Friday, June 10, 2011

a laugh for your friday

it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which means NO WORK FOR ME (thank you, horrible, grueling 11.5-hour days Monday through Thursday (11.5 hrs includes my drive time. It's the amount of total time work absorbs.)) Which is why I got to sleep in until the late hour of 6:45, and why I'm wearing my bathing suit while I wait for the clock to strike 8:00, which is what I consider to be an acceptable time (on a weekday) to start mowing the lawn. 

In the meantime, thought I would share a little article brought to my attention yesterday by my friend Amanda J.  Although for me, there are way too few things about infertility that are laugh-worthy...leave it to the Onion to find a way to make SOMETHING funny.

Please enjoy the following article, copied-and-pasted from here:

Just When Couple Finally Stops Stressing about Having a Baby, They're Still Not Pregnant

HENDERSON, NV—After finally deciding to relax and not worry so much about having a baby, local couple Aaron Leonard and Shelley Akers announced Tuesday that at long last they remained no closer to conceiving a child. "After more than two years of trying to get pregnant, we decided not to put so much pressure on ourselves—and wouldn't you know it, still nothing happened," said Akers, 32, adding that you can never predict when God will choose to continue withholding His blessing. "I guess it's one of those situations where you're not expecting anything and then, totally out of the blue, you don't get it." Akers added that, for a while, she had actually begun to think her husband might be sterile, and that she was still very much leaning in that direction.

I hope you found that as amusing as I did. And I would also like you to know that on Wednesday, after I mentioned my frustration about the lack of rain here in Georgia lately (always), and I "prayed" that God would help us out...well, it started storming. Could be a crazy coincidence. Could be proof that God actually DOES read my blog. If so, God, may I suggest you please investigate the articles filed under the label "infertility" and act accordingly?? Thanks.

Anyway. A little while ago I posted my intent to mow the lawn early in the morning in my bathing suit as my Facebook status and since I'm currently up to 5 "likes" (in 30 minutes), I think that means my plans are socially acceptable and I'm off to carry through. And just in case you're not from 'round here, you should understand that a) it is already 77 degrees and sunny and it's not gonna get any cooler, b) mowing is good exercise, and c) being outside = getting tan. Since I'm in a wedding next weekend, I cannot risk getting funky tan lines that would detract from my the bride's beauty, which is why I need to get aforementioned sun in a strapless top...and my only strapless top (other than my bridesmaid dress, which is obviously a poor choice for mowing the grass) is my bathing suit. Also, I think it's just a good Southern thing to mom always mowed the lawn in her bikini. And my mom is awesome. So I will do the same (although I'm wearing shorts, because I'm not as skinny as my mom).

And thinking about growing up in the south reminded me of my brother's ex-girlfriend friend Jessica's latest posts, regarding growing up in the South. You should read all of them, but may I particularly recommend "Weapons of Mass Destruction," wherein she mentions MY FAMILY (my brother is the friend she's referring to in the section about keeping The Weapon in the car). Also, you should read the rest of her blog, too, because she's really funny and makes me feel like I wasn't the only kid who grew up with this surreal Southern suburban existence.

With that, I'm off to keep it klassy mow!


  1. Wait, my main question is WHY are you mowing the lawn instead of Matt? (I hope you don't have a tracker with the answer to THIS question in it displayed somewhere very obvious on your blog.)

  2. Ditto to what Allison said- and glad you shared the article! Hope some of the dumb people in the "Just Relax" club will read it and shut their mouths :)

  3. I can't say I would ever think to mow the lawn in my bathing suit, but hey, to each his or her own! ;)


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