel). But my littler sister spells my name Rachle and my sister in law puts Rachael on everything (even the seating plan at her wedding, despite my MIL correcting her). So I gave up. Especially since my phone autocorrects my husbands name to Timothy, when it's nothing even remotely close to that. So I guess I'm not one to talk anyway. Maybe I can talk "Timothy" into funding me my very own treat yo'self day.

  16. Can I please come with you on your "treat yo self day??" That sounds amazing. I would also add a facial onto the days activities though. :)

    And everyone always spells my name wrong as well. Like you, I am kind of over it. What kills me tho is having to repeat my last name or spell it a million times, either in person or over the phone. Blackbird? No. Not Blackbird, it's Blackburn - B-L-A-C-K-B-U-R-N. Blackbond? Um still no. Repeat spelling slowly over the phone. And this goes on and on and on. . . . :)

  17. Your posts are always fun to read, but this one had me laughing out loud more than once! Loved the "treat yo'self day" Q&A. See you next week!

  18. Treat Yo' Self: Absolutely the best idea that Parks and Rec has ever come up, followed closely by the Cones of Dunshire, which my husband would actually love to play and plays many games similar to that one. Treat Yo' Self day might include a flight to Georgia for me, just saying.


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