Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's Way Back When-sday! Yay!

There are three kinds of showers (that I know of).

There's the rain kind. AKA the kind Georgia HASN'T SEEN IN WHO KNOWS HOW LONG. (Note to God, who I'm positive reads this blog: Please send us rain. I am sick to death of spending the last hour of my every day watering my plants. One nice rain shower would give me a whole evening to do something better with. Thanks.)

Then there's the kind of shower that gets you nice and clean to start your day (or end your day, if you're me. Always have been a night-time shower-er.)

Then there's the baby-and-wedding-and-lingerie kind. In my life here lately, I see pretty much as many of THESE showers as I do the 2nd kind I mentioned. Almost. But since none of those showers are for ME, let's not dwell on them. Let's go way back and think about the showers that WERE for me: my bridal showers!!

Since it's June, and I am (was?) a June bride...I think it's only fair to take a little extra liberty this month and show lots of my favorite wedding-related pics. Today we'll look at a few shower pictures. And no worries, it won't be many, because I didn't have "many" showers (although it felt like plenty to me). I had 2 co-ed showers, a ladies-only shower, and a lingerie shower. It was great. I feel like some people have like...15 showers. Not me. It's cool though. I plan to make up for it when it's my turn for baby showers. ;)

Our first shower was co-ed and hosted by friends of ours. It was a cookout and it was Scrabble-themed, which was pretty fantastic. The tables were strewn with Scrabble tiles so that people could play impromptu games of speed Scrabble. I can't remember if I've shared our "proposal" story with yall...I just glanced through all my blog titles and nothing rings a if I haven't, then some of yall are probably in the dark about "why the Scrabble-ness"? So just let me know and I'll tell yall that story. Let's move on to my next shower, though, for now.

My next shower was hosted by two of the ladies I used to babysit for. It was ladies-only and a fun, classy, 'typically Southern' shower (the best kind). In the picture above you can see my one-and-only-in-life-so-far monogrammed cookies. They have a B on them!!! So cool!! Also, hydrangeas. See, it's not a passing obsession.

 Here I am with Catherine and Kristina, two of my best friends/roommates/bridesmaids. Love!

My last shower was the lingerie shower. It was goofy and lots of fun. Also, the A/C was broken that night. We decided to "make lemonade" on that hot June night...or frozen beverages, as the case may have been.
We also embraced a casual dress code, as you can see. And lots of chocolate-covered strawberries. Yum!

That's about it for my shower pics. I had one other shower, hosted by friends of Matt's parents, a few weeks after the wedding. It was super nice, but I only have a few pictures from it and I look bad in all of them, so I won't be showing them here. :) I had very few pictures from all my other showers...probably because I was busy being the guest of honor and not the photographer. Imagine that.

So there's our relatively short-and-sweet WBW. Now I must go eat some leftovers guessed it...water the yard. Gah! 


  1. Yay showers! You look a lot younger (to me) in these pictures - how long ago did you get married? (Sorry if you've said it on the blog since I've been reading and I've missed it...)

  2. I am stupid! And apparently don't know how to read.

  3. Great pics- can't wait to see baby shower pics for you in the hopefully not too distant future. Scratch that, maybe I'll just show up and see it in person??


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