Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I know it's been so long that you've probably all forgotten, but it's Way Back When-sday again!!!! Woohoo!!

Today we're looking into the not-so-distant past, to two thousand and nine in the year of our Lord. (Isn't that like the really proper way to say it? Something like that. 2009. AD.)

At approximately this time in 2009, life was good. We were taking a much-needed vacation: a cruise through the Western Caribbean!  I blogged a detailed review of that trip back when it happened, so if you need lots of details and pics you can just check that out.

For now, I just want to reminisce on a few select photos and make myself sad thinking about how I wish I were on a cruise NOW. Cruises are the best. If you've never been on one, you should go. Actually, now that I think about it...we should go on one again this year. We went in 2007 and 2009. To stick with an every-other-year pattern, we definitely need to squeeze one in before 2011 slips away. Mental note.

Reasons Why Cruises Are Awesome:
 Because you get to pose with palm trees.

 Because you can do this all day if you feel like it.

 And if you get bored, you can do something different! There is no shortage of options on a cruise ship.

 You can dress up for dinner (that you don't have to cook, pay for, or clean up after).

 Someone else cleans your room and makes your bed and puts cute towel-animals on it every day.

That should about convince you. Book your cruise today! (Carnival and/or any other cruise lines, if you would like to compensate me for this review and/or offer me a free cruise to review in the all means, let me know)


  1. I specifically remember being told not to have a baby while you were on that cruise...and then giving you a good 4-5 weeks of wiggle room. :)

  2. When I first read the title of your blog I thought you were going to talk about "cruising" Washington Road.

    I agree cruises are the best! Love them!!


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