Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm exhausted, but thought I'd do a quick update (heavy on the pictures). We had a wonderful Easter weekend visiting my family in Augusta. We got to spend time with not only my parents, but also my brother (and his beautiful girlfriend) and my sister! This is a rare and blessed occurance, I can assure you. We spent lots of time chatting, watching golf, cooking, eating, and laying in the sun. We got to attend my parents' church, The Quest, today, which we really love. It makes me so happy to know there's such a wonderful place to worship and learn in Augusta. I love getting the opportunity to worship there, and as it's turned out, I think we've spent the last 3 Easters there!

Anyway, less talk, more pictures, right? Here we go.
The whole fam: Sarah, Mom, Matt, Me, Jake, Dad. And may the record state that Sarah and Mom are both wearing heels and I'm wearing flats...I'm actually NOT the shortest!
Jake and a guy like him got a girl like her, I'll never understand!
The siblings. Here's a true story: one sibling fake-n-bakes regularly and two do not. Can you figure out who does what?
The kids, including Goliath, the world's most stressed-out dog!
My parents...they appear to be squatting (and laughing)...not sure why, but aren't they cute?!

Me, Mattie, and the beloved Lola. It was really hard to get her to cooperate for a pic...

That's all the pictures I have the patience to upload for now. Soon I need to do another picture post with pics I have from Matt's birthday, the house, and more! But right now, bed is looking a lot more tempting. Perhaps tomorrow.

Note of interest (to me, anyway): We weighed Lola this weekend and she weighs 52 pounds!!! Eek!! I had no idea!! What a hoss!


  1. cute dress!

    Jake is dating a beauty. lucky him!

    Sarah is soooo tan. she is a couple of shades darker than me...and i am a brownie. wow.

  2. Post pictures of the house next!!

    The Stone fam is looking good. Sarah is really tan. I tried putting some Jergen's stuff on my really pale skin and now I just look yellow. When they were taking my blood today, she asked, "What's this bruising on your arm" and I was like... ummm... tanning stuff? Kind of embarrassing. Anyway... very cute Easter dress and Lola!

  3. I noticed in the first family pic that you looked incredibly white. Now I understand why. Did you get your hair cut again?!

  4. what great family pictures! i didn't know your family changed churches. i always think of you when i pass by marvin when i'm in augusta. :)


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