Friday, May 7, 2010


Earlier this week I had a great idea. I should MAKE my Mothers Day cards this year! That would be, cute. And economical. And crafty. All three of those things being things I'm pretty passionate about being. Well, except the crafty one. I have dreams of being crafty. Those dreams have never really come to much fruition.

About three years ago I had another great idea. I was going to scrapbook. What a fabulously crafty thing to do. I spent lots of money buying scrapbooking materials. I made about 3 pages of a scrapbook before I lost interest in cutting and gluing stuff together. So the materials have sat untouched in a bag under my desk ever since then.

So it was a perfect idea, this making-my-own-Mothers-Day-cards thing. I'll use my old scrapbooking stuff. That means my materials cost is zero, since I've long since paid for the stuff (and I practically got rid of it all when we moved, but decided to be a hoarder instead at the last minute) (sometimes hoarders really DO win). So last night I set to work crafting my very own cards.

It. Took. FOREVER.

So if we were doing some kind of time-cost analysis...well, I'd have been much better off just buying the cards, if I compare my "hourly worth" (pay) and the amount of hours it took me to make the cards (many) to what it would have cost me to just buy them at the store. However, I'm trying to convince myself that our moms and my two grandmothers will appreciate the hand-made-ness of the cards and that will make it worth it. I am also convincing myself that it was better for the Earth to just reuse materials I already had. Or really I guess it's just use materials, not necessarily reuse them. But whatever. So, here's the results.

That's the general idea. If you can't tell, the fronts are personalized (Meme, Nana, Mom, Mom). After all the card-making was done I was so creatively exhausted that the stuff I wrote on the inside was basically devoid of all thought, haha...Happy Mothers Day, Love M&E.

PS. Please never throw this card away or a little piece of me will die.

Something like that.

So it doesn't look like I'll be quitting my day job to go into full-time card-making, but it was semi-fun for a few hours. And I've used up like half of my scrapbooking paper now, so that's a plus too.

It's weekend, YAY! We're looking forward to a marriage conference at our church tomorrow morning and a college graduation or two tomorrow afternoon/evening. Sunday is Mothers Day (FYI Mothers Day is to girls struggling with infertility what Valentines Day is to bitter single people...aka NOT my favorite holiday) and so far the planned highlight of my day is going to CVS where I have big plans to score some major deals using coupons and ExtraCare Bucks. :) Seriously, sometimes my couponing is like the thing I most look forward to all week. Well, that and yard sales. And talking to the plants in my garden.

I was about to say "I need to get a hobby" but then, I guess I have one, right?? Can saving money be a hobby? I submit that it can. :)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. those cards are way cuter than store-bought ones. Great job! If you made me a card like that I would save it forever.


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