Saturday, April 25, 2009

a discrepancy

It's 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Matt's at work, I'm at home.

What I Should Be Doing:
1. Laundry
2. Vacuuming
3. Cleaning bathroom (x2)
4. Organizing guest bedroom (for guests and for packing/moving)
5. Balancing checkbook
6. Cleaning up breakfast dishes
7. Getting dressed
8. Organizing house-purchasing-related paperwork
9. Grocery shopping

What I Am Doing:
1. Reading more Pioneer Woman. For the past 2 hours.

What that Makes me WANT to be Doing:
1. Moving to the country
2. Buying Matt some Wranglers and chaps and boots
3. Having lots of babies
4. Remodeling and/or building a kickass Lodge
5. Riding horses
6. Taking pictures of Matt in his Wranglers/chaps/boots
7. Taking pictures of our kids on their horses in their Wranglers/boots

Ay yi yi...I really need to get a life.


  1. At least you have Kroger and Publix. My shopping this morning will be done at Wal-mart. ALL of it. Even vegetables, uck!

  2. Eww. I will mail you some Krogery goodness. I'm sure it will be awesome when it gets there!

    But I actually haven't gone shopping (or done anything else on that list)...but I have painted my toenails! How productive.

  3. I can def. arrange a themed photo shoot for ya'll when I come in to Athens. I'll bring my skillz. Your bring the wranglers and boots.

  4. i visited pioneer woman's site, mostly because of the firm warnings against it combined with my tendency toward rebellion. maybe it was me being extra-cautious not to get sucked in, but i didn't read much more than her "about me." cute photos for sure, though!

  5. Your list should include talking to ME someday...


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