Thursday, April 23, 2009

san antonio, are you with me?

This is a spur-of-the-moment, early morning blog, but the question must be asked:

Who the heck in San Antonio is obsessed with me?

I mean, seriously. Via the magic that is Google Analytics (swear I'll blog more on that one later, Katy and Mollyanne), I can see that yesterday I had thirty-four distinct visitors from San Antonio. And they spent some time here, too. Funny story: I don't know anyone in San Antonio. Much less 34 people. And while I blogstalk with the best of them, it's hard to imagine that 34 people from SA just happened to fall on my blog yesterday-- via DIRECT ENTRY, which means they typed my blog address directly into their browser, or they have my page bookmarked.

Factoid: My insurance company/bank is located in San Antonio.

Anyone else getting creeped out? Now, I can also see that my site has been discovered twice (once a few weeks ago, once 2 days ago) by people googling "USAA" (that bank). I googled it myself to see how exactly my site showed up there. It's on like, page 9 of results or something. You'd have to be a pretty hardcore stalker to find me that way. And then share my blog with all your friends?? I dunno...maybe it's a far stretch, but seriously. I'm just trying to make sense of the numbers here.

Anyone from San Antone (love the city, by the way) want to fess up by leaving a comment? Any of my other friends have any other theories they can offer?


  1. I think in order to have a theory, I would need to further understand Google Analytics. And instead of just looking it up, I'm going to wait for you to tell me about it.

  2. How can you tell who visits? Scary! Hopefully someone will fess up!

  3. ok - here's my theory. it's probably only a few stalkers at usaa who found your blog. either a) they're accessing your site from multiple computers, or b) they use an isp that does not have static ip addresses (that means the person's ip address changes every time they access the internet). i haven't checked into this part of google analytics, but if they log identities by ip addresses, then it could look like a bunch of folks are looking at your blog when it's really just a couple stalkers. phew! that was a long theory.

    either way, that doesn't solve the problem that someone in san antonio loves you. and when i say loves, i mean...just kidding ;)

  4. No thoughts on this.. But just in case you get freaked out about a person in Virginia... It's me Stephanie... and I LOVE reading your blog among others when I catch a few minutes.


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