Saturday, November 12, 2011

easily amused much?

Hello and HAPPY SATURDAY! I am only a tad bit excited about it myself, as you can tell.

Last night I had an awesomely fun and crafty night, but I can't post about it just yet because the craft is not quite look forward to seeing pictures of that soon.

But SPEAKING of pictures...

Recently a few friends (Lisa and Amanda, I believe) mentioned using the online photo editing program Picnik. Today I thought I would see what all the fuss was about.

It's about FUN is what it's about!

In case you don't know, you can do all sorts of useful things with maybe make some sort of picture thingy to use on your blog? If you know how to do stuff like that?? Like I figured out the part where you make the thing. It would be a whole 'nother thing to figure out how to make it become something useful on the blog. Another project for another day, right??

But more importantly, Picnik allows you to unleash your inner four-year-old artistic side and turn semi-boring pictures like this...

 ...into freaking FANTASTIC pictures like THIS!!!!!!!!!

 Yes, that actually IS what I'm doing on a Saturday morning. Try to contain your jealousy. And for a small fee, I am willing to awesome-ify your OWN picture!! Just think of the potential!!

So long, and happy Saturday from me and the mustached King of the River, holding the world and a hotdog in his hand beside his two beers on a rock.


  1. yay!!!! so glad we can help entertain you today!

  2. HA I got a good laugh out of the pic of Matt. And fun fact: I made my header with Picnik!

  3. love the changes to your blog. it looks GREAT!!!

  4. love the new look!

    and that picture of Matt would be even more awesome if that hot dog were a CORN dog. just sayin'.

  5. Definitely love the new header! You 3 are inspiring me to want to try to figure out picnic. Although even that might be too artistic for me. I'll have to think about it.

  6. I should also mention when I first wrote this comment, I had clicked "create a link" instead of "post a comment" and made my comment an entire blog post without noticing.


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