Thursday, May 19, 2016

may (mostly in parenthesis)

Well, May has certainly flown by...sheesh. It's been a blur of working and running (I've continued running 5 days a week since April that's almost a that's like the most I've worked out in two years, easy) and cuddling and working and bubbles and painting (we've decided not to move and are instead updating/remodeling/adding a bunch of stuff to our house. We started with repainting the kitchen/dining room/laundry room in our "spare time" was soooo fun. NOT.) (Isn't it great how that life update was summed up in a parenthetical statement? In ye olden days, that would have been a week's worth of posts and pictures, but now you just get a sentence in parenthesis. HA.) and like...stuff. I need a nap. And/or to crash on the couch with my new favorite (incredibly stupid and ridiculous) show Young & Hungry (I'm embarrassed to admit that). Oooooh also I recently fell in love with (and learned to make at home!!) margaritas. I feel like that may have something to do with how much I enjoy Y&H sometimes. Ha.

But enough about me. You really wanna hear about The Beloved One, don't you?

No worries, she's as cute as ever. Except she kinda looks like a teenager now. WAAAAH.

I act like a teenager sometimes, too!! I have lots of emotions and ALL of the opinions! 
 I enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day. It's a bittersweet but incredibly happy day for me now.

My gift to you, Mommy, will be that I will look adorable and glance in the direction of the camera occasionally!
 We've taken in some sporting events at UGA. Millie is a big fan. Or maybe she's just a fan of ballpark food, but that's the same thing as being a sports fan in my book.

REAL sports fans don't waste time taking SELFIES during a game, Mommy. Sheesh. 
No but for real. That's really how she feels about selfies. This is how it usually happens:

How about NO, Mommy?
One of her greatest life passions remains swinging, or as Millie calls it, "WEEEEEEE!!!!" That is both the sound she makes while doing the act of swinging, as well as what she calls the swing itself.

Do you see my face? Do you think I like it when you stop pushing me so that you can TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE???!
But she's not exclusive with the swings. She appreciates a variety of playground equipment. We are looking forward to getting a swing set for our yard sometime this summer!
She can legitimately hang there like that all by herself. It's crazy!

So we are busy having lots of fun, but I need to reiterate what we are NOT busy doing: vacuuming. Remember how we got a Roomba last month? I'm back with my one-month update, and it is this: YOU NEED A ROOMBA. It is basically the best purchase ever. It has changed my life, and I'm really not even exaggerating. My stress level is way down, just because I don't have to come home to fur tumbleweeds rolling across my floor. I don't have to sweep. I don't have to vacuum. The rugs always have vacuum lines. And most importantly: I don't get grocery store feet from walking around my own home. And if you clicked on that link: you're welcome.

(In the interest of fairness, I don't know if it would be as life-changing an item if we weren't all out of the house all day. Since we're at work/school, our house stays relatively neat and picked-up. I can quickly Roomba-proof (pick up any toys, close the door to rooms that I don't want him to enter, etc) the house before we leave in the morning, and I come home to a perfectly clean house (he's programmed to run during the day). If Millie and I were home all day, a) the house wouldn't stay optimally Roomba-ready, and b) it would probably get annoying having to walk around him while he does his work. BUT- actually, it still probably would be worth it. As long as you leave the house for a few hours a few times a week...or you could just run him at night, which sometimes I do anyway just so that my house gets cleaned TWICE IN ONE DAYYYYYY!!!!!!)

Anyway. It's probably dumb how obsessed I am with a vacuum, but it's the most recent purchase I can think of that instantly improved my quality of life (and probably my health...goodbye years-old piles of dog fur/dust hiding under furniture that I never move to vacuum!), so forgive me for being zealous. :)

Are you done talking about the wo-bot Mommy?
Well, it's sad but true, but my show is calling thus concludes another riveting periodic life update. Ha. I dedicate this post to my my long-lost friend and former coworker Ellen, who moved away last summer and yesterday told me she "religiously stalks my blog" and then made a really sad face as she told me I need to step it up. I really hate to be a disappointment, so here we are. Thanks for the motivation, friend!


  1. I've missed your updates...thank you!!! Oh my Millie. I cannot even stand her adorableness. (<-----is that a word?)
    Want to know what I think is the best part about your Mother's Day? Millie!

  2. What is this Young and Hungry show you speak of?? I'm not surprised though that I don't know anything about it. I am basically a grandma and fall asleep approximately five seconds after the tv is turned on at night.

  3. Love that picture of Millie hanging....she still has the baby look! I've never heard of Young and Hungry. Sadly, I finished Gilmore Girls. However, we started Friday Night Lights and love it!

  4. I love Millie's yellow shorts and want some for myself, er, I mean, for Clara! I also am jealous of her upper arm strength. And lastly, I still can't seem to get Brian on board with the Roomba idea, so I might need you to draft up a letter to sell him on it...

  5. So what you're saying is, since I stay home all day, I am basically a Human Roomba? I definitely feel like one - and I don't even have cat/dog hair to stay on top of! In other news, Millie is looking cute as always... but too big!!!

  6. A) I can totally rate to the parentheses tactic. I totally overuse those.
    B) Always glad to see any of your updates, even if they aren't as frequent.
    C) Since you've now talked me into a Roomba, any tips on scoring deals? Because life-changing as it may be, that retail price... yikes.
    D) She is SO FLIPPIN CUTE. Mad face on the swing? Oh my goodness.

  7. I watched all the seasons of young and hungry on netflix after I finished the baby daddy series - sometimes I just like watching not smart yet funny TV after a long day of work! Clearly we're not alone since it's still on the air :P
    My friend got one of those vacuums and is obsessed with it too! Once I get my own dog, I think I'll invest in one too :)
    May have it mentioned it once or twice already, but I love all your Millie IG posts and captions!! :P Glad you guys are doing great!!

  8. Oh my stars, Mills is the cutest. I don't know if I could get a Roomba. Vacuuming is one of my favorite chores and I'd be sad to give it up, but the allure of a daily vacuumed house is pretty strong...I should probably make it one of my conditions for getting a dog one day. P.S. Your mother's day dress is super cute!

  9. I find your description of the Roomba riveting. I really do. Because my life is dog hair. When I go on vacation, I find dog hair in the bras I packed. I don't know how. So, my question is, how does your dog like the Roomba? I envision my dogs having an absolute nervous breakdown.

  10. With a crawling seven month old, I feel like I need the Romba in my life and ever since your post last month I've been hemming and hawing over purchasing one. Which one did you get?? There are so many roomba options!

  11. I echo what Ellen said. More blogging please.

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