Friday, November 18, 2011

charging up

It got cold yesterday. And QUICKLY. We're talking 75 degrees on Wednesday, 50 degrees yesterday. And 300mph wind (rough estimate). COLD. But I shan't complain. At least it means I can spend my Friday evening doing this:

Why yes that is Lola and I curled up in a blanket on the beanbag next to a blazing fire as we watch football! And yes that is a really run-on sentence, but who cares?

I am really excited about a break from work Thanksgiving next week, but I always have to spend a few days emotionally preparing for being surrounded by people for days on end. Tonight's plan (dinner with our uncle followed by a night of lounging around alone at home, as per the above picture/description) is right up my alley: lots of quiet and alone (with Matt) time. The thing that will be lacking in the next week as we're surrounded by family and friends. If the being surrounded part can best be described as 'draining,' then I guess what I'm doing now is 'charging,' right?

 Lola seemed pretty happy with the evening's plans. Although she will be even happier next week when she spends her days frolicking in my parents fenced-in yard (aka Heaven on Earth for a lab), terrorizing their small dogs and just generally having a grand old time.

There's something to be said for a quiet, cold night spent by a fire. And yes, that is cookies you smell. They just got out of the oven and have to cool for a minute. How very Norman Rockwell-ian of me, right??

Happy Friday, friends!

Edited 11/19: YALL! I can't believe I've forgotten to do this (ok, twice)! You need to hurry thyself over to Amanda's blog and enter her Christmas mix CD giveaway! Trust me, as the recipient of one of her fantastic mixes (non-Christmas, though): she makes a mean mix CD. So mean that your husband might even steal it. You have until 11:59 CST tonight to enter, so hurry!


  1. Looks toasty!

    P.S. I thought you were going to blog about Amanda's giveaway?! You don't want me to beat you and win it, DO YOU?!

  2. last time i came home, i thought that i was drained from hanging out with family/friends. but then i realized that no, i was just sleep deprived from timmy. haha.

    p.s. hope we don't run you too ragged but we are excited to see yall for a bit.

  3. Ha nice add-in, slacker! :) enjoy your fireside lounging!!


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