Sunday, April 14, 2013

yesterday I was almost famous

You don't know how close you were to knowing a celebrity. Namely me. Except for then it didn't work out, so I'm just stuck being the same old me as always. Oh well.

Friday afternoon I noticed a posting on the Atlanta Journal Constitution's webpage saying that Catching Fire (book/movie 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy) was re-shooting some scenes in Atlanta on Saturday and they needed some more extras- male and female, ages 18-35. Interested parties were to send three pictures and some information to a certain email address.

Guess how many seconds it took me to decide I was definitely interested? Exactly- somewhere in the neighborhood of .2 to .3. I quickly gathered my photos (and Matt's, what the heck) and sent in our info. Then I spent the rest of the day plotting my quick rise to stardom that would surely result from my acting debut. I was going to tear up the red carpet next award season, yall!!

But then it happened. Or rather, it didn't.

No one called. No one texted. No one emailed. No one needed me to be an extra.

Let's take a moment of silence to remember what could have been.

And now we're over it. Oh well. They obviously weren't ready for this jelly, so...their loss. Now their movie probably won't win ANY awards, and I'll just have to slowly shake my head (and my fist) and remind them that you shoulda picked me.


Clearly they're unaware of what a beast I am at archery. Too bad, so sad, Hunger Games people. Your loss.

I had a pretty great Saturday anyway. There was plenty of fun in the sun (aka yard work), golf-watching, some Man Clothes shopping (I know, a very foreign experience for us all, but Matt has been wearing the same clothes to work for like 5 years and it was high time), some nail polish shopping (had to even out the shopping balance), and trips to several different Verizon stores that finally resulted in me getting a new (non-janky) phone (that doesn't freeze up and/or die every 30 seconds), and a trip to the dog park. Pretty exciting day!

Last night I discovered that E nominated me (or rather, this post) for BlogHer's Voices of the Year! Obviously this is my next big chance to grab the fame and fortune that eluded me yesterday. Or not. But it is pretty fun. If you want to show me some love and/or you have nothing more exciting to do for the next five minutes, you can go here to vote for me. I think you have to sign up or register or get a BlogHer account (whatever they call it) in order to vote, but it's probably not that painful, so don't let it deter you. Just think about how those Catching Fire people wronged me and do what you can to set things right in the world. Thanks so much. (Can you tell I'm getting super uncomfortable soliciting votes? This probably means I will never be running for public office. Which is shocking, given how much I delight in politics...)

Anyways. I should probably go do something productive, considering Matt just spent 25 minutes IRONING and he just now trotted off declaring that he was going to switch out his summer/winter clothes. And I'm still lounging on the couch. Ugh. How dare he try to show me up in productivity? Lamesauce.

(Also, in book news: last week I finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire...I was unable to make it to the library and fetch the third book this weekend, but chances are really good I'll get it done sometime this week. NOW. I obviously want to watch the movie(s) next-- opinions on whether to go for the original Swedish movies (I can handle subtitles) versus the more recent American version? Also, I don't have Netflix. Where will I find the Swedish ones to rent?)   



  1. Boo, so sorry you missed out on your 10 minutes (seconds? milliseconds?) of fame! Glad you had a good weekend to make up for it, though.

    P.S. Very unrelated, but I'm about to make an Excel spreadsheet. Yay!

  2. If you're not going to be in HG2, then I don't even want to see it when it comes out! How did you trick you man into ironing? I've been working on that for 5 years. No dice! Oh, and I got a blogher account just so I could vote for your post :)

  3. Totally voting for you!! And seeing you with bow and arrow surely would give Catniss a run for her money. Finally, Matt's productivity is making me feel even more guilty for laying on the couch all day!

  4. A- Their loss! You could totally rock the cornucopia with that archery expertise!

    B- That's awesome about the nomination!

    C- A productive man on Master's Sunday?!?! Wow! Mine hasn't moved for H-O-U-R-S!!! You're golden! I'd sit back, relax, and enjoy the day!

  5. Sounds like I need to take extra good care of any handwritten notes you have sent me in case that autograph is worth a buck or two one day! Glad your weekend redeemed itself!

  6. Oh. my. God. I also created a BlogHer account JUST to vote for you. That letter was amaaaaazing. It should be required reading for every mother ever to walk the Earth. I might get it tattooed on my body. Would you be OK with that? I'm simultaneously in awe of your skilled metaphors and jealous that you could say it all so eloquently. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.

  7. I saw E nominated you & remembered that's how i found your blog originally! :) Will go vote for you! YEAH!

    And you are so right! Those Hunger Games people don't know what they missed out!

  8. They are seriously missing out. Boo for them.

    I already voted for you. I loved that post!

  9. Hilarious! What a LOSS for HG producers - I'm sure had you sent in that archery photo, you would have been in.

    Can't wait to go to Chicago with you! ;)

  10. You can come watch the American version with me!! I have it in my queue but J isn't interested.

  11. I created an account on Blogher just so I can vote for you :)

  12. The American version was better, in my opinion. The Swedish version was good, but I believe I remember some incredibly graphic parts. Moreso than its American counterpart. It still makes me shudder.

  13. Just for that I am not watching Catching Fire and the money that the casting people won't get for my decision will make them regret their choice forever.

    And I voted for you. I loved that letter although it also made me so sad.

    And I think Matt's over-productiveness and your un-productiveness evened out to two people being regularly productive so don't feel so bad. Besides I'm not sure I'd consider ironing as being productive :)

  14. Congrats on the nomination! You definitely deserve it!

  15. i've been catching up with my blogs after 3 (THREE) days without internet, and realized i am way behind on yours.

    anyway, the swedish versions can be watched on amazon prime, if you have that. if you promise not to order a whole bunch of stuff, i can give you my info. because you know, you're all about fraudulent amazon purchases, you sketchy friend you.

  16. They MAJORLY missed out on not casting the B's.


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