Friday, March 13, 2009


In a last minute weather-related change, we are not going camping at the beach, we are going to my family's cabin in Gatlinburg for the weekend! Suits me fine-- I'm a huge fan of staying dry and warm and sleeping in a bed. Oh, and eating in restaurants and going shopping. :) So we shall depart in a few hours for that adventure. Pictures and stories to follow, I'm sure.

In house-hunting news, we went back to Statham yesterday and I am in love with no less than 4 houses. Ironically, none of them are foreclosures...which also means all of them are (slightly) above our price range. Ha. So we are having a fundraiser...if any of you would like to contribute to our cause, just let me know. We'll be happy to wash your car, watch your baby, walk your dog, scrub your tub...whatever your heart desires. Just gimme the CASH!!! If all this fails, we will be having a tele-thon, and then a tele-marketing campaign, and I have your number. So don't let it come to that. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday the 13th!


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