Thursday, August 19, 2010

not at fault

Ah. Those three lovely words every car insurance company loves to hear. My company got to hear those blessed words to day. The other guy's? Not so much.

I had to hoist myself up out of there!! Luckily there was a big man standing there to catch me. Scary!!
The remains of my Pathfinder. So long, car. You were good while you lasted. I'll try to remember the better days. And not how you've failed me like 3 times in the last month by having your starter break and requiring towing. And how I JUST BOUGHT A NEW STARTER for you. And now you up and crash on me.

On second thought...I should probably be thanking the Pathfinder. I think if I was in a smaller car, I might not have just hopped up and walked away.

But my shoes somehow flew off in the wreck. So I was walking around (on shattered glass) barefoot for about an hour and a half until they dug out my shoes. Weird.

That's the truck that hit me. Um, yeah. It's slightly huge. When I sent my mom this pic, she thought it was one of the emergency vehicles. She kept asking, "so was it a truck like Dad's [Tundra] that hit you?" I was like "mom, I sent you a picture! It was a BIG TRUCK!! Not a pickup truck!" and then she fainted. OK, not really. But she was surprised.

I went to the ER. There were shards of glass ALL UP IN MY CLOTHES. Such as filling up the bottom of my bra. Haha. It was a special moment to discover that. Please excuse me, doctors, while I pick glass out of my boobies. And my ears.

My hair had been in a ponytail (big surprise) that morning. Somehow it came out during the flipping. Apparently they just don't make hair bands like they used to. So anyway, since my hair was down and it was hot outside, the back of my neck became a nice sweaty mess of hair and dirt and glass. Lovely!

Someone retrieved my backpack (containing my work laptop...bummer) and my lunchbox from the road. Matt brought my lunch inside this afternoon when we got home. There had been a pack of crackers (like the pre-packaged cheese cracker things) (but all natural...please, don't think I would contaminate my body) and it was completely in, the same texture as sugar or something. Very interesting. The peach managed to...explode. And the grapes? They're now wine. Or something.

But I walked away. Evidently I'm sturdier than my lunch.

I'm now stuck on the couch/bed for the foreseeable future. My neck hurts like CRAP and the painkillers aren't killing anything. I haven't been able to sleep because I can't get comfortable. Ugh. Matt will probably go back to work tomorrow, so I'm taking applications for babysitters. Right now he's going to get a rental car for me...not that I have any desire to drive. But if it's a sweet enough ride, maybe I will. Ha.

I feel very blessed to be fine. Looking at the scene, the EMT people, police, and onlookers said there's no way I should have walked away from that the way I did.

When my car started flipping, I screamed "JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS!!!!!" until it stopped. I knew as long as I could keep screaming, I would be okay. And I am.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, notes, facebook comments, and calls. I feel very loved. Sorry for the randomness of this blog. Hey, maybe the drugs are working after all! Ha.

PS. Dear Bravo TV Network: Please start a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon STAT. Thanks. Love, Erika


  1. Oh, my word! It makes my blood run cold just to look at these pictures. Poor Erika :( But praise God you are okay after that!

  2. We still need the story on how it happened! And if Marshall needs to bring you a tranquilizer let us know..

  3. Oh my! I'm so glad you are okay! And good choice of a marathon to hope for!

  4. Oh my word, Erika! I'm so glad you are okay!

  5. This post is so upbeat! i am SUPER sad for you, but so, so glad that you are ok. Funny enough, i did the SAME thing when i was in a wreck (screamed JESUS until i stopped) isn't it great to know what our instincts are?
    i wish i was closer to you! Love you!

  6. I may or may not have just cried reading this blog and looking at these pictures.

    Praise Jesus. for realz.

  7. Erika!!! I am so glad you are ok!!! Hope you are feeling much better!

  8. how scary, erika! praise God you're (relatively) alright!! feel better soon.


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