Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

It was a fabulous Easter weekend-- how about some evidence?
Let us glean what we can from the above picture:

1) My nephew Timmy was in town!! And look, he's all but grown up now! So sad. Not so sad? That he recognizes me and says "Eggh-kuh" now. Oh and also he's super fun instead of just being a precious lump of baby. :) Major win in my book!

2) It was finally warm and sunny!! And I wore shorts!! My apologies to everyone whose eyes were assaulted by my vampire-ish legs. 

On semi-related-to-Timmy news, during the day on Friday Matt and I went on a nice long walk to our downtown library to return/check out books. We spent some time on the walk home hanging out with some cows (aka Lola's 'cousins') in a pasture by our house. The cows came really close to us (even the SUPER CUTE BABY COWS WEEEEE!!!!!) and I took lots of pictures. Once we got to the parents' house and were hanging out with Timmy, I made the mistake of showing him the cow pictures on my phone.

He spent the rest of the weekend demanding "EGG-KUGH!!! Cow! MOOOOOOOOOO! MOOOOO! iPad!! (all technology is referred to as an iPad) MOOOOOO!!"  as he frantically did a full-body pat-down to strip my phone from me. Once I gave him the phone, cued to cow pictures, he would basically lose his mind with moo-ing and other general cow-excitement. It was precious and awesome. I offered to text Amy the pictures of cows so that she could provide Timmy with cow fun at any time, but for some reason she didn't want to take me up on it. ???? Who can understand moms.

While the weather on Friday and Saturday was sunny and gorgeous, Easter didn't dawn so gloriously. Oh well, though. The Easter dress was a done deal, not like I could make any last-minute wardrobe changes to accommodate chilly-cloudy-rainy weather. Although it never got to be sunny and warm, at least it wasn't too cold, so I didn't suffer too much. (PS. Isn't it awesome and ironic that I complain about 'suffering' on Easter due to my shoe and wardrobe choices? Apparently I miss the point of Easter.)

Yes, we coordinate. No, it's not an accident. Apparently we've developed quite the reputation around our church for our predictability when it comes to matching our clothes. It's okay with me. And Matt. He initiates the coordination at least 50% of the time, so it's not like I'm brow-beating him into something he doesn't wanna do. Our personal philosophy about why it's important for us to match is that often we don't get to sit together during church because I sing on the worship team, so Matt's alone. So we use VISUAL CUES so that any strange females who may be visiting and see Matt sitting alone will know that he is PART OF A PAIR and not available for flirting with during worship. Not that that's ever happened, but one can never be too careful. I'd hate to have to throw down my mike and rush out to deck a ho during worship. Awwwkward. 

My SIL Jessica also believes in coordinating with her husband (Matt's brother) Steve. And then since we all four ended up being sorta matchy, it was only natural to take some post-church pictures. Unfortunately, Amy (mother of the famous Timmy) had already changed out of her dress and refused to put it back on for pictures...but we forced her to take pictures anyway. I love my sister-in-laws. On Saturday night we went and saw Argo together. It was really funny (to us) that the three girls went to watch a war(ish) movie while the boys stayed home and watched the baby and TV. Ha. Anyway, I really liked Argo, even though I'm pretty sure it aged me about 12 years.

I think that's enough pictures for now. Altogether it was a great weekend...lots of food, sun, family time, and cow pictures. And today the high is 75 and I have big plans for a nice walk downtown during my lunch break, so...yeah. Happy Monday-April-Fools-Day! (Otherwise known as a day on which I shall avoid Facebook because I do not happen to find fake pregnancy announcements to be hilarious whatsoever.)


  1. Happy April fools, or better known as Facebook avoidance day! Who in their right mind thinks its funny to announce fake pregnancies? Seriously people. Or worse, the people who think it funny to post real announcements on this day. Either way, Facebook = bad news today. You are not alone. :)

  2. Somehow I have seen ZERO pranks played today, although I suppose the day is still very young, so we shall see what happens... anywho, glad you had a fun Easter weekend with fam! Also, I don't think I knew you sang in the church choir, or maybe I did and just forgot, but either way, COOL!

  3. Argo is one of my favs ever! Love your dress Erika... you're just so purdy!

  4. Decking a ho at church - this is why I need to stay on mute during my conference calls while I read your blog. :)

    We also coordinate, but not because I worry about the ladies. It's because it's one more way I can control my husband. HAHA.

    You look great and I love the color! Hopefully you enjoy some Spring like weather - FINALLY, right?

  5. The color of your dress looks great on you! I passed by some cows on my run this weekend - such funny animals! Glad you had a good weekend!!

  6. love your dress! you look great! so jealous you can wear shorts now! and thanks for the reminder to avoid facebook - that is a good plan for me too!

  7. Omg fake pregnancy announcements on April Fool's.... I can't even begin to process the cruelty of that! Love your pink shorts and your adorbs Eastah (I AM from Boston, remember) dress!

  8. LOVE all the pics! You and Matt are adorable with your matchy outfits. :-)

  9. Do you follow 99 Reasons To Laugh At Infertility on FB? You should. They mentioned the fake pregnancy announcement schtick today. I'm offended by them, but I mostly think people need to be more creative with their pranks. Oh you're soooooo hilarious announcing a pregnancy on April 1st. NOT!

    And thank you for the response to my email. I plan on responding, but I'm rarely on a computer and that one might be hard to respond to without my thumb falling off. ;)

  10. You and Matt look adorable together. And you made me laugh out loud twice. I almost spewed coffee/hot chocolate on my computer keyboard and that would have been nasty. (TMI? Sorry.)

    Also, seriously -- fake pregnancy announcements as an April Fool's joke. So not funny.

  11. I'm so glad you overcame the intense wardrobe suffering that the Easter weather caused- very similar to Jesus overcoming death on the cross if you ask me!

    Also, can you please use phrases like "deck a ho during worship" more often? Thanks!

  12. Ha ha "deck a ho"! Glorious! You guys look adorable. I am jealous of the warm weather!

  13. Couple Thoughts..
    1) love the Easter outfits! Your dress is adorable
    2) I was hoping for some cute cow pics on the blog...
    3) I am SO glad we have today off, because I teach middle school and while I am HUGE fan of pranks... I do not really like April fools day.. I am aware of my hypocrisy
    4) And for the record I think Facebook pranks on April Fools (especially pregnancy and kid related) are a TERRIBLE idea!

  14. Good news that the high today is 75. Bad news? The high Thursday is 49. WTH, April?

    I despise April Fools Day with a passion. And if you have actually been avoiding fb today, you missed seeing who it was that actually did the obnoxious fake pregnancy thing. I may need to vent to you about this later.

  15. Cute matchy pics! Your nephews is adorable. Mace has those same shoes.

    My boss loves April Fools Day. Prob because we work in a middle school and MS kids are either tricky themselves or just too dang gullible. She tries to prank the teachers too. Today she put a sign on the copier something like "This photocopier has been updated so that it now uses voice recognition to make your copies." I really want to know who is standing at the copier shouting at it :))

  16. I want to be there when Mollyanne vents!! And now you have me paranoid about my other half standing by himself during worship..

  17. Decking a ho during it.

    Also, the whole thing about the weather not cooperating...I don't really get it. I have a 12-foot pile of snow in my front yard so...

  18. deck a ho? gurl, what kind of church do you go to? also, what kind of church do i go to?

    also, good idea to avoid fb today. sigh.

  19. Cute Easter outfits! Matt gets 20 more points for matching. And in the off chance that some ho picks worship time to come on to him, I definitely want to see the video of your throw down... when choir girls attack!

  20. " I'd hate to have to throw down my mike and rush out to deck a ho during worship." - Totally dying. That is awesome.

    Did you see the stunt on the TODAY Show where they faked a marriage proposal gone bad? I was watching and was literally shouting to Clara "Oh my gosh they are not turning off the cameras!" Totally forgot it was April 1.

  21. I literally had water coming out of my nose because I was in mid-sip reading about you decking a ho in the middle of worship. I die.

    And I wish my husband would coordinate outfits with me.

  22. Deck a ho in worship. WOW. LOL

    It's been awhile since I've made it to worship... have things changed dramatically in 2013? LOL

  23. Timmy is so cute!

    Oh, i so agree about April Fool's pregnancies! Grr. I didn't even think about that or i would have avoided FB too. It's the first thing i saw on FB! :( It's hard enough seeing REAL pregnancy announcements, a fake one isn't helpful at all!


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