Thursday, February 26, 2015

not exactly a snowpocalypse

We've had an exciting few days of "winter weather" here in the South.

Unfortunately for us, "winter weather" does not necessarily equal "winter wonderland."

This is about as good as it got.
Unless you have a really boring idea of what constitutes a wonderland.

The weather still brought plenty of excitement, though- early releases, delayed starts, the anticipation of what might happen, the constant debate of the varying predictions and forecasts...THAT, at least, did not disappoint. I had hoped that the most liberal forecasts would come to pass- the ones that saw us getting 4 inches of accumulated snow, glorious days of being snowed in...but alas. Nope. Oh well.

As it turns out, Millie isn't #1 Snow Fangirl. I had high hopes for that, too. I mean, she gets SUPER EXCITED about things like paper surely her first experience with frozen precipitation was going to blow her little baby mind, right?


I've seen her express more excitement about dryer lint.

We still gave it our best ISN'T SNOW AMAZING?!?!?! shot, though. We videoed the whole thing, thinking that her reaction would be some magical moment. 

We got a lot of blank stares.

It's okay, though. I'm choosing to believe her lack of enthusiasm is just because a) she probably couldn't really FEEL it due to her coat/hood, b) there wasn't enough on the ground/trees to really catch her attention, and c) she was really distracted and enamored by the scarf I was wearing and it was hard to direct her attention elsewhere. Ha. Oh well, maybe we'll try again later...if we get any more snow this year. Or next year.

Believe you me, though- this "Millie is not impressed" experience is not at all serving to dial back my excitement about seeing her experience the ocean for the first time this summer. No way. I spend at least 10 minutes a day imaging how awesome it's going to be, and just because First Snow Experience was a nonevent...I'm still holding out high hopes for First Beach Experience. So anyway. No pressure, Mills.

I used my extra free time yesterday to finish up this month's book club pick, Me Before You*. It was surprisingly depressing and thought-provoking, and I'm a little scared (yet excited) to see what kind of conversation it sparks when we meet this weekend!! I've been really slacking on my book-reading lately (I blame you, Parenthood)(the show, not the thing), but this one sucked me in. And then ripped my heart out. But I guess that's just the way things go sometimes.

Matt and I aren't movie-going people, but speaking of really depressing books- I want to see Still Alice. Anyone seen it? I'm hopelessly behind on my current events, but I think I heard on NPR that it was nominated (or won?) some Oscars. Anyway, when they started discussing the premise of the movie, it occurred to me that I'm 99% sure I read the book a long time ago. And really liked it. Well, as much as you can like something really depressing. So anyway- now I want to see the movie. Maybe when it comes to Netflix in about 25 years, I'll remember to look it up and watch.

Well, looks like Millie has awakened from her mid-morning slumber. Time to go rescue her and get ready to roll into work at noon! Good times, I tell ya. Happy Thursday!

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  1. We saw Still Alice last week and it was really good, but as expected, also really depressing. And random that Alec Baldwin played her husband? But still, I'd recommend it!

  2. Could she just stay in that precious snugly coat forever!! So incredibly cute!!

  3. Love the pics and lack of excitement on Millie's face! We got lots of snow here (lots like 2.5 inches). I was not a fan of Me Before You! I was in a funk for a few days after finishing it.

  4. Millie is SO your child. She's over being outside and would rather be cozy in her Jump Jump letting Lola lick her face.

    Sidenote: Alec Baldwin has a surprisingly great podcast. He interviewed Julianne Moore not too long ago.

  5. haha looks about the same as Texas!! And, schools were closed for two days. I laughed at how empty the office was yesterday (day 3) all because the roads were 'wet'!!!

    I'm with Millie - I would rather be inside where it is warm!

  6. I love that we have so many book crossovers. I'm going to see Still Alice this weekend with a few members of my book club, since we just read it, and we read Me Before You about three months ago and everyone loved it. Can we agree that Will was, to put it as nicely as possible, a total shit? Especially when we read Still Alice afterwards, which made us compare Alice, who would have done anything to have her mind still intact, to Will, who is basically whiny and rich and sad that he can't go skydiving.

  7. I'll just mail some New York snow to Millie and she can play with it inside. Much less distraction and I have more than enough to spare!!!
    I'm in search of a new book and weirdly enough I like the suck you in and year your heart out kind! Me Before You sounds like it's written for me.

  8. Well dang. The first Amazon review was a stupid spoiler! Now I know what happens in that book!!! Ugh. Aren't they supposed to warn you before they tell you how a book ends??!

    I'm not sure "exciting" is the word I'd use to describe this year's winter weather, but basically, I'm over it. Is it spring yet??

    Lastly, our First Beach Experience was a total letdown. Andrew despised the sand and hated the ocean even more. But that hasn't stopped us from taking him to the beach every year since then -- I'm convinced he will come to love it as every child should. Here's hoping June's trip produces better results than our last two! :-)

  9. Now that we live in the H-town area, I feel a little left out with all the snow hoopla going on in Austin or Dallas... but then I think of all their canceled school days and I decide I can get along just fine here!

  10. I just found out Me Before You is going to have a sequel! I think I'm excited about this because I read the book a few months ago and finally got over the depression it left me in. It would be fun to read for a book club - I hope you guys have a good discussion about it!!

  11. I love the look on her face. She's like "whatev" about the snow. I loved Me Before You…couldn't put it down on our honeymoon. But I cried ugly chest wracking tears at the end…tis kinda depressing.

  12. You should bring Millie to Canada in February, specifically our house. I'll make sure to arrange a snow day specifically for you and then Millie WILL be impressed with snow :)

    Also, I read "Still Alice" and LOVED it but I don't think I could handle the movie.

  13. I need a parenthood post about what you are loving/hating?! :)

    Millie is sooo cute!! That's about how it looks when it snows here. We're just getting rain these days, though!

  14. Me Before You is being made into a movie starring Emilia Clark (Khalisi on Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (Finnick on Hunger Games). Our book club read it a few months ago, and it's like our 5th book to get made into a movie. So we have Book Club Goes to the Movies events!

  15. You should have visited Mississippi. We got 6+ inches of snow which caused power outages for over 2 days. I've never had so much respect for pioneers with kids before!


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