Wednesday, May 8, 2013

let's talk about my issues

Yall. I really have nothing of interest to talk about today. But as I was sitting here in my office, staring out into space juuuust in case something popped into my brain, I happened to notice my lovely bouquet of flowers on the windowsill in front of me.

Well, at least they used to be lovely. A few weeks ago. But now they're dead, and probably have been for days, but despite the fact that they are situated approximately 18 inches from where my face sits for 40 hours a week, they have not bothered me enough to move them. Perhaps my true indoor plant problem isn't just that I kill them (although these were cut flowers- totally different from the issues I discussed on Monday) but that I let their corpses linger around for so long? Is that weird? I can tell you, though-- now that I've noticed that my flowers are no longer pretty, I still have no plans to get rid of them. Putting them in the trash makes me feel sad. Really sad. Much sadder than staring at their lifeless bodies.

I should probably talk to a professional about this issue. Oh well. Obviously I won't (I refuse to spend money on doctors that can't get me pregnant), so feel free to offer your own psychoanalysis (for free)!

In other news, I'd like to thank Starbucks for the wisdom they displayed in scheduling their Frappuccino Happy Hour week to be the week before Mother's Day. Frapps are delicious anytime, but their medicinal properties are particularly excellent during times of high stress such as this. Therefore I'd like to thank Starbucks and my co-workers that highly encourage our daily 3pm walks down the street to Sbux. Saving my life, one 900-calorie drink at a time.

Lastly (I know, thank God I'm almost done, right? This is just pathetic today!), I wanted to remind you that if you wanted to vote for my 'Letter to New Moms' blog for BlogHer's Voices of the Year, you have a few more days to do that. It's been almost exactly one year (May 17, actually) since I originally guest-posted that on E's blog, and while I could focus on the depressing fact that a whole year later still nothing has changed and I'm watching another New Moms class pass me by, instead I will focus on how many new relationships I've formed as a result of that blog. I've met so many fantastic women, many with blogs, lots without, and while I hate that any of us have to struggle with infertility, I am so thankful for the ways God has used that letter to connect us and make us feel less alone. Even a year later, I get dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of new visitors every week coming from that post-- so weird that it's still 'circulating' even after all this time!!-- and it is so surreal to me that something I wrote (and admittedly stressed out over for WEEKS prior to posting it) can make that kind of an impact. It's been one of my favorite blog 'experiences' so far, and I'm so thankful to E for making it happen- and for nominating me for Voices of the Year! 

With that, I'm out. I know. Sigh of relief. Maybe someday I'll have better things to talk about than dead flowers and infertility. Is talking about tri-training better? I don't wanna beat that horse too much, but at least it's a happier topic! Anyway. Happy Wednesday-- only 5 afternoons of Sbux Happy Hour left, so enjoy it while you can!


  1. At least you get to burn a few calories walking to Starbucks... maybe 50? I literally walk across the street... maybe 20 yards. Starbucks is going to be the death of my figure and my wallet. Sigh.

  2. I should e-mail you pictures of my dead tulips. I always keep cut flowers around way longer than I should. Maybe I feel like I can bring them back to life if I try hard enough??? Also, I love the picture of you and Matt on your desk. I know it wasn't the point of the picture but I noticed it anyways.

  3. I feel like we need to petition for Starbs to do frap happy hour every afternoon (kind of like Sonic) OR at least do it more often. You with me?

  4. Guess I missed the memo about the Voices Of The Year award! Voting :) !!

  5. The fact that you refer to dead flowers as "corpses" makes me wonder if you might personify flowers a little more than the average bear... I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

    And props to Starbucks for their impeccable timing! Although we went yesterday and I got a bagel and cream cheese instead of a frap because I'm awesome like that.

  6. You know how much i love Frappuccino's?! A lot. I can't have them anymore. The only thing i can have now from Starbucks is a regular coffee. BOO! (But worth it in the end!?!) :)

    Um, i do the SAME THING with flowers! They die. And they sit. And sit. And sit. And FINALLY one day i will throw them out. Which is so sad! :(

  7. Poor flowers. The same thing happens to me!

    And I voted!

  8. There's totally nothing you can do to keep those cut flowers from dying eventually - a florist is really a glorfied coroner - but I can tell you how to keep them LOOKING alive for longer:

    1. Change the water every other day.
    2. Your bouquet should grow shorter and shorter and shorter the longer you have it. Every other day you should cut about an inch to two inches off the stem. Do this on the same day that you change the water. Cut the stems, put in clean water. The flowers need a NEW, clean drink.
    3. Do not put anything silly in the water like Sprite or Sugar or whatever dumb thing Pinterest says.

    4. Buy long lasting flowers: mums, gerbs, roses, fillers, sunflowers.
    5. Grocery store flowers are the SUCK. Their flowers come in on trucks from Mexico. Buy from a florist. They get theirs from a whoelsaler who either grows them (like mine!) or ships them overnight on a refrigerated plane.
    6. Keep flowers in a cool, darker room and out of the sun.

    Hope that helps. Dreading Mother's Day already? Me too.

  9. Love Colleen's suggestions!

    I have trouble with cut flowers, too. They are so beautiful and I hate having to throw them out! I've started (subtly) hinting that, rather than giving me an arrangement for our celebrations, I would love a potted plant that could eventually be moved outside. Hydrangea, Gardenia, or topiary FTW!!!

  10. My psychoanalysis:
    When you throw away old flowers, one then has a trashcan full of flowers that are probably now shedding their bits & petals all over the place where, when they were just in the vase, were not shedding. AND you have a vase to clean. Way too much effort just to THROW something away. Therefore, my professional psychoanalysis is that you've weighed these factors and have come to the logical conclusion it's just not worth the time & marginal effort to throw them away.

    We should make paper flowers for our offices. Pin-spired, and they won't do anything but get dusty.


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