Monday, April 18, 2011

girly-girl chronicles

I don't normally consider myself much of a girly-girl. I'm not sure why. I think that on the outside, I probably look like I'm about an average amount of girly-- I wear make-up and dresses, and I have a pretty decent jewelry collection and a rather substantial shoe collection (to put it mildly...). But despite the outward appearances, I don't really "identify" myself as a girly-girl. In my mind, girly-girls spend their time like...watching chick flicks. Meeting up with the girls for wine and pedicures. Actually having "the girls." (And no, I'm not talking about anatomy, thanks. I'm talking about having a group of fellow ladies you hang out with regularly enough to refer to them as simply 'the girls'). Girly-girls probably all dated lots of boys in high school, and spent hours on the phone with their girlfriends discussing the minutiae of their relationships. They probably fix their hair more than twice a week.

These could all be misconceptions. Feel free to correct me. These are just the things that comprise my "girly-girl" schema. 

Anyway, with all that said-- this weekend, I embraced my inner girly-girl. As you know, I was on my own-- but not, since Catherine came to stay for the weekend. It was just like the old days (we lived together for several years in and post-college)-- we stayed up late talking about baby names, slept in late (well, late for me-- 8:30!! I had the decency to wait until 9:30 to wake Catherine up), and had Waffle Saturday. The we spent the rest of the day fully embracing our girly-girlness. There was the shopping (both yard sales and real stores). There were chick flicks. There were naps (hey, a girl needs her beauty sleep). Then we got dolled up and met a friend for dinner.

After dinner, things got decidedly girlier. (PS- the red-underline-of-death aka Spell Check is going NUTS with all this 'girly' talk. Apparently 'girly,' 'girlier,' and 'girlness' are not actually words. Who knew?) We headed to Target to peruse their wares.

After perusing for ever quite some time, we happened upon the Nail Polish Aisle. Be still my heart: fun nail polish has really grown on me in the last year or so. Usually Mattie has no patience for me in the nail polish department-- he doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic as he could be to watch me try on every single shade and debate the various merits and demerits of each hue. Luckily, Catherine was up to the task. So we took it upon ourselves to try out pretty much every single shade that was worth looking at in pursuit of the Perfect Polish for Spring  April 16, 2011. Don't believe me? Check out our hands (and take note that my other hand is holding the phone to take the pic. There was more polish there!):

Yes, my hand is the gargantuan one on the bottom right. Don't hate.

It was a very tough decision. There were eliminations and brackets and all manner of debates taking place. In the end, Catherine ended up buying a robin's egg-blue (I think it's the one on her left thumb in the pic above) and I went with a purplish-pink (ring finger above).

We stopped for hot fudge sundaes on the way home, then went into spa-mode. Manis, pedis, and facials (well, green face masks) all around! That is girly. And we did take pictures, but they're on Catherine's camera and I don't have them yet...I'll add them in later if I get them. 

All in all, I very much enjoyed the girly-ness of the weekend. Maybe it's good to embrace your inner girly-girl every now and then. In fact, I did a little extra today, buying a Dealmobs deal for a haircut and highlights at a new salon--watch out, world! 

But I balanced myself out by spending all day yesterday afternoon washing and cleaning out my car. And then today by mowing and weedeating the lawn AND (helping) put down ant killer and weed-n-feed AND watering. Whew. THAT was a lot of work. Manly work. Like I'm used to. :)'s Monday. That means it's almost Way Back When-sday and I have no topic in mind! Suggestions?


  1. erika, reading your description of "girly girls" brings to mind elle woods from legally blonde! i think a good way back whensday would be your high school prom experience. (maybe i am just wanting to see christopher pictures circa 2001!)

  2. I typically don't like girly-girls. They're high maintenance and catty. So, thank you for being.. manly. ?? I've been going through old pics hoping they will be waybackwhen worthy. For you, bust out all your award pics. I'm sure there will be plenty.

  3. Yes, I want to see more old pics of you and your other half!!

  4. sounds fun! and girly!

    wish I could've been there with ya'll...but then that would've meant I would have to be away from MY hubby which we try to avoid as much as possible. ;)

  5. Love this girly stuff! Keep posting cute blog like this, I'll surely follow. Nice!


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