Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a lot of vapid thoughts

So many thoughts swirling around my head. So few of them are worth sharing. But I won't let it stop me. That's the essence of blogging, right? Right.

1. Despite not getting enough sleep last night (for obnoxious reasons I won't bore you with), my hair, makeup, AND outfit all ended up being cute today! The trifecta! Who knew! When such a glorious thing happens, it's hard to know whether to revel in it (and highly document the occasion, which I will hopefully do as soon as someone else gets to work and can take a pic for me) or do the opposite and pretend not to notice, lest the universe notice your vanity and cause a suddenly downpour to ruin your hair or something. Obviously I'm taking the first approach because DANG I love me a good hair-and-makeup day!

2. Relatedly, I've been using a new Smashbox eyeshadow palette the last two weeks. But you wanna know something? I bought this palette in DECEMBER. For real. It was going to be a Christmas present for someone, but then I ended up getting them a different palette (Sephora loves me at Christmas) and this one just stayed in my closet. After Christmas I noticed it, lusted after it, but thought no, you can't just keep it for yourself. So I thought I'd give it to someone else for a birthday or something. Or use it for a giveaway on the blog! So many great, selfless ideas. But then I never did any of those things. So two weeks ago, after lusting after it in my closet for all of these months, I decided that the Statute of Limitations had expired and that I could just use it for myself. So I did and I am and it is glorrrrious. You know I love my Naked palette but this one is so much fun because there are all kinds of COLORS! And gel eyeliners, which are now my Most Favorite Thing Ever. Anyway. Sorry to brag and tell you about the Giveaway that Might Have Been, but it's not gonna happen. Keepin' this one for myself, yo.

3. I used the Endomondo app for a bike ride (followed by a very slow, painful jog/walk) yesterday and it is sweeeet
Look at all the fun info it gave me about my ride!! I wore my phone strapped in my little armband thingy during the ride and somehow the app uses GPS (and magic, most likely) to calculate your distance while you're going...so every mile it would vibrate and say "three miles (or whatever mile it was) in seventeen minutes and twenty-one seconds...lap time five minutes and forty-six seconds" (or something like that). It was so fun and also kept me motivated during the ride. And also informed me that I have NO CONCEPT OF DISTANCE or time. Which isn't really shocking, but wow. I've been walking/running in my exact same neighborhood on the exact same path for almost FOUR YEARS and have been underestimating the distance by HALF A MILE for the whole time. That's just pathetic. Ha. 

4. Question for my friends who frequent reproductive endocrinologists: Do you still get your regular annual physical/checkup? If so, do you go to your regular OBGYN or do you go to your RE? For the past 4 years of IF I've still been getting mine and just going to my OBGYN...but it's almost that time again and this year I feel like that's a little pointless. I see my RE so frequently, do I really need a separate appointment with (let's be honest) someone who doesn't know a whole lot about my condition or what's been going on for the last year? If I'm going to go in for a checkup, I'd much rather it be with my RE because at least he knows what to be looking for, what to test for, and could give me useful information. But do REs do regular physicals? I'm sure this is information I could find out by calling, but why do that when I can just ask you?

5. I love a lot of things about my new job (maybe not so 'new' anymore...I've been here almost 5 months!), but I must say that unlike teaching, this job isn't doing a THING for my tan. Major bummer. When I was teaching I didn't even have to think about getting a nice base tan on my arms and legs-- recess took care of that lickety-split. But now? Shocking that sitting in an office all day doesn't put any color on your face. Major bummer. Summer clothes do not look nearly as cute on (my) white skin. Please recall that bacon is not only a delicious food group but also my model for living: brown fat looks better than white fat.

6. Someone tweeted this the other day and I would like to submit that it is the Funniest Thing EVER. I look at it about 5 times a day and bust out laughing every time:

Know the struggle. I'm sorry, but if you don't think that's hilarious, you have no soul.


  1. Ha ha! Brown fat DOES look nicer than white fat!!

    Also, YES, still go for your annual GYN check-ups. It's important! Though, it would be so much better if you're RE could just do a quick little pap while s/he is doing all the other stuff that they do in that area! I still go to my ObGyn's office for my annuals, which is AWFUL, because 9 times out of 10, I have to sit in the waiting room amongst pregnant women... now THAT is hard!

  2. I was going to ask "Where is the picture Erika?" about #1. There has to be photographic proof cause you know, you can't trust everything you read on the internet! Ha ha ha!!!

    Also, I am so not a makeup person so I'm extremely glad that you kept the palette for yourself rather than tempted me with a giveaway I would have entered and then not known what to do with the prize if I'd won. You saved me from that struggle and I really appreciate it :)

  3. So tell me how that app calculates hydration?! Does it know every time you tip your arm a certain way that you are drinking?

  4. Haha! Know the struggle. My theory is that they can have a phone once they can pay for it... yep, I'm mean. Twelve year olds with iPhones drive me BONKERS!!!

    Here's what I know about RE's and annual exams: My old one at ACRM said they CANNOT do it. Insurance doesn't allow it. So, if Dr. S, feels the same way, you're stuck hauling your butt to the OB/GYN... but at least that doesn't require a half day of travel!

  5. Forget flip phones--I'm bringing back the bag phone for my kid! Not only should he know struggle, it's also my job to show him how to handle humiliation. It will further teach him to appreciate the classics, which is equally as important. I might as well introduce him to the original Nintendo and Reebok pumps while I'm at it. Keep the 80's/early 90's alive! ;-)

  6. I always went to my OB for my annual visit, but yes, it was annoying because he had no idea what my status/condition was and it was annoying have to explain it all. So if your RE will do your check-up, then go for it!

    Also, there is an ad showing up on the right side of your blog for Houston Fertility Institute, where we got our treatment- ha!

  7. My RE did mine. :) Although not all of them do. It is very much YMMV.

  8. You're the best! (And I saw that tweet the other day and DIED too. Haha!)

  9. My fertility Dr doesn't do the annual exams, so I went to my regular OBGYN, but it totally makes sense, right? If yours will do it then go for it!

    Glad your having a good makeup - hair - outfit day! I love those (although they don't come frequently for me, ha).

  10. Awesome job on your ride!! I would def go to your regular ob for your appt to do the pap. After my recent findings of pre-cancerous cells, I now realize how important it is!!

  11. Yay for a trifecta cute hair/make-up/outfit day! And on a Tuesday too. Bonus points! (I hate Tuesdays and never put effort into them.) Thanks for the reminder to get an annual exam. I haven't had an official one in 2 years, and before that 4. oops. But I feel like every iui was the equivalent, no? All those stupid failed procedures have gotta count for something!

  12. I need that app for my biking!! I would love to know how fast I go and what my real time is! My training partner and I just bike a certain distance, but never clock it. That would be awesome!!

    And, I wouldn't have even waited that long to use the SMashbox palette. I totally bought a friend some awesome makeup this past Christmas and used it that day!!

  13. My hair has been amazing lately. I have really thought about taking pictures, but I don't. Get your husband to take your picture! You are pretty much a fashion blogger anyway :)

  14. "Please recall that bacon is not only a delicious food group but also my model for living: brown fat looks better than white fat." Quote of the day Erika, quote of the day!!

  15. The trifecta! Ha! Very cute.

    Also, I LOVE Smashbox. Love. It.

    And lastly, that flip phone thing is hilarious. Laughed out loud.


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