Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thankschristmas to us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for all kinds of cliche things, like family and friends and our house and our dog. God and freedom and jobs and our church and our health. All of that.

But let's be honest. Right now, right this minute?? I'm extra super thankful for one thing:

The fact that yesterday afternoon my dad spotted the best deal YET on the camera (and bonus LENS that we were NOT expecting to get) package that we wanted, and we (Matt, me, and Dad) decided to GO FOR IT and order the dang thing! We had to wait until 10pm CST for the sale to start, and you better believe we were waiting at the website at exactly that moment, determined that we would NOT miss out on the limited quantities available. Note: waiting in your office, sitting in a comfy chair, wearing your PJs, is HIGHLY PREFERABLE to waiting in a long line outside of Best Buy. And we GOT IT. Or rather, ordered it. It shall be arriving at my home shortly (FREE SHIPPING, bonus!).

This makes me extremely thankful, and also extremely unable to sleep because I am apparently an overexcited 3 year old. I've been up since 5am. I certainly hope this excitement wears off because it will probably be a few days before the camera arrives, and I can't survive without sleep for that long. Also, you can rest assured that I will NOT be waiting until Christmas to start using the camera. The plan is that I will be basically a professional photographer by Christmas, actually, and it's gonna be awesome.

OK, so did I say yet what we actually got? It's the Canon Rebel T3, with a 55mm lens and a 300mm lens. And a carrying case and memory card. Last night (while waiting for the appointed time to arrive) my dad and I pulled out his old SLR cameras and had a lot of fun playing with all the lenses and everything. His biggest zoom lens was a 200mm and it was SO AWESOME and made me almost pee my pants that I am getting one even zoomier (technical term). I didn't even know what a zoom lens really WAS until I played with his. Then I was fully convinced I needed one of my own. Also, my dad has a super badass leather camera strap that is in AWESOME condition and he let us we will have a Matt-appropriate strap, since all of the ones I'm currently lusting after on Etsy are decidedly not-manly. Feel free to investigate my Pinterest board labeled "wish list" if you want to see what my idea of a good camera strap looks like. :)

OK. I know I should probably go cook a turkey or something, but I am TOO EXCITED to do anything except Google more stuff about my camera...and brag to you people, I suppose.

Happy Thanksgiving (slash early Christmas, to all of you buying yourselves presents on this blessed consumerism-driven weekend)!


  1. We bought ours today too! Wahoo! Although I don't think we got the same deal as you, because we didn't get an extra lens. Oh well. It's done, and soon we'll both have our beautiful new cameras! Hooray!

  2. Wow! This year I really am going to need you help and your camera to take Chittom pictures! And twin pictures and skirts pictures and pictures of me in you wedding dress...or just me. I'm available for any practice shoots you need to do before professional status is achieved. (I'm very cooperative, creative, coachable...not all that photogenic, but sticking with the C's, pretty cute!)

  3. Nice! And exciting! I am still using an ancient point and shoot over here! Ha!

  4. woohoo! You and Mollyanne are gonna love those new cameras! And a bundle deal is even better! My camera has brought me over 20,000 moments of happiness (aka pictures) in the 3 years I've had it and I expect no less from your between now and Christmas!! haha : )


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