Monday, August 15, 2011

awards ceremony!

I have major writer's block. But I hate going so many days without a blog! So since I was tagged for this little blog meme thing awhile back (sorry for the delay, Allison and Amanda, who have been waiting with baited breath), I figured I'd try to finally fill it out.

You see, I started filling it out back in July. The thing is...I was totally over-thinking it. And so it was taking FOREVER. Because I was over-thinking it.

For instance: "Most Popular Post". This one I was stuck on for hours. How do you decide which post is the most popular? Number of comments? Number of pageviews? And so I was going ballistic with the Google Analytics and comment tracker thing, trying to decide. Should I automatically eliminate any posts that were part of a blog carnival, since that artificially inflates the pageviews? So many choices.

This afternoon, I'm going with my gut. No over-thinking. I'm too tired for all that, anyway.

Here we go. My own personal blog awards ceremony.

Most Beautiful Post:
Have you noticed that the title of my blog is "something beautiful"? So surely it shouldn't be hard to find a really beautiful post, right?? I decided to go with the post that got the most comments stating "that was beautiful" (or something along those lines), which would hands-down have to be my meditations on my most-recent anniversary. However, if I'd ever done a post about my abs, I bet that would have won. For sure.

Most Popular Post:
I mentioned my problems with this in the intro. I decided to eliminate all posts that were part of a Kelly's Korner blog hop because those were artificially popular. Judging purely on number of pageviews, my most popular non-blog hop posts are 'scanner-ific' (the day I bought a scanner. And the day I had my HSG. Not sure which aspect of my day made it so entralling) and the 'infertility' tab. The infertility tab was a surprise to me, mainly because it's only been there for like a month or two. Guess you guys are gluttons for a sad story!!

Most Controversial Post:
This is laughable, since I stay away from most things controversial both on my blog and in real life. However, sometimes I have a controversy in my head about whether to post about certain things. Mainly, it's a debate about whether or not I could ever get in trouble for saying something bad about a company or something. If I do decide to post it, though, it will probably get filed away under 'black-listed companies.' Re-reading these posts cracks me up. Especially when I think about how people from Comcast really did contact me in regards to reading my negative blog comments about them. Sucks to be a sucky company, doesn't it, Comcast??!

Most Helpful Post:
I got several comments/emails saying that this post was particularly helpful in knowing how to talk to/act around people dealing with infertility.

Surprise Success Post:
Not very original, but I was totally shocked by how many comments/followers I got after this post a week ago. I didn't think my advice was really that good...but I stand corrected! Ha.

Not Enough Attention Post:
Definitely this one. I seriously cannot believe there were only 5 comments. It's obviously because I posted it on a Saturday, which is by far the worst day to post a blog. This is one of the few blogs I regularly go back and look at because it makes me pee my pants laughing every time. But whatever, maybe yall just have bad senses of humor.

Proudest Post: 
 Well, my truly "proudest post" is going to be the one where I announce I'm pregnant. I've written it in my head many times, and you guys better watch out because it's gonna knock your socks off. But besides that one, I'm going to just cop out and say that I'm probably proudest of all the down-and-dirty, raw, dark, honest, faithless posts filed neatly away under the infertility label. I guess I'm proud of myself that occasionally I do have the braveness to talk about what's really going on, after a good lifetime spent pretending that everything's always okay. It's out of character, but it feels good sometimes. And then you guys are always so awesome about affirming and supporting me and making me feel like it's okay and I'm not a terrible person for feeling that way...I dunno, it's a good feeling.

So that's that.

And here's my one last deep thought for the day. Seriously, this is the only thing I could think about this afternoon.

Why is it that when I have Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in my house, that is all I can think about? It invades my mind. I don't want to eat anything else or DO anything else except EAT CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH. It's actually kind of scary. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?

Also, if you want to repent of not commenting on the trampoline post back in May of 2010, I will accept belated comments now. Because I'm generous like that.



    Glad you were able to stop yourself from over-thinking so you could complete the post!

  2. i love cinnamon toast crunch! which is good because i've learned my husband only eats cereals that have a cartoon character on the box.

  3. Ha I did appreciate the trampoline post (although Allison's reaction was well better)-thanks for FINALLY completing the post (800 years later)!

    And I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, too. It was my favorite snack when I lived at the sorority house in college.

    And also, your proudest/most beautiful/best/most important post SHOULD have been the one about the time we met... Google Analytics tells lies!!

  4. I was so nervous to click on the link for the 'not enough attention' post! I was hoping to be one of the 5...low and behold I was! I still remember sitting on my couch, laughing out loud and my husband asking me what's so funny. Still makes me giggle when I see the pictures! :-)

  5. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, too! It becomes my breakfast, midafternoon snack, dessert, late night snack...etc. haha ;)


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