Monday, April 11, 2011


 So when we last chatted, I mentioned I was on my way out for an afternoon of crafting. Although I can't be certain anyone actually noticed this (except Brooke--Hi Brooke!)...I think the rest of you were too busy reading and re-reading and rolling on the floor laughing at my vulnerable and heart-wrenching post of last Wednesday...and while I appreciate all the support and promises that I wasn't the only one rocking such awesome fashions in the mid-90s...I would really feel better if at least one other person would post some equally embarrassing photos of themselves. Also, how on EARTH am I going to be able to follow that one up this Wednesday? Suggestions welcome.

Anyway, back to my impending crafting. Diana and I decided to attempt the aptly-named "Painted Wall Art for Non-Artists" from the Two Girls Being Crafty blog. And seriously. If you didn't go investigate that blog the last time I mentioned it, you really need to now. It is AWESOME! I feel like a better, more creative person just for reading it. Anyway, if you want a preview of the awesome art I'm about to recreate in front of your very eyes, you could go check it out on their blog. But really, let me suggest that you don't. Because if you do, you will know how easy it was, and I would really rather you see only the finished product and think amazing!! how on EARTH did she do that?? I must have one, at any cost! and then you will ask me to make you one and I will say sure, but it'll be a thousand bucks, and you'll whip out your checkbook, and I will quit my job and spend my days lounging by a pool and painting circles for people.

Or something like that.

So, I started by doing a very advanced artist thing called Painting a White Canvas a Different Shade of White.

 I know, it was almost as difficult as it looks. There were a few touch-and-go moments, but for the most part I successfully transformed that canvas into more of an eggshell shade. Point: Erika!

 Some of these photos are posed, some are not. I'll let you be the judge.

Then I lightly sketched out a few of my "branches." Don't worry, I'd already done this 800 times on a regular piece of paper. Even though Diana assured me there was no way I could mess up drawing branches with a paint pen, I know the depths of my own un-artisticness, and I am confident I could butcher it. Please note that I am copying the one on the computer EXACTLY.

 Then we ditched the pencils and just went at it free-hand. Diana was right. My branches were fine. You will also note that Diana made the bold move of painting her canvas blue. She's much braver than I.

The next step is to start throwing circles around. I spent 20 minutes trying to mix this shade to be the EXACT SAME COLOR as the walls in my bedroom (from memory, of course, since I wasn't actually at home). I came really close!!

And then you paint more and more and more circles and you mix lots of paint because that makes you feel like a True Artist and Awesome Human Being.

And...apparently I paint with a hand on my hip! Who knew? 

Am I done yet? Should I do more circles? Are there too many circles? Is this the best art EVER? (Yes, no, no, and YES.)
And we're done!! We both stuck with less circles and colors overall than the original, because we have an eye for things like that. I liked mine a little less busy and a little more this-will-match-every-room-in-my-house.

And I do love it!! It matches perfectly and makes me feel happy to look at it, so...mission accomplished! 

This project definitely put a few new notches in my crafty belt. And new art on my wall. And barely a dent in my wallet. Success!!

So...who wants to be my next craft partner?? Check out that blog and let me know which project you will fearlessly lead me through. And also...what should the Way Back When-sday theme be this week?? And also, major First World Problem: I need to redeem a gift certificate that can be used for either a 1-hr massage or facial. What should I do?? Massage or facial?? I'm tortured by indecision...


  1. love your art, erika! i vote massage- best destressing ever.

  2. I was totally copying those branches as best I could. I just had to take a break to take a photo.

    I recently had a massage. It was great while it lasted, but only I knew about it. A perk of a facial may be that it has effects that show longer...IDK.

    Can we make something else? :)

  3. Very cute! And my vote is for massage for sure :) Relaxation beats beauty every time!

  4. I LOVE IT!! I checked out the craft blog and was inspired to make a tank top dress. I think you should get a facial- let Matt give you a massage..

  5. Very nice work Erika. I have no clue what you should do next but I am happy that someone had a camera handy. I need something on my walls in my bedroom but have no clue what. Facial or Massage I say flip a coin you can't go wrong with either. I say the Way Back Wednesday should be pictures of you and your siblings as children or you and the 7's.

  6. Yay! That craft project looks awesome! I subscribed to that great blog so now hopefully I will find my inner craft diva.... Hmmm... we shall see.

  7. Pretty! And I say go for the massage - for sure! If you want a facial, come to my house and we'll whip out some fancy Mary Kay products. :)

  8. I am totally being a blog stalker and reading all of your archives and I just HAD to comment on this post. I found you and this wall-art through Kelly's Korner SUYL and just made one. BUT I one-upped you and made MY HUSBAND paint the sticks. Because I am just not that crafty :) And I like to think it turned out fairly well. I did the circles myself though. Well "myself" if you don't count my husband rinsing out the brushes so I could continue making circles in different colours without stopping and offering small pieces of advice here and there.


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