Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hammock weather

What snow??

Newcomers to Georgia are probably perpetually confused at the weather. Us natives think this is normal...blizzards last week, sunshine and 80s this week. Just another week. While I must say I enjoyed the blizzard (perhaps most of all for the free vacation time), this is my favorite weather. Unfortunately, the school district has never realized that this weather is not conducive to learning, either. Who can focus when there is sunshine and a breeze outside? Not me for sure. Yesterday when I got home from work I hung up my hammock and fell asleep until Matt got home. I didn't put it back inside, so when I got home from work today and opened up the window, this was what I saw. Beautiful. Although it's usually sunny here in Athens, there really aren't that many perfect days for hammocks. Clearly if it's cold, it's out of the question. But really, if it's above about 80, it's just too hot to enjoy a hammock. So we have a narrow window of opportunity in March and October to enjoy our hammock. So enjoy it I will.

Luckily our superintendent is amazing and has lots of pity for the 12-month staff that were stuck working this week. He declared all days to be "casual dress" and said all offices would close at 3 (as opposed to our usual 4:45). Today my direct supervisor told us (as she left for lunch at 11:00) that when she returned from lunch she would not be looking in our office to see whether anyone was there. She did not expect to hear anyone, either. With a few winks of the eye, we got the message: GO HOME, NOW! We were more than happy to oblige. Although the idea of working this week when so many don't have to kind of sucked, in reality it was pretty good. I got a lot done, wasn't bored too much, and feel like I'll be more efficient for the rest of the semester since I took care of some serious organization and planning. Plus I didn't spend days on end sitting at home alone, waiting for Matt to get home. That's never fun.

Matt took Friday off so we are going to go camping in Charleston with his family! I hope it will be fun...we are taking Lola, who will have to be on-leash at ALL hopefully that doesn't end up being a huge pain in the neck. And hopefully the weather will be nice.

As for today, I have to bake some bread (Amish friendship bread is a demanding master) and enjoy the beautiful weather. Lola may get lucky and get a walk...only time will tell. Oh yeah, house update: we went on Monday and checked out a few of our favored houses in Statham. Our favorite one was already under contract, dangit. The other ones were varying degrees of scary: people being foreclosed on like to take our their anger on the house. Bashed in walls, mirrors, and windows...ruined carpet/tile...the works. So while the homes may be excellent prices, they need a lot of they just seem creepy. So we haven't found anything yet that we're sold on, but will continue looking. We're just praying for something very inexpensive that doesn't need too much work-- a little is okay, but the amounts of work that those other houses needed was overwhelming. So we'll see. We're scheduled to meet with our realtor and look at other houses tomorrow.

And I'm off to enjoy this weather...


  1. yes, today is perfect hammock weather! and dog walking weather! hope you enjoyed your half day!

  2. I miss your hammock! Can you go back to guatemala and get me one?

  3. I find the weather like this to be even shorter thanks to allergy season kicking in within a couple of weeks. It really is sad how few days like this we have. Except, you know, that we would never get anything done if the weather was always this great.

  4. i love hammocks! too bad about the houses - that's terrible that people do that on their way out. hopefully you'll be able to find something you like!


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