Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am a whole new kind of exhausted. This kind is better, though, I think. Team Bates (that is...Mattie and I. And sometimes Lola.) has been pretty hardcore since Monday, finding time to exercise for at least a half hour every day! Count 'em up-- that's four consecutive days of exercise! I'm not entirely sure I've ever done that before! Anyway, I'm incredibly sore and tired, but surely easier days lie ahead, right?

I'm in a surprisingly good mood considering the Sucky Days looming ahead. I am referring to my non-existent weekend. Indeed, we have "professional learning" (which you may remember from previous posts as being a professional waste of time) tomorrow afternoon until 6:15 (1.5 hrs of overtime) and SATURDAY from 8:30 A.M.!!!! until 3:30 P.M.!!!! (positive side: 7 beautiful hours of OT) So it's a sad day when you can't even look forward to Saturday because it will be more work than work usually is. Ugh. And all this PL is at my school, which is wretched, as you may recall.

Today's workout was at the Intramural fields and dogpark. We had a good time and got to talking to some people (Lola was playing with their dog). We were chatting about the origins of our respective pups (what shelters) and found out that we both got our dogs from the same Humane Society during the same month! And both Lola and their dog are the same age! So what if they were friends back in the day?? (Or cellmates, as the other people put it) I thought that was really cool.

We have a contract on the house. We have to pick a closing day still, and it has to be before May I guess we're moving right along! We also have a major itch to schedule a vacation. Life is just better when you have a vacay to look forward to. Unfortunately, all our "extra" money and then some is going towards the we've no spare funds with which to plan a vacation. So we're still working on that one. I just don't think I can go all summer long without gracing a beach with my presence. It would be too depressing.

Time for a shower. Yall can think of me all weekend as you have fun and I sit in preschool-sized chairs. Ouch!

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  1. Hello?! Brooklet is only like an hour from the beach.. free place to stay and I hear the Moore's are excellent cooks..


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