Monday, May 17, 2010

monday randoms

I have nothing of substance to say, just a few things I'd like to mention.

1. I washed my car this weekend. I have owned my Pathfinder since December 2005. This is the first time I have ever washed it. I know this because a) I remember and b) my memories were confirmed when I went to open the bottles of car wash/tire scrub/etc and they all were still factory-sealed. I remember my dad giving me that stuff the day he brought the car up. Now, that's not to say I haven't been through a car wash in the past 5 years. I have...twice. Once right before my wedding, the other right after we left the wedding to get all the crap off. So, twice in the space of about 2 days. That has to count for something, right?

2. There are wild blackberries growing in our back-back yard. Who knew? Lots of them, actually. I'm sure they were there last year, too, I just had no idea what to look for. When my mom was here a few weekends ago she was just casually like, oh hey, how are those blackberries doing?And I was like......uhhhh.....oh, you mean those blackberries? That I take such good care of? Oh, fine. Anyway. We'll see if those berries actually turn black and taste good. If they do...I mean, kids, I'm a mere few weeks away from making a three-berry pie (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry) FROM CRAP GROWING IN MY OWN YARD!!!! Someone should tell Southern Living about me.

3. I looked to see if I'd taken any interesting pictures lately and I kid you not-- the only pictures I've taken in the last week are of piles of things I've bought at CVS for ridiculously small amounts of money. I put all the things on the counter next to an index card that says something like "5/10/10 $1.65". So some people chart the growth of their kids. I chart the growth of my deodorant stash. Try not to be jealous.

4. We're going on vacation in a few weeks and we have a house/dog sitter!! This is a HUGE relief! I have been really stressed out thinking of what to do with Lola AND the garden/flowers. Now I can rest easy knowing that both are taken care of. I can turn my focus to the things that REALLY matter, like getting a base tan and deciding which books to take with me. The important things in life.

5. I'm having this procedure done on Friday morning. And yes, I think Wikipedia is the absolute best source of medical information...okay, no I don't. I just didn't want to link to a more scientific/medically accurate page that might gross you out with gory details. I prefer to save that for Friday afternoon when I'll give you the play-by-play with personal photos....hahahahaaha okay, so no I won't. I'm just full of tricks today, aren't I? Anyway, I'm not exactly looking forward to being violated in this manner on Friday, but I'm not totally upset/freaked out about it either. I am equal parts curious, nervous, and excited. It is a hospital procedure, but I shouldn't have to stay long (and by "not long" I mean not more than an hour)...but please don't let that stop you all from sending flowers/cards/meals/gifts/maid service/singing telegrams/etc. to my house. Really, don't. :)

6. I think I'm psychic. This afternoon I was walking Lola and suddenly I thought of this blog I used to read but sort of quit reading because-- let's face it-- I got tired of NOTHING but pictures of her baby (now 2-year-old) boy. This isn't anyone I've ever known in real life, just a random blog that used to be entertaining and then became really boring. Anyway, I don't know why it hopped in my head because I haven't thought of her or looked at her blog in six months probably. But I thought of her and then thought I bet she's pregnant again. And so I came in and looked up her blog and read it and sure enough, SHE IS! So, psychicness confirmed. If you want to take advantage of this skill, then please know it doesn't come cheaply.

7. I don't want to go to the gym. It's the ultimate tragedy that I love the results of working out but I still do not want to do it. Very sad. I try to convince myself that pulling weeds and talking to my squash will produce the same results just because I sweat the same amount. I'm not sure if my body agrees, though. Alas.

And I think that's all. If you've made it this far, congratulations. Your reward is this: 4--8--15--16--23--42. Those are your lucky lotto numbers for today. You can trust me-- I'm psychic.


  1. Well.. I looked up your "procedure" and couldn't even pronounce half the words. I'll get Dr. Moore to explain it all to me. Hartley sends her love. She said if she can squeeze through a ______ canal, you can make it through anything!

  2. I looked at the wikipedia explanation of your procedure and I still have no idea what they are actually doing to you. Whatever it is they are doing to your uterus/fallopian tubes, I will be prayin' for ya!

  3. I pray the results from your procedure are positive!!!

  4. I love you and I'll be praying for you and Matt (but mostly for you since you're the one who has to physically go through it). I still have mad jealousy about your garden.....


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