Friday, May 30, 2014

pretty flowers, questionable outfits

I was going to have extra time to blog today. But then I spent my extra time roaming around my yard and admiring all the pretty flowers, I have less time to blog than normal. Funny how that works. Flowers before bloggers. Or something?

But at least I have pictures of flowers! 

I planted four varieties of zinnias this year. Only ONE of them appear to be actually growing and blooming. I'm blaming the stupid late frost on this situation. But at least the zinnias that toughed it out are super pretty!

My pincushion flower(s?) (the purple ones in the background) gets bigger every year-- I love it! I just have to remember each spring to not toss it in the compost. When it starts growing it looks exactly like a weed. It has almost been weeded and killed by me for several years running. But once it starts blooming, it's beautiful and I remember that it isn't a weed.

We have several varieties of knockout roses, but this bush is my faaaaaavorite. I love how the blooms come out in perfect little bouquets. They look pink in this picture, but in real life they're much closer to red. The only sad thing is that they don't smell good (well, they don't smell bad, either...they just don't smell). My other knockouts smell amaaazing, but I don't think they're quite as pretty.

Then I took some selfies with the roses. Because of course.

I'm not entirely sure about my outfit today. I actually brought a change of clothes to work in case I decide I don't like it halfway through the day. I got these shorts a few weeks ago because I loved them in the dressing room. Since then, I've ironed them THREE TIMES, tried them on in my room a few times, and worn them zero times (oh, but of course I ripped the tags off). Until today. I just can't figure out what kind of top to wear with them? And I can't decide if I think they're flattering or if they make me look super huge. And also they get SUPER WRINKLY just by existing...please see: worn zero times, ironed THREE TIMES. Note: one of those times was with my flat iron, because I am crafty like that. If I hadn't taken the tags off, I'd probably return them, buttttt....since I'm stuck with them now, I'm finally trying to wear them. Also, they are insanely comfortable, so I've gotta give them credit there. We'll see how long they last. And also if my boss thinks they're work-appropriate, ha. Just taking all kinds of chances today.

And that's all I have time for. Flowers and outfits that are maybe a no. Have a happy weekend!

PS. I noticed after publishing that today is Show us Your Garden at Kelly's Korner! What a great linkup! If I'd known in advance, I would have taken some less crappy pictures with a better camera, but...oh well. If you're visiting from KK, hi! For more (mostly bad, but enthusiastic!) pictures and musings about my veggies, flowers, and gardening in general, go here!


  1. Can I grab a chair and read by your garden? Your flowers are gorgeous and it just looks very relaxing!! I wish we could wear shorts to work. When it's 20982 degrees outside, pants are the worst!

  2. BEAUTIFUL flowers! We are planting sunflowers this weekend and I can't wait until they bloom!

  3. Such a risk taker: shorts to work AND weedy flowers?!?! At some point when I'm slightly less broke and tired I'll let you come say "oooo, plant a X right there." I might even let you sing to them, you just can't spoil them too much. : )

  4. I love the flowers. :) Also the outfit is cute, at least from the angle of your selfie! XOX

  5. I planted seeds for the first time this year--I've always been a fan of the pre-started plants (I'm sure there's a name for them). My squash and zucchini are going to be very successful, but I haven't gotten the first thing from my zinnias. Sigh. Is it too late to plant more stuff? I had way too much fun with the seeds!

  6. The fact that you can wear shorts to work seriously makes it a little harder for me to like you. Jealous.

  7. Old Navy will actually still take them back even if the tag is off- especially if you have the receipt or paid with a debit or credit card!

    1. FOR REAL!??!?! How did I not know this??! Thanks for the info! Butttt....I wore them all day, spilled ice cream on them, and also my boss said they were totally fine for work, so now I'm pretty much committed for life. :) But that's great to know for the future!

  8. Front what i can tell, your outfit is cute!! And your flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM.

  9. Any shorts that the boss gives an OK to wear to work = worth keeping. :) I think they are super cute! But I don't blame you for not wanting to iron them. I haven't ironed in. . . . probably 5 yrs.

  10. You are too funny! I love that you took a change of clothes to work. And your rose bush is so pretty!!

  11. I love finding Georgia bloggers! I found you on KK and love your blog! Knockout Roses are my favorite also. Everything looks great!

  12. I love your zinnias. Now I'm sad that I didn't plant zinnias this year.


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