Monday, February 2, 2015

she grew up this weekend

We had a low-key, relaxing, and fun weekend. The biggest news of the weekend is that Millie has proven to be a typically defiant and rebellious daughter. Already. Sheesh. Despite my constant demands and pleas to not grow up and to stay a tiny baby forever, she is bound and determined to do anything but.

During a trip to Old Navy, I decided to see how she liked sitting in the cart. Normally I wear her in the Ergo, but that really cramps my ability to carry piles of clothes (not to mention try them on). Since she's been sitting up so well lately, it seemed like it might work...

Mommy, what is this? What am I doing? I...maybe like it?
 By the time we got to Trader Joe's, she was basically a shopping cart pro.

I'm the king of the world!!!!
Please ignore the fact that I obviously couldn't figure out how to use my shopping cart cover thingy. Third time's a charm- we went to Target on Sunday and I realized that I'd been putting it in inside out, which is why it was just laying there and not really covering anything. Oops. Oh well.

Also...I've just started noticing that Millie's left eye often looks crossed in pictures. You can see it in both of these. Is this one of those fun fact infant things that corrects itself, or something worth making our 2810934th trip of the month to the pediatrician about? I'm voting no big deal, but let me know if I'm wrong. As gently and non-alarmist-ly as possible, obviously. ;)

We spent a couple of hours shopping and running errands Saturday morning, then returned home to spend the rest of the day cooking, playing, and watching Parenthood. Oh, and watching Millie grow old before our very eyes. Homegirl is cutting her first tooth!!!!! Despite weeks of me begging her to please stay toothless and gummy and adorable forever...well, she's just not. She has big dreams of steak and corn on the cob, and dangit if she's not growing a tooth just to spite me. I would try to show you a picture of it but it's barely breaking the surface yet and is only visible from the back of her gum, and she acts like the world is ending when I try to move her lips/tongue to look at it, aren't really doable just yet. At any rate, it doesn't seem to be bothering her too much. Her cheeks will occasionally turn bright pink (like when she has a fever, only she doesn't), so maybe that's related...but no unexplained fussiness or anything yet, so that's good.

I know it's going to be adorable once she has that little shark tooth sticking up, but also, it's breaking my heart. Waaaaah.

I will cuddle with you, Mommy, but I will NOT let you look at my tooth. NO WAY.
So...Parenthood. I cried through the Gilmore Girls finale Thursday night and promptly moved on to newer and greener pastures Friday afternoon. So far I am loving it!! I made it through the whole first season (do me a favor and don't calculate how many hours that means I spent watching TV this weekend...) and it's great! Although I think I spend most of the time being amazed by Monica Potter's (Kristina) hair. It's, shiny? And perfect? And kinda helmet-like, but in a really good way? I don't know, I can't describe it. It's just kind of awe-inspiring. Anyone else?

On Sunday Millie sported a new dress and an even bigger tooth and was just so cute I basically couldn't stand it.

Who me? Cute? Nooooo....
 Even Lola couldn't stand it.

Greetings, comrade.
We did church and errands and more cooking and TV and it was a relaxing, lovely day. I don't think anyone would mistake our weekends for thrilling or action-packed these days, but they are so perfectly, happily boring...I just wouldn't trade them for anything.
Slow weekends give me the time I need to ponder deep things.

This week's goal is to keep the whole family healthy and at work/school for five whole days. Who knew that'd be such a challenge??! I'm also going to try to get back on board with drinking my water, getting in steps, and maaaaaybe phasing back in T25. Can't really say I've missed the punishing daily pain, but my skinny jeans sure do. Ugh.


  1. I've been resisting putting Paloma in the shopping cart because for some reason that feels to me like the ultimate sign that she's growing up, but this weekend I broke down and let her in and she seemed to like it! Mille looks like she's enjoying it too.

    My favorite part of Parenthood? Jasmine's clothes. I want them all!

    How is Millie sleeping at daycare these days? I'm still dreading daycare naps for Paloma and she's not going until August!

  2. I never noticed the eye until you said something... has it always been there? Like if you look back at photos of her say 3 months, can you see it? I'd guess it would correct on it's own, or maybe worst case is she'd have to be an adorable pirate for a few weeks, but I obviously have no actual parenting knowledge of this. She's still pretty much the cutest thing EVER even if she is aging before your very eyes.

  3. Aubrey had the exact same thing with her eye! We talked to our pediatrician (because we have a family history of strabismus) and were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist. It turned out to only look crossed because of the skin next to the bridge of the nose covering it which looks a lot like what Millie has and can be common in babies (especially babies with a little extra fluff like Aubrey had). :) You should bring it up at your next appointment to be sure and have peace of mind, but her eye looks very similar to Aubrey's (she grew out of it by about 18 months).

  4. I don't think you need a special trip to the Dr. But at her next checkup mention the eye thing. Oh and Kristina's hair.... thats so weird you said something. I have loved her perfect simple hair the whole series. I mean, I have shamefully even tried styling my hair like hers. Ha!

  5. First off my goodness gracious Millie is changing right before our eyes. She looks so grown up...toddler-ish...gasp! Stop it now, Millie, now!!!
    I also have not noticed Millie's eye until today. Generally amblyopia (lazy eye) is not treated until children are older. That said, you could bring up your finding at her next well visit as there's no need to make an urgent visit. (My past life I was an optican for 20 years...started when I was 10 ;)
    I watched Parenthood from the beginning and I've loved Monica's hair. It's always so perfect and looks amazing! Hair envy!

  6. Like everyone already said all babies in my opinion at this age look cross eyed or have a lazy eye. Both my kids did. It corrects itself. She's adorable!

  7. Such a big girl (Millie, not you)! Crossing my fingers that you're all 5-for-5 this week!

  8. Before you know it, she'll be whining to push those little mini Trader Joe's carts all by herself... tear!

  9. Love the puppy smooch picture! And I've been waiting to get Ady into the grocery cart but she's still unsteady sitting a bit. Guess I could always just stuff blankets around her. :)

  10. How's this for gentle...your daughter is beautiful!!! I have no idea about the eye, but I would probably call the pediatrician to ask. When my daughter was that young I called ALL THE TIME. I didn't even care if it was more than once per day. xo

  11. I did some internet research and I would just check with your pediatrician next time you see them. I found an article written by Dr. Sears which said that a lot of these things correct themselves by six months of age and that it has to do with some of the eye muscles being stronger than others. However I'm not a doctor, nor do I own a stethoscope, so don't trust my opinion too much :)

  12. Such a big girl! She is so, so precious. It's just like kids, though, to not listen to their mama where slowing down the growing up thing is concerned. My mother-in-law claims I'm the only person she's ever known who mourned the passing of each phase of babyhood, including the sleepless newborn nights. But they stay little for so little. If you figure out how to convince Millie to slow it down, please pass along your advice ;)

  13. Look at that cute baby in her little purple dress smiling. So adorable! And I love the she's graduated to sitting up for shopping trips. Too cute!

  14. That greetings comrade caption had me giggling. I love your posts.

  15. Ahhh! I can't wait to put the boys in a stroller like that - yay for sitting up! How long after she started sitting on her own, did you put her in the stroller?
    And YES! Kristina's hair IS amazing! I always was impressed with Julia's, too! My hair stinks!


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