Sunday, August 1, 2010

sunday night again?

Ugh! I feel like Sunday nights just creep up on me. They're not my favorite. Monday morning is always so looming and scary...I'm more a Friday at 5 kind of girl. How many more hours til' the next Friday at 5? Too many to count, I'm sure.

This week is pre-planning. Last week without kids. To tell you the truth, I'm so ready for the kids to come back. Since I work year-round no matter what, it's not like with many teachers who equate kids coming back with themSELVES coming back. I've been back. Only there haven't been kids for a few weeks. Which means working with adults, 24/7. Personally, I'll take the kids any day. Less drama, more fun. Count me in.

This weekend was a good one. Matt and I spent most of yesterday bargain-hunting. First we went to the flea market in Athens. It was the first time I've ever been there, and supposedly it's the largest in the state. It was an experience, that's for sure. Luckily it was cloudy yesterday morning, so it was only about 97 degrees and 97% humidity, which made it feel downright chilly. Except for inside the un-air-conditioned flea market. It did not feel so chilly in there. The whole thing was an interesting mish-mash of yardsales with random junk and more organized booths with lots of bootleg products. I wouldn't have felt comfortable buying most anything since I was pretty convinced it was all stolen or otherwise illegal (DVD of Inception, anyone? Cause I'm sure THAT's legit!). There were a few rows that were a little more farmer's market-esque, so I did end up buying a few mangos that look totally different than anything I've ever bought at Publix before. They're really good!

In the midst of this experience, we got word from the Boothes that they would be passing through Commerce (nearby city) on their way home from Atlanta and would be happy to meet up with us to deliver some items we left at their house last weekend. So after we had enough heat and stinkiness at the flea market, we headed towards Commerce. Lucky for us all, there's a huge outlet mall in Commerce, so passing the time wouldn't be too painful. We meandered through the throngs of people hitting up back-to-school sales and ended up only getting a few things at the Loft (formerly known as Ann Taylor). I got the Cutest Skirt on Earth (really, it's official) which I just spent no less than 25 minutes trying to find a picture on via Google Images, the Loft webpage, and I even went so far as to dig the tag out of my trash can so I could look up the item number. All this for nothing, I can't find a picture online. And I realize I could have put ON the skirt and done a whole photo shoot in the time I spent searching...but I'm not, cause I'm still wearing my sweaty workout clothes and I don't feel like changing and/or getting the skirt nasty. So you'll just have to take my word for it. It's cute.

We had a good time hanging out with the Boothes for an hour or so at Zaxby's, giving me some more Adoration-holding time, which is always good. I really wish they didn't live so far away!! Now that we've seen each other two weekends in a row, it makes me miss Stine even more!

Last night I had a hankerin' for some caramel corn (of all the random things...) and so I found this recipe and gave it a whirl. WARNING: Do not make this caramel corn. If you do, you may find yourself in a situation where, merely 18 hours after you made it, it's all gone. And you're stuck with the knowledge that you've consumed an entire stick of butter (plus a cup of sugar, corn syrup, and a bunch of other really healthy things) pretty much by yourself.

Not that this has ever happened to me or anything. I just wouldn't want it to happen to you. Anyway...

Today we did the church-and-lunch thing, followed by trips (yes, plural) to Publix(es) and the gym. I had a super great workout that's made me feel pretty good all afternoon. We just finished dinner and now it's about time to really come to terms with the fact that it IS Sunday night and tomorrow WILL BE a work day. GRRRRRR.

Why can't I live in a world where I get paid to stay home all day and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey while I eat caramel corn? Huh? Why?!!

And yes, lately I've found myself addicted to that show. It's trash, I know. But I sort of love it. Please tell me I'm not alone here.


  1. You're not alone.. I find the personalities fascininating (I use the excuse that I'm studying personality disorders, ha ha). Albie and his mother are my favorites :) I know how you feel about Mondays... yuck.

  2. I agree with Sunday nights being terrible because they mean that Mondays are coming.. but Brandon has the entire week off which makes tonight (ahem.. this morning 2:41 am) not so bad!

    I'm not even going to click the caramel corn recipe link... the whole "lead me not into temptation" thing ya know?

    And we need pictures of The Skirt!

  3. Agreed that Sunday nights are the pits. And yes, the Commerce outlets are the bomb.

  4. AND you somehow managed to find time for a little dog-sitting in there too!

    Can't say I've ever seen RHoNJ but I did used to watch the original OC version for several seasons. And I *may* be really looking forward to the Bachelorette finale tonight.

  5. Mondays aren't too bad when you have been working since the previous thursday. (wednesdays are my "weekend")


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