Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 Well it's time for another Way Back When-sday, and I know I'm still recovering from the humiliation of last week, so we're taking things a little slower this time. I'm also taking my friend Brooke's suggestion for a topic for this week, so thanks for the idea, Brooke!

I've mentioned before that I'm the oldest child (and therefore practically perfect in every way) and you probably already know that I'm one of three siblings. That's why you're probably super excited to see some old relics of pictures I dug up of the three of us as kids, right? Right! I know I was excited.

And in case you are wondering or contemplating or thinking of how many kids you would like to have for yourself one day, may I be the first to suggest that three kids is a great number? Seriously, it is. Especially if it's a 2/1 split on gender. Being the oldest AND a member of the majority gender worked out swimmingly. I was NEVER teamed up against. It was either me and Jake against Sarah (because we were oldest and-- let's face it-- smartest), or me and Sarah against Jake (because we are girls and-- seriously-- angels, compared to Jake). Now, personally, I'm still hoping to have four kids of my own someday (and making excellent progress in that endeavor, as you know...), but I would be happy to settle for three. Except for when you're at an amusement park. That was the only bummer, when someone had to ride alone (Dad, sorry). Anyway...on to the picture! And just in case you're not sure of our age differences, I'm about 2.5 years older than Jake, and then he's about 2.5 years older than Sarah.

 Let's kick things off with Halloween of 1986. Unfortunately, Sarah didn't have the privilege of being born yet, but Jake and I seem to be handling things just fine without her. See how my mom was trying to distract the eye from my disgusting bowl cut by really slathering on that blue eyeshadow? Yeah, I don't think it worked, but nice try.

  Now we'll jump a few years into the future to about 1991. Here we are in a totally natural-looking Olan Mills portrait of us in our "favorite hobby" outfits. As you can see, Sarah and I tended towards dancing, and Jake broke tons of bones played football. Also, please note that even at this young age, when I'm not remotely overweight or anything, I STILL HAVE CHILDBEARING HIPS. God, please take note of this natural inclination towards childbirth and GIVE ME A FRIGGIN CHILD as a reward for having curvalicious hips my whole life. Thanks.

 Alright, this next one is another costumed shot (catching a theme here? Do we ever wear normal clothes?)...this was right before our church's centennial celebration, wherein we all wore clothing from 100 years ago, when our church was founded. Hence a prairie girl and cowboy...???

Requisite Christmas shot in pajamas!! Yes, Sarah and I DID open those boxes to find some amazing(ly creepy in retrospect) porcelain dolls!

 Well, now we're fast-forwarding a lot of years to's a picture we took and framed for my parents, so that they could feel good about the thousands of dollars they spent on our orthodontic treatments.

And here's evidence that despite the years of questionable haircuts and costumes, we all turned out alright. My wedding (well, arguably we are still wearing costumes here...) in 2007:

And Sarah's wedding last December.

Jake is getting married in June, so we will have at least one more opportunity for a great sibling photo shoot. Unfortunately, we are rarely all three together anymore, so we don't have many chances to dress up in strange costumes and take pictures, but we do try to take advantage of what time we have!

And really, I left off my favorite picture of all time. Not because I don't want to share, but because I'm not entirely sure I even have a copy (it was a portrait and it's framed in like LIFE SIZE at my parents' house), and I wasn't feeling brave enough to chance the attic stairs tonight. But it's a great picture in that a) we are all THREE wearing matching/coordinating outfits (thanks, Nana!), b) questionable hairstyles all around (pigtails for the girls, cowlicks for my brother), and c)...that picture has been hanging in my parents' house my WHOLE LIFE. I never thought anything of it, except that we look cute, right? And then, come college time or something, like EVERY FRIEND who ever goes to the house and sees that picture makes fun of it! Apparently it's a riot to everyone except me, who thinks it is a totally normal picture. Wish I had it here so yall could weigh in...maybe I'll snap a pic of it next time I'm home.

Well, there's Way Back When-sday for ya. Remember: I'm not the only one who needs to be sharing old pics...sharing is caring, friends! Join in! And thanks as always to Allison, the real Nelson twin behind the WBW phenomenon. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every week!


  1. Haha thanks for the shout out! :) And way to totally kick my butt on WBW by showing so many pictures! Putting me to shame.

  2. Great pics- especially the teeth one... made me laugh!

  3. Doesn't Jake just look absolutely thrilled in all his childhood photos? LOL. And speaking of your wedding (the picture reminded me)- one of my close friends is getting married next October and is THISCLOSE to choosing a venue, but the venue she's leaning toward has been noted on reviews to have cake whose icing tastes like Crisco. I told her that's no biggie, most wedding cakes are gross, with the exception being yours- I can't remember what it looked like now, I just remember it was THE BEST wedding cake ever and I ate like 10 slices once we'd taken most of the leftovers back to your apartment and Mike Hendrickson's apartment (aw). I specifically remember a strawberry/cream cheese icing layer and a white cake/raspberry icing layer. It was just the best.

  4. I will try to join in once I am finished with this class. My parents have a huge picture of my sister and I when we were 5 and 2?. My sister was rocking the bowl cut in it. I just love that picture. Nice job on the sibling flashback.

  5. Awww love the pics. Especially the smile (ortho) pic!


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