Tuesday, May 21, 2013


On Saturday night, after a day full of niece-lovin' and photo shoots, Matt and I found ourselves back at my parents' house with a few hours before bed to kill. It occurred to me that it'd been awhile since I'd dug out my old baby books and 'school days' books (grade school equivalent of baby books...my mom dutifully recorded the highlights of each of our lives well through middle school, as well as collecting pictures, report cards, and various other artifacts in these books. WELL DONE, Mom!). I braved the dust bunnies and mothballs and found my books and was consequently highly entertained for several hours. Then I realized that if I took pictures of what I was seeing, you could be entertained too! So...you're welcome.

My main conclusion is that you can tell a lot about what a person will be like as an adult from how they act/perform/what they like as kids. I'm a prime example of this. I'm basically just a taller version of my 4-year-old self. But let's get some evidence, shall we?

First, a fairly irrelevant but cute class picture of my pre-k class. I helpfully pointed to myself. Tallest one in the class already! Please note that at this time ('87 or '88, according to the thing at the bottom) I had cute hair. It sort of looks like my hair now, really, from what I can tell. But remember that it's cute. This won't always prove to be the case, looking back....

After preschool I embarked on the major journey of kindergarten. Which according to all sources, I totally rocked at. But don't take my word for it. Here's what my mom had to say:

Please raise you're hand if you're surprised to learn I was the best speller, most enthusiastic at music, followed all the rules, and was suspected to be gifted?

Like I said. A five-year-old version of...me.
Never change, cutie. Except that smile. Open your mouth up a little. And maybe consider cutting your bangs straight next time.
But wait! There's more! Still from kindergarten:

This whole loving school, crying when summer came? That continued for most of my life. I liked summer and all, but I LOVED SCHOOL. 

But sweating? Psh. That's for the birds (and we all know how I feel about birds). I have many distinct memories of pitching fits about being forced to wear anything-but-a-dress. I freaked out when I sweated. I hated P.E. Hate hate hate hate hated. I took gymnastics. I took dance classes. These are both acceptable (and AIR CONDITIONED) forms of exercise that did not involve sweating (at least at the five-year-old level).

So that was kindergarten. It was amazing. First grade was much the same. Second verse, same as the first:

Isn't it great that the MOST MEMORABLE thing about me, the thing deemed MOST WORTHY of being noted in the memory book, was my disdain for sweat and pants? I rather like that. It explains why I am naturally drawn to the (rather extensive) dress side of my closet each morning. It explains why I typically decide I'm done working out once I notice myself sweating. It does not explain why I'm attempting an outdoor triathlon in Georgia in August anyway. I guess 25 more years of personal growth have helped me come to terms with sweating and wearing pants. A little bit.

By second grade we'd started standardized testing. High five for the ITBS, anyone? Here's what I remember about testing weeks in elementary school:


Sitting down for hours in the silence, filling in little bubbles, making sure you finished fastest and best? That was my JAM. We can consider this foreshadowing of the future, perhaps to the year 2006, when I decided (a year after graduating college) that it would be fun to take the LSAT after studying for a few weeks. Why? Because I freaking like taking tests, that's why. 

I won't brag about my LSAT scores. I'll brag about my 2nd grade ITBS scores, though. Check it out, yo.

The arrow is pointing to the column that tells the percentage that the student (ME) got correct. My favorite part about this whole spelling/language section is that while overall I did  very well, indicating an early love of reading and writing, please note the section (starred) I performed the most poorly in: overcapitalization.

Foreshadowing to being a True Blogger one day? HAHAHAHA. Everyone knows you're not really blogging unless you randomly capitalize words, right? I mean, who knew 2nd grade standardized tests could be so correctly predictive of the farrrrrrr away future??! Blogging wasn't even a Thing then!

Alright. Enough about what a smarty-pants second-grader I was. The rest of elementary school looked about the same (hates pants, loves school), but my hair got progressively worse. Flash forward to seventh grade and you have this:

Uhhhh...yeah. And I thought I was hot stuff, yall. But you must know: I wore glasses. I just took them off for this picture. And they were ugly glasses, too. But that shirt was from the Limited Too-- LEGIT.

I won't bore you with more. For me, the stuff in my baby books was rather correctly predictive of my future. But don't worry-- that's not always the case! Please examine Exhibit B: my sister-

My precious Sarah, who spends her days bringing light and laughter into the lives of everyone lucky enough to know her, who is a talented hair stylist that quickly draws a devoted clientele in whatever city she moves to, who was the embodiment of the popular high school cheerleader (well, the positive embodiment) and is still the beloved 'baby' of our family...well, it looks like she got off to a rough start. When I was busy loving dinosaurs and hating pants, Sarah got this:

"not very friendly to strangers- stares at people and won't smile...not friendly to people she doesn't know."

And I had to crack up because I would never ever in a million years have guessed those words were describing my sister. They far more accurately sound like me, to tell you the truth! But not Sarah!

So don't worry. Maybe your kid will grow up to be an older, taller version of whoever they are now. Or maybe they'll be totally different. Either way-- record it in their baby book (or your blog, as the case may be) now so that they can have a hearty laugh at their own expense later.
Sarah, upon receiving the news that she was a baby snob.


  1. That's awesome your mom recorded all those memories for you to look back on! Your commentary for everything had me cracking up! Also, Limited Too was THE store when I was in school too. I had a purple shirt with cats all over it...Wore it for my third grade picture. I'm hoping I don't turn into a crazy cat lady later in life.. :P

  2. This is quite possibly my favorite post of yours! Your hair in 7th grade was amazing... Also I had to laugh out loud because gym was my least fav class, too!!

  3. I love taking tests too! But I have never hated wearing pants or sweating all that much... in fact, I probably do more as an adult than I did as a child, so we have flip flopped! Glad you had a fun walk down memory lane :)

  4. I love that your mom documented all of this for you!! And I love that you didn't like to sweat!

  5. Great Post! Sounds like maybe your mom needs her own blog!!

  6. I hated gym too. Seriously, in one minute in Kindergarden I could do ONE situp. I also loved the standardized test days -- filling in bubbles -- yes please!

    I wonder where my school days book ended up??? Probably in our basement somewhere!

  7. Too fun! I'm also that way about exercise - no sweating, air conditioned spaces!. I'm with the French on this one, "Sweating is reserved for sex."

  8. I totally have that same exact school book, except I have no idea where it is. And I'm pretty sure my mom stopped filling it out after second grade.

  9. BAHHH!!! Are we twins?!?! I feel like this was taken out of my childhood book (if I had one... alas, second child problems). I mean PE was the devil! I got the stomach flu every time the words Freeze Tag or Dodgeball were mentioned! And I L-O-V-E-D school. Loved it. In fact, I found a report card from Kindergarten a while ago in which my teacher expressed that my only issue was an unwillingness to take naps (weird kid). She informed my mom that she had started letting me read in the hall during naptime and I had since become an angel!

  10. I like that you had a "love of dinosaurs." No gender stereotypes for you, young lady!

  11. You are the cutest kid, and may I say kudos to your mom for meticulously recording every detail like that. My baby book is filled out, but that's where it kind of... ends. I do have tons and tons of notes that I passed with friends, but it's like reading a different language - we had so many inside jokes I can't even understand what we're talking about.

  12. Cute pictures! I love how well your mom documented everything. Puts my baby book to shame! Also, you took the LSAT just for fun? You are one crazy genius!

  13. I love this! I too had a perm, mine was in 6th grade, but I would brush my bangs straight. So awful. I should post some pictures...

  14. wow! my mom also made those awesome school 'baby books' for me - she is so good at keeping tabs on our family!! the first pictures look so much like you it is insane! i cannot believe you look so much like your adult self at 4! hilarious that you did not like to sweat!! I also love dressed. My boss claims she has never seen me in pants and that is probably true!

  15. LOVED this. I'm working on getting my old pictures together for a blog entry as well, so this was inspiring.

    Also, I got ALL of my clothes at Limited Too when I was that age. Wow - brings back memories.

    And I love the overcapitalization thing! Ha!

  16. Neither you nor Sarah look anything like you did as kids. But I love that your mom wrote this stuff out. That is why people have blogs now!


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