Saturday, August 27, 2011

saturday night fever

Blogging on a Saturday is a silly and pointless and desperate thing to do. In my three-ish years of blog experience, Saturday is the absolutely WORST day to post. Apparently I'm the only human on the planet who reads blogs on Saturdays. If anyone else does, they don't come to MY blog, and they certainly don't comment.

But whatever. Good thing I don't have anything very important to share. Or do I?

#1: This morning we had a meeting at church. After the meeting ended, Matt convinced me that we should go shopping in Commerce since we were practically "in the neighborhood." Apparently distance is relative, since Commerce (home of a Tanger Outlet mall) is like 20 miles away (which is a far distance by our standards). But whatever. He's been begging to go shopping in Commerce for like 2 weeks. You don't have to twist my arm.

So we go to Commerce. Lucky for me, Matt decides he doesn't need a thing and only wants to spend time and money buying things for ME ME ME!!! So we spend a few hours engaging in some serious retail therapy, stimulating the economy, and filling up our car with bags of clothes, jewelry, and shoes for me. It was great fun and a great way to celebrate not dying this week.

Lest you think I'm too me, we found some AMAZING sales (and had coupons to top that) at Loft and Gap. I was in heaven. Then on the other hand, I am at least somewhat spoiled. I don't know very many women whose husbands love to take them shopping like mine does. Did you know that two years ago, Matt used all of his birthday money buying me dresses?? It was the most ridiculously sweet thing ever. He had said he wanted to take me shopping to buy one dress. But then when we both really liked two dresses and couldn't decide, he decided we would just get both. And also a skirt. Because he's awesome like that. 

Alright, so then we drive home and on the way pass a thrift shop I've never seen before (Matt claims to have known about it for a long time). We go there and it's AWESOME. I end up getting a big stack of books rollerblades!!!! (And knee pads and a helmet) (for a total of $7) I fulfilled my lifelong dream of getting rollerblades a few years ago (at a yard sale), but they were too small and even though I've used them many times, they always KILL my feet. The ones I got today FIT! I am super pumped. So if anyone wants my too-small (probably a women's 8 or 9?) rollerblades, let me know. Or if you want to go rollerblading with me, let me know that too.

#2: Tonight we hung out with Matt's family and went swimming and cooked out. I brought baked beans to contribute. This other couple (I've never met them before) came for dinner, and the wife complimented the beans several times. She even said "you know, I NEVER eat baked beans except for at my Aunt Whoever's house...I have never liked them...but yours are SO GOOD!"

This is all great, but I faced a huge Moral Dilemma: Those beans were totally store bought. I mean, YES they are good...they are my favorite kind, that's why I buy them! But my contribution to that dish consisted of buying 2 cans, dumping them in a Pyrex, and heating them up in the oven.

Now: should I have told the lady that? I mean, here she is missing out on something her whole life that can be so easily obtained at any grocery store. Or...just bask in the glory and keep it a secret?

What do you think I did? What would you do??

#3: My sister-in-law Amy gave us a new (to us) laptop! She also gave us our first nephew a few weeks ago, which I think I have failed to mention on this blog. Party foul. Unfortunately, my inaugural nephew lives in the very faraway state of Vermont, so I have not seen him in person yet. But thanks to the new laptop and its WEBCAM, we will be able to Skype with baby Timmy (and Amy and Tom)!!! So as soon as we got home tonight we got ourselves a little Skype account and then went a little berserk trying to find people we know with Skype accounts. If you want to be my Skype friend, then please tell me what your Skype name is. I am the world's suckiest phone-pal, but I have high hopes that I will be better at Skype, since sitting in front of a computer is like a personal strength of mine.

Alright, well, that's all I had to say. Shopping. Baked beans. Skype. That was my Saturday. Hope yours was equally wonderful!


  1. I have a skype account, but that might be a little silly for us.
    I would have been honest about the origin of the baked beans, and I'm thinking you were too.
    You KNOW I want to go rollerblading with you! We need to make a plan for realz.
    I was wondering why you offered clothes...I guess just because you got better ones?
    And I would like to take credit for your awesome shopping day, since I'm the one who held the meeting that got you "close" to Commerce. You're welcome.

  2. I would have told her about the beans - I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret! But when I was thinking WWED (what would Erika do?), I didn't know! Do tell...

  3. Mine is Jolene.Alejandro. :)

  4. So many things... 1. Brian spent all of his birthday money last year taking me outlet shopping too. Clearly we married the greatest guys in existence.
    2. I would have told her about the beans, just like I feel compelled to tell someone any time I got a really great deal on a clothing item that they compliment me on, but my mom is more in the camp of, "You aren't obligated to share that, so just say thank you and move on." So it's a toss-up.
    3. I already answered your skype question on facebook, but we should totally gmail video chat soon!

  5. I'm pretty sure that should be a proverb or something.

    "A husband that takes his wife shopping is more valuable than jewels." or something like that.

  6. We have a Skpe account under Patrick's name. I think it is just Patrick Box. We would love to talk with you. I will have to check to make sure that is right though. Tell me if you have any trouble finding us!
    The weather here is weird + add to the fact of getting a 1-2 month out without help + already in the 70's most days so the nights are cooler.
    Awesome deal on the clothes &rollerblades! We married great men.
    Did you tell her?
    Loved your last post it cracked me up.

  7. oh and we totally have to skype. But I'm not sure what our account name is because we are pretty new to it too. I'll find out and then we can have some face time.

  8. christopher just set up skype, but i have no idea how all that works or what his name is. i would have told the lady about the beans. so what did you do?? and please, DO TELL us what brand you use!!

  9. I read this on Saturday but was completely zapped and didn't comment until today...but I compeltely emphasize on weekends being the slowest time for posting (but when I actually have the most time to read!)

    And I'm of the "oh, its super easy..." camp of sharing... I'm what I call an "assembly" cook... take it out of the package, do a few steps, and everyone else should know that "semi-homemade" is just as good!

  10. I'm thinking you told her about the beans....I am dying to know!

  11. I do read your blog and look forward to reading it. I just don't have a blog of my own to comment from. So, here it is, I'm leaving you a comment. lol! I love reading your blog. I will try to leave your more comments. :) Do you remember when we use to have Open Diary? lol!

  12. Add me! (rachaelmarie2006) i'd love to see if the video works with our slow internet!

  13. 1. You have a great husband.
    2. Only tell if she asks!


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