Sunday, May 1, 2016

things that are amazing

My stream-of-consciousness, no-particular-order list of things knocking my socks off lately.

1. Robots. Let's just be honest and start with the SERIOUSLY MOST AMAZING AND LIFE CHANGING THING EVER (well, almost ever) to come into our lives: a Roomba.

WOBOT, Mama!!
We've owned this guy a little under a week, annnnnd...I dunno, maybe it's the honeymoon period or something still, but I can't really overstate how amazing he is. We can sum it up like this: I come home from work and there are not tumbleweeds of dog hair and dust frolicking across my floors, and I don't have to lift a finger to accomplish this. SOLD! Also, I finally understand this scene from Gilmore Girls. It is truly mesmerizing to watch Humphrey do his magic- even Millie and Lola agree! (Well, Lola is down to being only about 40% terrified, so we'll go ahead and consider that mesmerized.) My apologies to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing me in real life, as they are no doubt extremely sick of hearing about how amazing my life is now. And being forced to watch videos of my house being vacuumed. I should probably get a hobby or something.

2. I got up early and went running every single (week)day last week! And I've practically broken an elbow with all this patting myself on the back...but seriously. That was a major accomplishment for someone as lazy as me! I'm aiming for a repeat performance this week, although I'm also trying to be realistic and sustainable...even if I could keep up with three days a week or something, that would be a huge improvement. 

3. Speaking of amazing feats of athleticism...Millie started swimming lessons this week! She's taking them with her good buddy Garrison, which is just the most heart-burstingly wonderful thing in the whole world. 

Neither baby is 100% sure that being in the water is exactly what they want to be doing on Saturday mornings, but the mommies and daddies seem pretty sure that it's a good idea, so we'll see how it goes! Plus, I mean, what could be more fun for grown ups than wearing a bathing suit and getting in a pool with 6 other adults (whom you mostly don't know, unless you're me and Amanda) and splashing around and singing goofy songs with your screaming babies all before 10:00 a.m.? Nothing, that's what. (Note: they should seriously consider selling adult beverages at this place. I feel like this could make the whole thing a lot less awkward.)

On the super plus side, though, Millie's 2016 bathing suit collection is on fleek, as the kids would say (if they still say that, which I'm not really sure about), and this is a fabulous way for more people to get to appreciate it. Silver lining!

4. I'm not kidnapped.

I know that might seem like a strange thing to find amazing, but it's not. I am truly thankful. I read A House in the Sky last week (Google Amanda Lindhout if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and it was horrifying. I have seriously spent at least...I don't know, half an hour, maybe, each day since then just sitting and thinking about how thankful I am to be not kidnapped in Somalia. And thinking about how to make sure I stay that way for the rest of my life (step #1: don't go to Somalia. Should be pretty easy.), but also trying to figure out how much money my family/friends/country could raise for my ransom if I did happen to get kidnapped. It's something to ponder. But thankfully, for today at least...I am finding it pretty amazing to be free. Ha. (Maybe this is a good thing to think about if you're reallllly struggling to find something to be thankful for in life, ha! I'm not at the moment, but I've been there...when you can't think of basically ANYTHING to be happy about? So there's always this one: at least you aren't being held for ransom by insane people in Somalia. Life's pretty good.)

5. Finally and most obviously, Millie.

Perusing the coupons before she starts her weekend.

Being so cute I just can't stand it. Note the toenails that match the jammies!

Helping Mommy get ready.
This is how I found her on Sunday morning...bound and determined to put that other shoe on all by herself!


  1. I just finished house in the sky last night and I am so with you on that! Horrifying! Mills is, as always, adorable.

  2. Props to you for running - I saw you climbing the charts on FitBit! Also, I might have to try out the Roomba... I have been daydreaming recently about getting a housekeeper so maybe this would help :)

  3. So totally jealous you and Amanda get to be friends in real life, it must be so much fun!!! LOVE the coupon picture, gotta start early!! She gets cuter with every picture :)

  4. So amazing that you and Amanda got to hang out. I love the swim date - that is the best.

    And yes, we have two roombas! The best, right? Cheers to never vacuuming again

  5. Nice job on the working out every morning!

    Millie is just adorable in her swim suit. :)


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