Wednesday, May 26, 2010

out with the old

In an unprecedented act of decisiveness last night, Mattie and I made a Grown Up (read: boring and expensive) Purchase last night. We finally replaced the mattresses on our bed.

A backstory: Our current mattresses are...old. How old? I'm not sure. Matt acquired them at some point during college from some person he knew who was getting rid of them...and that's all I know about their origin. When we got married, they were still useable (if I didn't think about where they came from). We bought nice fancy bedroom furniture with our wedding money, but didn't buy new mattresses. We've been fine up until the last few months. Suddenly we get NO sleep anymore. The thing creaks something really loud and creaky. Springs poke you. You roll toward the middle. And you get NO SLEEP. Time to suck it up and spend lots of money on a really boring thing...but potentially the one piece of furniture you own that can REALLY affect your quality of life, right? So, anyway, we did it. Last night was our first night in our New Bed and might I was some good sleepin.

However, it seems that mattresses have gotten TALLER since 1975 (or whenever our old mattress was born)! When we finally got the new one on the bed, it was rather shocking to see how BIG it was! Check out a pic with our old mattress (top pic) and the can't even see the headboard now since the thing holds our pillows up so much higher!

So it will take some getting used to, but I think it's a small price to pay for getting a decent night's sleep. Now my next big question is...what the heck do I do with the old mattresses? Can they be recycled? I heard that BP was using some kind of mattress things to soak up oil in the Gulf... can I drop them off at my local BP? How awesome would that be, right?

Next 'new' thing to show you: My super awesome Fuschia plant I got for Mother's Day! I have been lusting after these plants for years (literally. Even before I liked plants I knew someone with one of these and was obsessed with it) and Mattie made all my dreams come true by getting me one for MD. I simultaneously love it and am completely panicked that I will kill it (it has a reputation as being a difficult plant to grow) which would feel like murdering a family member or something. Well, maybe not that bad...but it would be very saddening. I mean, check this beauty out!

I'm not usually a pink-and-purple kinda girl, but I'll make an exception for this! If you have 5 minutes, you should run a Google Images search for "fuschia plant" and feast your pics aren't nearly as good, but you will see why I am so in love!

Squashzilla update: We will be eating our first squash tonight. Here is how big this monster is. (Please note that my hand is next to it for scale...but then, if you don't know me in person, you may not know how big my hand is. Look at your hand. Add 2 inches. That's how big my hand is. And yes I play the piano.)

I really cannot believe I am putting a picture of my hand on the inter-webs for all the world to see. I have been paranoid-self-conscious of my hands since like, elementary school. This is slightly akin to putting a naked picture of myself on here. Just so you know.

One last 'new' thing I wanted to share. The other day I was ordering something off Amazon and needed a $5 'filler' item so that I could get free shipping. I ended up ordering these Skoy cloths and they just came in yesterday and they are so cool!!

(note: NOT my hand in the pic, ha!) They are reuseable cloths you use in place of paper towels & sponges and they're SUPER absorbant. You can put it in the dishwasher or washing machine to keep it germ-free, and although they're supposed to last for quite a long time, when they eventually do wear out, you can just put them in your compost pile because they're 100% biodegradable! How cool is that? I've only used ours like once, but I'm pretty excited...mainly because I'll save lots of money and trees over the long run. And I got the ones that are neon colors, so...well, they're pretty. I'm a fan of pretty. Anyway, next time you're looking for a 'filler' item, grab these. They're fun.

I think that's about it. I hope I haven't bored you to death, but not a lot has gone on lately other than working, buying stuff, and watching season/series finales. Speaking of finales...did you watch Biggest Loser last night? Were you not FLOORED by how hot all the ladies were?? I was so impressed! And of course I was so proud of Ashley...I have been cheering for Pink all along!! But I was very happy for Mike to win...he definitely deserved it. I think I will probably end up watching Jillian's new show this looks pretty good, plus I need a weekly dose of Jillian to keep me motivated at the gym!


  1. That fuschia plant is gorgeous! I want one!

    The Biggest Loser is so inspirational. I def. was most excited to see Ashley. She became a favorite for sure! I was also super glad Koli won the at-home prize.

  2. 1. Fuschia plants attract hummingbirds. Get a hummingbird feeder and see if you can attract a few!
    2. I really wanted Ashley to win, even though she reminded me of Ogre Fiona when she was fat.
    3. I decided a few weeks ago that Michael was gay. He confirmed that for me last night with his outfit. And I seriously thought he was going to give that rose to Bob.
    4. I wonder why your mattresses were soooo creaky??!

  3. A new mattress is the best thing it. And I looove your fuschia plant soo much! It is gorgeous! I need one!!!

    And i love those towel things, too...such good info!! Thanks!

  4. My mattress was made in 1976 as per the stitched tag at the bottom. I have just been adding feather pillowtops and mattress pads to it. I have trouble sleeping anyways.

    Momma and Daddy got a new mattress about 3 months ago. Yes, they have gotten thicker considering they have to use step stools to get on to theirs. But it is OH SO COMFY! I hope your's is as well.

    P.S. You do have really big hands. But it really helped me to know that someone else out there wore shoes the same size as me. So there's some encouragment, don't feel too bad :)

  5. you totally can't tell from that picture what size your hands are. You shouldn't have said anything.

    i was totally rooting for Micheal. He was awesome, but i was amazed by ashley. thanks for getting me addicted to all these shows.

    i just did the last chance work out with Jillian on "on demand" and it had former biggest loser contestants instead of those super athletic people who don't break a sweat. And it was SOOOO hard!

    Love your plants!

    and i don't think that mattress purchases are boring. but maybe that is because i love sleep so much.


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