Wednesday, March 19, 2014

things that are stupid

Today my friend Allison blogged about things that are making her happy. Sometimes I do that, too. Or at least I think about it. I tried to think of some of those things today, but I couldn't. I was too distracted by all the things that are making me frustrated. Nothing huge, just...stuff that's getting on my nerves and making me a little stabby today. I think that if I get it all out, I can move on with my day, right? So here we go.

1. It wasn't supposed to rain today, but it is. UGH. If it's going to rain, I need to mentally prepare myself in advance. So today's cold drizzle is particularly unwelcome and making me sad. GO AWAY, RAIN. This leads to a sub-frustration: I got my toes (and fingers!) done on Saturday and I haven't yet had the chance to show off my toenail's been too cold to wear open-toed shoes! This is really stupid. I need it to be spring already.

2. Remember the story about the glider and how I was going to finally get my money refunded? Such an uplifting story! Yay! Money!! Yeah, no. Still no check, no word from the guy, nothing. BOOOOOOO. If he was still just going to stiff us, I wish he hadn't gotten our hopes up last month. I'm so over getting my hopes up for nothing.

3. I didn't buy a Mega Millions ticket yesterday. If I had, I probably would have won. The winning numbers are the numbers I PLAY ALL THE TIME (well, all the time that I do play...which is like twice a year). UGH!! I wouldn't have won the whole thing because I would never pick 24. I pick all odd and prime numbers (because they are the best, obviously), and sometimes a 12 (for my birthday). But there's a really good chance I would have had four or five of those, including the mega ball of 7 (I almost always pick that as my mega ball number!). GAAAAHHHHH. So close to being a thousandaire. My favorite prime and odd numbers finally get picked and I'm sitting this one out. Figures. This also leads to a sub-frustration: wasn't it great when Ellison was born on 11/7/13? I thought it was the best thing on earth because ALL THE NUMBERS ARE PRIME and WHAT ARE THE ODDS (haha)?!?!?! It was such a sign that she was meant to be!!! Only, yeah. No. Too bad it'll be three more years til I can have a chance at another all-prime-numbers birthday kid. Or any kid, probably.

4. I went to Ulta yesterday to get the daily steal that I REALLY wanted and they were OUT. That made me sad. I'd been looking forward to getting my Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara for $10 for like two weeks. And then I couldn't. Boo.

5. I was having a really great dream last night. We drove to Cancun (in a minivan?) and it only took us like TWO HOURS to get there-- so great! We had Lola with us and had just gone out to the water and it was so beautiful and warm and perfect. Matt, Lola, and I were having the best time, and THEN A BIRD FELL ON ME from a tree!!! A huge tropical bird. And I totally freaked out in the dream, frantically trying to get it off of me, which led to me actually freaking out and violently thrashing around in real life, in my bed. It woke Matt up and he had to like put me in a restraint hold to calm me down. And then I was awake and re-hating stupid birds. Dream ruiners. Nasty gross creatures. Ugh.

Anyways, obviously nothing here is actually all that important, but I'm sure we can all agree that it's all stupid. Hopefully things go up from here. If any of you happened to purchase one of those winning lottery tickets using my money, I hope you'll share some with me. People who prefer odd numbers really need to stick together.


  1. 1. Cold rain is dumb.
    2. This ticked me off for you.
    3. And my frustration just went up a notch.
    4. WTH?
    5. D*&^ birds.

    Let's go get a springy coffee treat at Starbucks today.

  2. If it's any consolation, my list of "things that are stupid" is almost always longer than my list of "things that make me happy." But some of the stupid things would end up being about people I know who read my blog, and I'd feel a little bad passively-aggressively blogging about them... so, happy things it was today!

  3. Things That Are Stupid In My Life Today:

    1) Dave and I are both sick.

    2) I made an entire pot of tea and will only be able to drink one mug of it.

    3) My breakfast is still too hot to eat and we have to leave before it will get cool enough.

    4) I'm too sick to be excited about leaving for New Zealand two weeks from today.

    I think that's enough for one day. I hope your day gets better from here.

  4. BOOOO! But yea to getting all the stupid things over at once...makes room for the AWESOME things! They are on the way, I can feel it!

  5. Cheers to stupid things!!! I would make my list but in my Jesus Calling devotional this morning it said to stop and think before you speak so I better just leave it alone....haha!

  6. What I think is stupid:

    1. Pediatric's just stupid!
    2. Constantly needing to wash my car. Stupid salt on the roads is driving me crazy!
    3. Hockey season being over for my boys...stupid sad.
    4. Not having an Ulta close to where I live...stupid.
    5. Birds of all kids are very, very stupid!

    Hope you day gets stupid better! ;)

  7. I snorted when I read the part about your dream. A bird falling on you, from a tree, while you're in the ocean... bahhhh. Only you would dream that.

    If it's any consolation, Saturday we were staying in the hotel in Jacksonville on the 5th floor. I dreamed we were trapped in the room by fire and had to escape via the window. We tied all the sheets/bed linens together and then tied it to a beam in the hotel room... Sam was climbing down and it broke. Ahhhh! Nice restful sleep before the transfer!

  8. Now I keep imagining Toucan Sam falling on your head and it is making me laugh... almost as much as thinking about you driving to Cancun in a minivan.

  9. i have a new pedicure, too, and i have gotten to wear open-toe shoes with it once. Maybe twice. But that was nearly 3 weeks ago! AHHHHH! Where is spring?!

    None of those other things sound fun either. ESPECIALLY stupid glider guy flaking out on you... BOO! And birds interrupting your sleep! :(

  10. The Maryland winning lotto ticket was sold in the store right next to my work! In good ol' La Plata MD. It was packed with news vans today LOL. I don't know the name of the person who won yet, but there is a very real chance I'll know them. Small towns down here! Everyone knows everyone. I hope they'll share! :)

    1. Oh wow!! That is so cool!!! You'll have to let us know if the winner goes on to quickly ruin his/her life...they say that's how it goes, but I know I would never fall prey to that pattern!! ;)

  11. Things that are stupid - a BBQ place telling you they ran out of brisket. Ummm excuse me, what?? Happened to us recently!


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