Monday, August 2, 2010

small towns with big dreams...

So I live in a small town, right? Really small. Most people who pass through it (on their way to Atlanta) never realize they even went through it. I like it here-- I live very close to Athens, so I have all the conveniences of the "big city" without all the crime...and noise...and college students puking in my bushes at 3am.

Wait, first let me run down this little rabbit trail for a minute: OK, if I were to meet you in, say, a subway in NYC, and you asked where I was from, I'd tell you Athens. Athens, Georgia. And do you know what? This would absolutely KILL my dear sweet husband. Because it is, technically, I suppose, a lie. I'm not from Athens. I mean, my street address most certainly is not in Athens. And to claim otherwise is a blatant lie. That's his thinking, anyway. My thinking is...well, if I tell you the ACTUAL city I live in, you're going to give me a big ol' blank stare. And then I'll have to say "it's right outside of Athens." And THEN you might say "oh, okay!" Although-- let's just be honest-- if I'm as far away as NYC, I may have just said "Georgia" in the first place. And then only if you seemed interested or knowledgeable enough about the geography of my state (or you looked like a big college football fan) would I have gone into all the details about cities. Now, if you're a co-worker of mine in Athens where I work and you ask where I live, I'll tell you the actual city. Because we're looking at a smaller scale here. You may have actually heard of my town (although I still get a lot of blank stares). But to say the name of some teeny-tiny city is, in general, not productive. It just means you have to explain more. So I say I'm from Athens. And if you ask where I grew up, I say Augusta. Now if you happen to ALSO be from "Augusta," you may say, "oh, what part?" and then I'll say "Martinez," and then you might nod with understanding...but if I'd just said "Martinez," then raise your hand if that would have given you ANY concept of where I'm from? Thanks, that's what I thought.

That was a long rabbit trail, but it needed to be ran on. If you think I'm right about this city-specificity thing, feel free to comment. If you think Matt's right...well, send him a letter in the mail, cause he sure doesn't check his email/facebook/this blog/anything electronic.

Which brings me to the real point of this blog: my town. And technology.

I got my water bill in the mail on Saturday, and enclosed with the bill is my town's Monthly Newsletter. We have no newspaper or anything like that, and pretty much all that happens in a month can be summed up on one 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Yeah, we're pretty happenin'. Anyway, this month there was actually a pretty interesting factoid for me there. Our city's police department (which, FYI, actually closes at 10pm every night. And doesn't open up until 6 am!!!! So, good luck with any problems you may experience in the middle of the night-- hopefully the cops in the next town over are feeling generous enough to drive out and rescue you!!) has decided to foster a little more community togetherness by-- get this--



Can you believe it?! I was so excited, I immediately became a "fan" on FB. And hopped on over to Twitter to follow, and guess what?! I was the first person!! Poor lonely Twitter page with no followers. I will be your friend! I mean, there were all of two posts (regarding a road being closed due to construction).

I just checked back and now there are TWO followers. Me and some other guy. I'm thinking that if I ever get pulled over this should seriously come in handy. But Officer...we're facebook friends!! See, I was your first Twitter follower!! Or, you know, if someone breaks into my house at 10:03pm maybe I can just shoot 'em a direct message or something.

This whole embracing-technology thing has just tickled me pink. I mean, in all seriousness, I do think it's a great idea. I personally like the idea of knowing what's going on (and not having to wait until next month's newsletter arrives to fill me in) and having a less-formal way of reaching the police. It just seems a little hilarious in such a small town. I mean, to tell you the truth, I'm pretty surprised the good ol' boys down at the PO-leese department were even aware of the existance of Twitter/FB! So it seems that, just as Napoleon Dynamite's brother so eloquently mused, "[we] love technology." Even in a small town (that is technically not Athens....fine.)


  1. I hate telling people that i am from atlanta, or when people say that i live in atlanta. i live 45 minutes to an hour AWAY from atlanta, i never go there and know hardly anything about it. but, when i lived in watkinsville, i told anyone who did not know anything about the area that i lived in athens. So, i agree, it depends on who you are talking to and how much information they REALLY want from you.

  2. Agree with you and with Alyssa.

    In college when people asked where I was from I would say Atlanta. Then usually they were too and would ask what part and I would get more specific.

  3. Yeah, I feel for you "Atlanta" people. Since I'm a non-Atlantan, I definitely lump all of your towns together. Actually, when I was a freshman at UGA and had even LESS of a concept of Atlanta suburbs, it really drove me crazy when someone would say they're from Marietta. I'd give them a blank stare until they said "it's outside of Atlanta..." and I'm was I supposed to know THAT?" Haha. So in my mind, you're all neighbors. Alpharetta, Douglasville, Kennesaw...surely that's all pretty much the same!!

  4. I had no idea how many cities there were in/around Atlanta, so I'm with you Erika. And I had a very amusing piece of mail recently. It was from our internet provider (you know, because we actually pay for that now).. Anywers, we can now pay ONLINE for our INTERNET. I'm wondering how long it took for them to come up with that brilliant idea.

  5. Welcome to small town living! I agree with you! I tell people I am from Georgia, and if they ask where in Georgia I say a little town called Danielsville about 20 minutes from Athens.

  6. LOL! I agree with you Erika. I'm from "Augusta, Georgia" when I talk to Richmonders. If people know it, they know the Masters. ("Don't you have golf there?" Yeah.. something like that! LOL!) When I happen to stumble on a Georgian, I say "Martinez, right outside of Augusta." Brandon has it even harder because he grew up in Hephzibah. Amazingly, our mechanic here grew up in Hephzibah. Small world.

  7. Hi Erika!
    I know exactly where you "stay"! hehe. My husband and I own a house right down the street from you. We love our little Statham house. You can see our little house here... Have always wanted to say Hi, but felt weird about it. But anyways...after I read this I just had to say hello. I actually found your blog through KellysKorner when you won that CD. :) Wish we were neighbors!

  8. My Dad is from Martinez-Augusta, GA and grew up there. Small world!!!


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