Monday, August 9, 2010


This has gotta be short and sweet, since I'm sitting in my car in the parking "lot" (four streetside spots) of my town's library. That's right...wireless internet is a no-go at our house lately, which leaves me mooching off the free wireless provided by the library. I know you're jealous-- not only is my town's police department all Twitter-fied, but you can mooch off their wireless from the comfort of your own car. It's truly high-class. You really should consider moving here.

Or maybe I should consider paying for my own internet. Eh. We'll see. updates include...not much. School started today and it was fine, although I've had a splitting headache since about 1:00. This is probably because I am forced to wait until like TWELVE THIRTY to eat lunch (and if you know me, you know my normal lunchtime is about 10:45. Or ealier). The kids did...well, about as well as you'd expect a bunch of four year olds to do on their first trip out of their mama's houses. We all survived, and look forward to the day in October or so when we feel like we all know what's going on. :)

I decided I'm not tan enough for my liking (probably since I haven't seen the sun since our beach vacation the first week of June) and since Matt's sister's wedding is in a few weeks (and I have to wear a dress in front of a bunch of people) I needed to remedy the situation. So I decided (for once in my life) to try to do this responsibly, by purchasing the Jergens gradual tanning lotion stuff. I'm hoping this is a slightly less sketchy experience then the ones in high school with the first generation self-tanners. Anyway, I've used it twice and don't feel any tanner. Anyone have any recommendations for a brand that works well? And doesn't smell weird? Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to the scent,'s not doing it for me. Anyway. I'll give it a week or two to work, and if not...tanning bed, here I come. Is it sad that I truly think it is too hot (and I never have the time) to just lay out? What is this world coming to??

Tonight while cooking dinner, Matt and I played a really fun version of "Would You Rather...". We did it with all TV shows. As it turns out, talking about TV can be almost as fun as actually WATCHING TV! Amazing. The best part was any time I could think of a combination that had Matt actually CHOOSE something super un-manly...usually Real Housewives of New Jersey. Ha. My personal fave: his picking RHoNJ over Nascar. THAT'S why I married him, girls. He's SMART!!!

That's all I have time for. It's getting dark, and I left Matt with Lola at the park so I could come here to do this. Best go fetch my family. :) Goodnight!


  1. Haven't you learned from us to pay for your internet!?

  2. It ALL stinks. As does spray tan. I am ultra sensitive to the smell too, especially on myself BUT I promise I could smell it on you if you used it. Maybe you should just come to the beach for a weekend and get naturaly tan?!

    Internet REALLY is not that expensive. $30/mo. with ATT. That's what I'm paying... my COMCAST TV however... not so cheap and NOT so good as Direct TV. I am very sad I had no other choice... Love you and miss you.

  3. nestestr like you should come test my nest. It'd make you a nestestr.

  4. I saw a self-tanner in a magazine and thought about you. It's called DuWop Revolotion.


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