Friday, March 20, 2009

gone crazy...

I can't even think of words to describe how exhausted I feel. And I'm a wordy person. They don't usually escape me. But I guess I'm not usually this tired. I went to bed at 9:20 last night and slept until 6:50 this morning. I slept WELL. And I've been so tired I can barely move all day. Throw in a super runny/sneezy nose, a headache, an earache, and a constantly tickle-y throat, and you have my day. It was just incredible. But I survived, and here I am sitting on the couch, doing anything I can to not fall asleep...because if I nap, I fear I won't be able to sleep tonight, and tonight I have every intention of sleeping for about 15 hours. I may just keep on sleeping til Monday morning at 6:30, actually. Then maybe I'll feel rested.

But on an unrelated note (or perhaps it is related)...I just went over to the sink to rinse out my cereal bowl. Our house is up on a hill, so I can see the tops of our cars from the kitchen window. I happened to glance out the window, as I do probably 50 times a day, and notice my Pathfinder, parked exactly where it is always parked. Only this time I noticed something strange on the roof. Luggage rack-- that's normal. Duct tape permanently adhered to luggage rack-- normal since my brother decorated the car at my wedding. Brownie pan-- wait, why is there a metal brownie pan (without brownies, sadly) on my roof?? That doesn't belong there...

And then I remember a few weeks ago...when it snowed. Matt and I wanted to "sled" down our hill and took out a bunch of different sled options to try out. I seem to recall the brownie pan being one of those options...and I guess when we were done (since it actually didn't slide very well) Matt just stuck it up there. And now I know what that strange sound has been in my car. I've heard what sounded like something sliding on my roof for a few weeks now, but completely dismissed the idea, because what could possibly be on my roof sliding? It would fall off, right?? Well, apparently not. That brownie pan had a will to survive, I tell ya. And I have clearly gone crazy since I never a) bothered looking to see what the strange noise was, and b) never noticed it just by walking by or looking out the window.

And please don't judge me now, but I am really not going down there to fetch it. I'm too tired. I plan on calling Matt when he gets off and asking him to bring it up when he gets home. I would absolutely die if I had to go all the way down there right now. And it's been there for 20 days...a few more hours won't hurt anything, right?!


  1. That is awesome and hilarious. And I'm sorry you're sick. Actually, I'm sorry we're sick. Let's get well soon, ok?

    By the way, the security word it's asking me to type right now is "bedless," which seems to reflect your need to not go to sleep right now. How did it know?

  2. Haha that is so funny. Oh blogspot, you are so intuitive!

  3. I'm impressed w/ your brownie pan's tenacity.

    Feel better!


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