Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow. Three amazing things happened today.

1. My HSG. (This is a different link than the other day...what, you all don't speak medicalese?? Come on...) I'm going to upload the picture I so sneakily took when the doctor wasn't if you don't want to see an x-ray of the inside of my uterine cavity, then look away. But don't look away for too long because there are going to be some really super awesome pics later on in this blog that you do NOT want to miss!

You may need to click on the picture to make it bigger so that you can see the labels I wrote on the pic. Basically I am fine, uterinely speaking. :) This is what we had suspected and were hoping for, so...yay. This still leaves us in the "it will be extremely difficult for you to get pregnant on your own" category, but at least it's not any WORSE of a situation that it already is. Basically, from what I understand, we should be good candidates now for ART (assisted reproductive technology). I guess I will find out more soon. Edited to add: I just looked back at my labels on the pic and realized I wrote "ink" instead of "dye". It's not really ink. I don't know why I wrote that. It's dye. I would imagine shooting INK all up in a girl would not be the best idea.

2. To celebrate my successful survival of the HSG (and not freaking out and not crying like a baby or whining too much about it hurrrrrtttttting) we went and bought a somewhat-needed new printer! Since I'm a madwoman printing all my coupons now, my 10-year old printer has been getting a beating. But more than that...I've been wanting a scanner for several years now so that I could scan my (professional) wedding photographs. For some reason I never got the digital ones...and now I'd feel awkward calling and anyway, I've just wanted a scanner to get them on the computer. So we got a printer/scanner and it's all set up and I LOOOOVE it! I have already delighted in scanning lots of pictures and aren't YOU lucky now that you can see these never-before-seen-on-this-blog shots like this:
and this (personal fave, look how young Matt looks!): addition to all the beautiful wedding pics, I can ALSO scan in old pre-digital camera pics like THIS!

This would be from a pep rally my senior year of high school. And this brings me to the THIRD great thing that happened today, which is...
3. I learned how to (and why did it take me a million years to think to do this?) open pics in Paint and write on them/label them!! Brilliant!! Now you can look again more CLOSELY at the above pic (re-posted below with labels)and notice a few things, like the blue arrow that is pointing to me...did you know I was a drum major in marching band?? Well, I was, and it was freakin awesome. So this was at a pep rally or practice of some sort and that's me on the podium, doing my thang. Next, please examine the RED arrow/circle. This is highlighting my old friend the KNEE BRACE who was my constant companion after ACL/meniscus surgery my senior year. Awesome, huh? Thirdly, may I direct your attention to the green circle (arrow so nicely pointing at my booty) it any wonder I was frequently sent home to change because my shorts were too short? (Except I didn't have to go all the way home...I kept jeans in my car just in case.) Seriously, 17-year-old-Erika...what were you thinking?

Now I am really excited to go crawl up in the attic and retrieve all my old photo albums so I can scan those pictures in. Just let me know if you have any requests...prom pics? Eighth grade dance recital pics? Baby pics? "Fashion" show I put on for my family in fourth grade? Second grade spelling bee pics? The sky really is the limit when it comes to dorky pictures from my's kind of amazing, really.
Happy Friday!!


  1. I had an HSG done as well. It was quite uncomfortable, but well worth it. I was pregnant just a few months later after almost two years of trying. We did IUI's and I think the HSG might have helped "clean" me out (sorry for the slightly graphic description!).

    Good luck...I know how hard this is to go through. In the end you'll be so happy you won't mind all the effort and heartache.


  2. Glad the doctor's appt went well...praying for you, friend! And looove the old high school pic! Awesome!!!

    Hope you're well!

    April :o)

  3. glad the doctor's appt wasn't too traumatic! I'm gonna have to give you a phone call soon to find out all the specifics.

    love the old EHS band pic. and your legs.

  4. Have you used paint net? I used it the other day and found it easy to use and you can write/draw on just about any file. Plus its free.

  5. Oh and I should have had the thought to get pictures of the ultrasounds I had done the past few weeks of my cysts. It was pretty alien like.

  6. may i say, you have one fine looking uterine cavity.

  7. I'm so proud you figured it out! AND, how are my daisies/your wildflower seeds...or empty cute planters all the same? Oh yeah, I live at the beach now. Come see me.

  8. I had an HSG done before we did IVF. It was such an ouchie experience and something I never want to repeat (oh and I had given birth without pain meds and had a csection before I had the HSG just to give you the ranking on my pain-ometer!)

    Statistically speaking, the cycle after your HSG has a better chance of being THE month. Anywho.

    Here's to finding more info out to help your journey along. Feels good to check off a box so you are closer right?


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