Sunday, May 5, 2013

weekend stories

It's Sunday and therefore the weekend isn't technically quite over, but I'm already ready to reflect. I'm just ambitious like that. Also we're watching some show on the Travel Channel about the most luxurious Mexican beaches and resorts and I need something to distract me lest I die of jealousy and impatience in waiting for our own Mexican resort vacation to come about. Please note that our resort will probably not be featured on this show. But it will also not be costing us $12,000 per night (yes, you read that right...) like the one they're featuring right now, so...there's that.

Exciting Weekend Story #1:
We've kept up our ambitious tri-training workout plan! I can now proudly say that we've worked out 12 of the last 14 days! Due to nearly constant monsoon-like rains the last few days, most of our workouts have been in the gym, but rather than phoning it in like I normally do (aka walking/jogging on the treadmill while reading on my Kindle for 35 minutes), I've been kicking (my) ass and taking names. Or, you know, riding bikes for a long time and then jumping on a treadmill and running a long time, despite the fact that MY LEGS MIGHT COLLAPSE AT ANY MOMENT from that special combination. But oh well. I'm getting stronger and pushing through the pain and that makes me proud. 

Exciting Weekend Story #2:
It took me at least half of the day on Saturday to figure out why everyone was saying "May the Fourth be with you." I know. Special. Once I figured it out, I remembered that last year I also struggled with this exact same puzzle. And I figured it out. But obviously couldn't manage to remember it for 365 days. Oh to be 30 and have your mind failing you sad.

Exciting Weekend Story #3: 
Between various parking lots and the roads we rode our bikes on today (when it finally stopped raining for a few hours), I personally passed/stepped on/narrowly avoided no less than FIVE (soggy) banana peels!!! I mean, I'm serious. But for the grace of God I would have been providing slapstick comedy free of charge for anyone nearby. Seriously, though...who the heck goes around throwing gross banana peels on the paved ground??!?! 

Exciting Weekend Story #4:
Last night I commented to Matt that I needed to shave the back of his neck soon (am I the only wife who has to do this? How does that stupid hair GROW so fast??). He nodded his agreement and then calmly informed me that he was thinking he would grow his back hair out for Locks of Love and wouldn't that be so generous of him??

HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry. I was almost hysterical with disgusted glee at the thought of men trying to donate that. We tried to imagine how that phone call would go...calling up a salon and asking if they'd accept 8 inches of back hair. Okay. Sorry if you don't find that hilarious. But I do and it's my blog, soooooo.... (note: it's all a joke. He doesn't have much back hair at all and what there is of it is only like 1 cm. long, so don't start thinking Matt is secretly hiding a gorilla back under his cute plaid shirts. He's not.)

And that was pretty much the weekend. Actually not- our sis- and bro-in-law and nephew Baby Timmy were in town, so we spent lots of fun time hanging out with them. Somehow I managed to get no pictures of him or us, though. Sad.

Matt and I had nursery duty at church today and he did his normal routine of being the Most Loved Person in the nursery slash baby (or one-year-old) whisperer. My presence is basically unneeded there- none of the kids want anything to do with me when Matt's around, anyway. It's sad. (I feel better because Baby Timmy loves me the most, so I just remind myself of that)

Oh Mattie, I love how you find every single giraffe in the whole nursery for me and line them up like a parade.Truly you know the way to my baby heart!

And now dinner's almost ready and it's time to prepare for another week. And is it just me, or are Sunday nights rather...empty...with no Walking Dead? Tragic, for sure.


  1. Re: story #2... I was really puzzled today with all the pictures on fb of containers of mayonnaise in sinks, until someone finally spelled out "sink-o de mayo." Not EVEN 30 yet and my mind is failing me!

  2. LOCKS OF LOVE BACK HAIR?!?!?!?! That's disgusting! Where does he even come up with this stuff?

    I'm crazy impressed with your workout schedule! I laid in bed or migrated to the couch as my form of exercise this week… quite the workout! Hope the rain clears out so you can get some more interesting sights in for your bike rides and runs!

  3. I'm beyond impressed with your workout schedule!! Also, I had to laugh because I had to shave the back of Nick's neck today, ha ha!!

  4. Um, that picture of Matt and Isa is ADORABLE. I never cease to be amazed at our husbands' baby whispering abilities. But who could blame the babies for loving them, right?

  5. I get so tired of the "May the Fourth Be With You" crap by about nine am on May 4th. So tired of it.

    Also, yay on the tri training!! I've also seen a lot of improvement in my strength and endurance and it's an AWESOME feeling! A not so awesome feeling was my arms this past weekend, though, when I swam laps at the pool.

  6. Yay on your tri training! Impressive!
    Um...I suspect the Locks of Love answer would be NO! Then they'd want to meet Matt just to see the freak of nature ;-)
    Hope the weather in Ga improves soon...Upstate NY was simply glorious this weekend!

  7. I am obviously the anti-Erika because I worked out 1 of the last 14 days.

    Also Story #4 made me gag on my pasta salad a little and then that picture made my already queasy stomach melt. That is such a sweet picture. Thanks for sharing it. It almost makes up for Story 4 :)

  8. Alright, time to set you straight... you're getting entirely too much exercise. This is an intervention brought to you by Cinco De Mayo: Less exercise, More Mexican food! It sounds like your tri-training is getting dangerous with banana peels looming around every corner. That's so "Mario Kart", honestly, who throws banana peels?!

  9. Awesome job on the training! The bike to run transition is the best to practice! I cut Colby's hair too!!! I basically just buzz it to make it simple... annddd.. check out my latest instagram photo of colby and I volunteering. Kids with him are the same way, and I sit and watch :) ha

  10. #3- Maybe someone was trying to recreate a real live Mario Kart course?

    #4 - I refuse to shave Brian's neck because I'm too worried about screwing it up, so props to you.

  11. Haha! Love #4! I wonder if they'd accept leg hair?

  12. You are rocking your new work out routine! Have you picked a tri yet? When are the olympic trials? :)
    I too always forget about the 4th thing. I say it's because I'm not a nerd. But I am...

  13. I am proud to say that I have worked out 3x in the past 14 days. So basically I am super impressed with your training thus far!

    I am too scared to shave Brandon's neck hair. I always want to try and then I chicken out.

    I did not see one single "May the Fourth Be With You," which confirms that I do live under at rock most of the time!

  14. That photo seriously made me melt. TOO CUTE.

  15. 1) You are a rockstar! Your workout routine is seriously impressive.

    2) I've never seen or heard "May the Fourth be with you" in my 29.75 years of life. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, it took me a minute to figure out why in the world you heard it so many times on Saturday. Apparently I need to get out more.

    3) I hate shaving my husband's neck and back. I do it, because I'm pretty sure it was written somewhere in our wedding vows, "For better or worse, in sickness, health and shaving of unwanted hair, til death do us part," but I still hate doing it. That hair does grow entirely too fast. In fact, I'm pretty sure I shave his neck more often than I shave my own legs.

  16. I think I just threw up a little at the idea of a wig of back hair.

    I always feel so hard-core when I do elliptical & treadmill and while I'm doing whichever came second I too think "MY LEGS MIGHT COLLAPSE AT ANY MOMENT." They haven't yet, but if/when they do that'll be the best blog-fodder yet.


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