Monday, March 31, 2014

weather, movies, and hilarious candy.

Matt's been married to me for almost seven years, so it's safe to say he knows me pretty well by now. And he definitely knows that one of the first things I do every morning before I get out of bed is check the weather on my phone. A few minutes later, as he's selecting his clothing for the day, he'll usually ask for the day's forecast, which I always know. This morning he called to me from the closet: Weather Wifey, what's it going to be like today?? My new name made me laugh, but it's pretty accurate. So anyways. All that to say...if you think I talk about the weather a lot's because I'm the Weather Wifey and that's all there is to it. (And the answer is 73 and sunny, WOOOOO!!!!)

Another thing Matt knows about me is that I don't watch a lot of movies. Or more accurately, I don't stay awake through a lot of movies. I'm not sure what the deal is. I can (and do) watch 10 consecutive episodes of an hour-long show without a problem. But asking me to commit to a single 100 minute movie? It's just too much. I can't make it. Therefore I'm pretty sure I made a new personal record on Saturday: I watched (and stayed awake through the entirety of) THREE MOVIES! 

I started with a matinee showing of Divergent.

I loved it!! To be honest, it's been 7 months since I read the book, so my memories of all the little book details that they may or may not have included/messed up in the's all hazy. Therefore I was free to just enjoy the movie for what it was. And it was great! Matt hasn't read the books (yet!), but he also enjoyed the movie. So...A+ from me. And whoever played Four...he gets an A++. Maybe A+++.

On Saturday night Matt left me home alone to go play poker with some guys. I'd planned to do exciting things like balance the checkbook and pay bills. Then at the last minute I decided to not be the most boring person on earth and to watch a movie on Netflix instead. After consulting more than a few online 'what should I watch on Netflix?' guides, I decided on Blue Valentine.

Source had Ryan Gosling and Jen Lindley Michelle Williams and I liked the font on the cover. It says "A Love Story." Why I selected this movie is pretty self-explanatory, I think. However, let me be the first to tell you: COVERS LIE. This was a horribly depressing movie with absolutely no redeeming factors. Actually, there was one redeeming factor: Ryan Gosling managed to look pretty hideous the entire movie. That's an impressive feat and provides hope for the rest of the human race that are not as naturally beautiful as Ryan. But not worth suffering through two hours of a sad movie. I stuck out the whole thing hoping that the ending would be redeeming. And (spoiler!!) it wasn't, so then I was like what have I done with my night?? I HAVE TO REDEEM THIS TERRIBLE MOVIE EXPERIENCE!!

I headed back to the 'what should I watch on Netflix?' websites and saw this movie heartily recommended several times. It seemed lighthearted, which is precisely what I needed after that train wreck of a 'love story.'
This one I actually really enjoyed. For one thing, it had Nick from New Girl. I'm sure he had a different name in the movie, but Nick from New Girl is who he will always be to me. The weird thing is that on the movie cover above, he has no beard. But he has this big giant bushy beard throughout the entire movie. So...weird? Anyway. Besides featuring Nick from New Girls's beard, the movie was also very quirky and likeable. I feel like they REALLY should have picked a better title...'Drinking Buddies' makes it seem like it's going to be in the same genre as Bridesmaids or The Hangover, which it most definitely is not. This is more 'film fest' and less...that. Anyway. This movie made me smile (and also squirm) and was way better than Blue Valentine, so it was a much better note to end my night of slothing alone on.

Oh, I also failed miserably as a dog parent on Saturday. I always said that my kids (furry or not) would be good (healthy) eaters. Lola's out to prove me wrong.

 She acted really excited about the opportunity to eat this delicious sugar snap pea. She ran out of the kitchen all gleeful-like. And then 10 minutes later, what does my bare foot step on? THIS. Ick. Anyways, apparently she's not really into eating her veggies. I have failed. Boo.

Yesterday was a super busy and exhausting day. I co-hosted a wedding shower for some friends. It went really well and turned out beautifully, but it was a LONG day! One of my favorite things was introducing innocent young children to the glory of Pop Rocks. The couple of honor are huge rock climbers- he actually proposed to her while they were rock climbing (and they're the ones that took Matt and I rock climbing a few months ago). The hostesses and I came up with this amazingly cheesy idea for little party favors- Pop Rocks accompanied by a sign that said 'Brian POPped the question on the ROCKS and she said yes!' or something. I don't know, it was so cheesy I've tried to forget it. But anyway- POP ROCKS, right? Most amazing candy ever. People were really excited about it. But the funniest was watching the little ones, two and four year olds, experience Pop Rocks for the first time. Their faces!!! It was hilarrrrrious. Some of them loved it. Some of them clearly thought we were trying to kill them. So there's your parenting tip for the day. Get some Pop Rocks. It'll probably be the only candy ever that you'll actually find yourself begging your kid to try so that you can laugh at their reaction.


  1. Your weekend was a lot more exciting then mine...I stayed home and puzzled!

  2. We also saw Divergent... LOVED IT! My only complaint is that they actors playing Al and Will looked to similar.

    1. I agree! It was hard to tell them apart.

  3. Oh my gosh my dogs do that too! they are so excited to try a vegetable and then you find it later in another room covered in slobber...

    Glad you had a good weekend :)

  4. I'm glad to hear you liked Divergent... so many people have said they ruined it. : (

    Sterling doesn't like many fruits & veggies either... broccoli yes, mushrooms no. Carrots yes, bananas no. He also prefers to have room temperature apples over cold... if you give him an apple piece straight out of the fridge, he'll hide it for later. Weird dog.

  5. Now I need to go find a little kid and give them Pop Rocks because that sounds hilarious!!! I bet it's like watching them eat a lemon!

  6. We are so the same- lots of consecutive tv shows, no problem! But sitting through a movie? You will surely catch me snoozing half way through!!

  7. Good to know I shouldn't wate my time on blue valentine. I loved divergent. Can't wait for the next movie in the series.

  8. Lola = Colby based on the remnants of that discarded pea shell. Also, will you text me the weather every morning before I get dressed since I always forget to look at the forecast? I get dressed at approximately 6:35 am CST, FYI.

  9. I hope you didn't give them Pepsi, because in case you forgot the lore of our ye olden days, Pepsi and Pop Rocks WILL KILL YOU. I can't wait to see Divergent, and thanks for the heads up on Drinking Buddies - I just added it to my queue. Blue Valentine is a love story the way 300 is a rom-com. No thanks.

  10. I'm finally getting around to catching up on my blog reading! Yay!

    I am a compulsive weather checker too. Dave always asks me what the weather will be like that day because he knows I've already checked it!

    Now I'm super-tempted to add Pop Rocks to the grocery list and see how my kids react. We'll see how tired I am by the time I go shopping today to see if I give in to temptation or not :)


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