Wednesday, November 23, 2011

playing hooky, brewing tea

 I'll have you know: I'm only up this late because this blasted tea-brewing process is a friggin ALL NIGHT ORDEAL. I kid you not.

When Matt brought home the dry concoction (in a brown paper bag) last night, I quickly dumped it out into a bowl so that I could examine it.

Uhhh....let's see...random leaves, hunks of wood and bark...unidentifiable shriveled up things...sticks...

Nothing that looks really nasty or anything...just also not really anything that looks like something I'd like to consume. Unless, of course, I was stranded on an island or lost in the woods. Then I'm sure this would look very appetizing. 

Unfortunately, we own NONE of the equipment necessary to actually prepare this tea. I already mentioned the non-Teflon pots. Well, there are also about a hundred more rules about the pots...not to mention, they have to be able to hold like 24 cups of water/forest remnants. So they needed to be huge. Luckily for us, the in-laws had some pots that mostly fit the bill (I say 'mostly' because the directions specifically stated that stainless steel is not ideal, but would suffice if you lacked a more preferable pot, such as ceramic or glass. Uhhh...anyone out there have a cabinet full of giant glass stock pots?? Anyone?? Clearly I was led astray when registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...). So here's what we look like tonight, getting the process going:

Yes, all of those pots are getting some sort of action. Along with half of our other cookware. I'm telling ya, the Chinese herb folks do NOT want to make this easy on you.

As for how it smells when it's simmering (for hours on end)'s not bad. It's strange. It just doesn't smell like anything you would expect to drink. A very earthy, foresty sort of smell. Like the way I might expect it to smell if I buried my head in the dirt in a rain forest and inhaled deeply. It also sorta smells like Peanut Lovers Chex Mix, a delicious treat I am well acquainted with. So I try to focus on that.

After the tea is finished simmering, being strained, being re-cooked down and adding more water, then cooling, then being refrigerated, then being re-heated...I'll be sure to let you know how it tastes (according to Matt. I, of course, have no intention of trying it).

In other news, I played hooky today. Well, okay, I "took a personal day," which is the technical term for it...which is nice, because it means I don't have to lie about being sick or anything, and I still get paid! It's basically the best part of working...the paid days off. I know it's hard to imagine, but after the fun times I had yesterday at work, I just didn't quite feel like going back for round 2. And also, my sister- and brother-in-law and nephew are in town. So I decided to spend the day doing something I love instead of going to work. Craft day with the sister-in-laws it was! (Note: I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be 'sisters-in-law' but it really kills me to put the 's' on sister. It's just too weird.)

You're probably getting sick of pictures of my crafts. But I don't really care, so... 

 Today's theme (for me) was: Do Something With Books Besides Read Them! Catchy, I know.

First up: make a Christmas tree! Or a whole village of trees!

I just found a tutorial on Pinterest and followed it to a T. And now I have 4 book Christmas trees. Holla!

After that, I decoupaged a clear Christmas ornament with book pages, Mod Podge, and glitter. And forgot to take a picture. But it looks like the ball-ornament version of what was my NEXT project: decoupage a B with book pages, Mod Podge, and glitter.

Sorry that the lighting and photography are crappy and you can't even tell what that is supposed to look like. Maybe in a few days when I have a SUPER AWESOME FREAKIN CAMERA you will not have to suffer like that.

All in all, I concluded that Craft Day with the SILs (while receiving paid time off) is far superior to Work, and I wish I could receive my same salary for just not going to work and staying home and being crafty instead.

Well, I wish I had more to say, because there's at least an hour left on the Tea Project and it's already midnight...but...I don't. Oh, except...thanks for all the wonderful comments/emails/texts yesterday. I read all of them (multiple times) and felt such love and support. It really means a lot to me. Thanks for being so patient and understanding and for reminding me that it's okay to feel angry and confused. I wish I knew more of you in real life. :)

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie and maybe if you're lucky, Matt will let you snitch a sip of his Magic Tea to wash it all down. :)


  1. I just want to know which books got the boot to become crafts...

  2. Ok as usual, I have so many thoughts to share:

    1. That tea looks like forest vomit.
    2. Maybe next time you're collecting sticks for your crafts, you should collect some for Matt to "drink"?
    3. If ONLY we had known we would be dealing with infertility, I have a feeling our wedding registries would have looked much different...
    4. I'm with Alllison- how did you pick which books to destroy for crafting??

  3. Those trees look amazing!! P.S. I'm gonna be in Athens over Thanksgiving! Wanna meet up for bloggers coffee on Saturday morning? Big A's patents are super close to 316, so maybe we could find the nearest Starbucks? Jennyfleminatgmaildotcom. And yes the g is missing.

  4. The tea looks CRAZY! So, how does Matt say it tastes?

    Those book page trees are SO CUTE! You are inspiring me to get a move on with some of the crafty goodness that is currently cluttering my office.

    Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Erika!

  5. You have finally encouraged me to do something with the zillions of pins I have over at! Except, mine involved power tools! Love the book trees..

  6. i LOVE your crafts, especially the trees. what an ingenious use for old books!


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